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  1. I am planning a small vacation for the release. Just me and the book. I live in San Diego and am lucky to have Brandon attending a signing in Feb, so I will get my geek on there.
  2. I agree with you, Cem. And I agree with the poster that said that Asmo's killer was a fun mystery, but did not, in hindsight, live up to the hype. I am hoping that the Demandred reveal is not like that. I also think that, 1 - Demandred's reveal needs to be EPIC. And now, 2 - beyond the reveal, he needs to become an awesome character. This means important interactions with main characters, internal thoughts regarding his actions and whereabouts during his 13 book stint of off screen antics, and a glorious end/death. I am not talking about the Kirk type death in ST Generations... "it was fun" balogna. A real meaningful death. And please believe me, I have faith in RJ and his notes and intent for the character. I also believe that BS can pull it off. I can't wait!!!!!!
  3. I respect your comment as well as their right not to buy it. I will add however, that it is not a new convention (releasing the prologue for sale). Now to be a total hypocrite... I am not reading the chapter 11 selection, as I felt that reading the seven striped lass last book, kinda spoiled my reading of the book when the full release came out. But I will get the prologue, as I have every one dating back to Time to be Gone. :)
  4. Care to wager a Tar Valon mark? I guess we will know in a month. I am all over that download.
  5. But I think the real bomb here is I believe that we have a Demandred sighting...
  6. Snooze, I read this as Fain, as he was the primary focus in the Great Hunt when he took the dagger and THoV to Falme. Also as he was the DO hound. I would like to see his character and motivation set up early in the book.
  7. A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit, red veils appear, and one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed. The forces of the Shadow swell in triumph as the world unravels. By grace and banners fallen, the Last Battle has come.
  8. Hey Guys, Regrets to those of you outside canada and the US for missing this. But are we really quibbling over a $2.99 ebook? You call this exploitation? This is chump change. If you are not willing to pay 3 bucks to get this early you may not be a real fan. And I think we are skipping the biggest issue here "...one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed" ! HELLO? Could this be the Deamndred reveal we have waited 13 books for. That my friends, is the real issue here.
  9. Yes, I never considered what affect BF would have on the glass columns. Or Min's visions. CrAzY idea. I love it. What is he Balfires Bella, would that = the end of existence?
  10. I love this debate guys. Thanks for all of your great thoughts and ideas. I did not know (or remember) the fact that that the bore is everywhere, but can be sensed more at SG. That kind of lends it's self to the multiverse theory. It's ike a Thinny in the Dark Tower... these other worlds are around us, and there are portals (stones) to them. If I may however...hmmm... get back to my original quandry. Who has been using balefire and what is being balefired? What affect is it having on the world.
  11. Yeah, and I think Turin had like 5 names as well. Talk about being screwed over by the bad guy. That guy was uber cursed
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