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[Sign up]: Search for the Holy Angreal


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The last battle is getting closer and you all want to be prepared for it in the best possible way. You have heard a myth about a powerful angreal, a golden goblet, that would give it´s owner powers beyond what you can imagine. Just recently you were told that this goblet is not just a myth, it´s real and it´s hidden somewhere in the Black Tower. You decide to bring a friend and go search for it. The problem is not only to find it. Others are searching too and if you find it you need a good place to hide it in - a place where no one else could find it and take it away from you. Let the Search for the Holy Angreal begin...



How to play:


:wheel: To play you sign up in this thread. You will compete in pairs. If you have a friend that you want to form a team with say so and bring your friend to this thread. If you rather meet new friends then this is a good opportunity. Sign here and I will give you a team mate. Do you want to play but are not yet a member of the Black Tower? Then, this is the perfect opportunity to join!


:wheel: When we start I will hide the Angreal in a BT thread. All boards and threads are allowed except Staff board, Asha´man board, Light board, Shadow board, The Library and the 100.000 thread. The post, in which I hide the Angreal, must be from this year (although the thread might have started last year). Your job is to find it.


:wheel: As soon as the first team finds the Angreal they will post in the game thread where they have found it. They will then send a PM to me and Turin, saying where they want to hide it next. We will then move it to that thread.


:wheel: It can be hard to search through all threads and that is why you can ask the teams that hides the Angreal one question each day, starting 12 hours after the Angreal is hidden (second question after 36 hours). You can ask any question except what thread it is hidden in. Be careful how you word your question because the other teams will also be able to see the answer. The teams that hides the Angreal must answer the question as soon as they see it. If I or Turin see it first we will answer it instead.


:wheel: The team that finds the Angreal will get 30 game points. For every hour the team manage to keep it they will get one additional point. If no one has found it after 48 hours I will take it and hide it again. (That means you can get 78 game points each time you hold the Angreal.) Time starts when the Angreal has been hidden by me or Turin.Time stops when someone has find the Angreal.


:wheel: You have to be active to succeed in this game. If you don´t hurry someone else will find the Angreal before you do. I think this game will be going for 10 days. Depending on activity that might change.


:wheel: At the end every contestant will be given BT points. The teams that have most game points will of course get extra BT points as well.


:wheel: If I notice that the game doesn´t work the way it´s intended I might change the rules.


:wheel: Any questions? Just ask. And then sign up!





1. Lenlo and Razen

2. Arez and Darthe

3. Leelou and Verbal

4. Roo and Nya

5. Wild Taltos and Valic

6. Tress and Dice

7. Smiley and Ayla

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Oooo I'll play too!!! :biggrin:




Haha I'll give the Panda what he wants. I'm in.


Exciting. I see a new Ley/Maw relation building here.


Then you should do anything to win. :-b

Have you got access to our hidden boards?


I think I do. It is the farmhouse and the arena and all the sections in those right?




Do I need to see the hidden boards to participate? Because I still don't see them...


Then I will talk to the admins.


Sign me up!! Can't resist the lure of points :smile:


No, it´s hard for most of us. :laugh:

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ill have a go



hey tress!! wanna team up?


Is the world ready for the two of us as a team?


Then again...


I've noticed a number of Social Group signup threads that have seen brand new DM members join this month since we've been greeters... We must be pretty effective :wink:


Sure! Le'z do it!

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