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Annual Halloween mafia signups


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It is traditional for the Dark One to mod a huge Halloween mafia game. This year, I'm bringing back that tradition, although I don't know how huge it will be. There is room for however many players want to play. It can be as small as 12 or as large as infinity.


This year, you will be going trick-or-treating to different houses. If you played my Clue game, it is very similar, but with an added twist. If you didn't and don't know what I'm talking about, you need to experience this. But please don't sign up if you aren't going to actually play.


1. Darthe

2. Kathleen

3. Verbal

4. Random

5. Basel Gill

6. Nolder

7. John Snow

8. Barm

9. Player

10. LedZepMan

11. Moon

12. Mish

13. Sakaea

14. Rand

15. Lolguy

16. Christine

17. Tina

18. Lenlo

19. Despothera

20. Krak





1. Heart

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