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  1. Arez Al'Loke

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Really nice to see you again Elgee! Oddly comforting knowing you still haven't grown bored of us haha.. I hope all is well with you! So I'm now employed as an Electrical power engineer at ÅF - Ångpanneförening AB, currently on my sixth month. It's Sweden's largest consult company for engineers. The car I got was a volvo V40 R-design, you'll find it under the spoiler if all works as it should! The path I took to arrive here is somewhat comical and perhaps I might be undeserving of what I have, but that's a story for later!
  2. Arez Al'Loke

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Sorry Million, for some reason I stopped getting notifications.. I've been doing well, as well as can be I suppose? Got myself a car and a job, so I'm virtually all set! How're things on your end? Oh and thank you for the tissues Dj!
  3. Arez Al'Loke

    The Blade's End Tavern

    *sneezes* Sorry, it's just a bit dusty *wrinkles nose* What're everyone up to?
  4. Arez Al'Loke

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Hmm, mind if I take a seat? I recently got myself a bottle of Nikka and figured I'd relax here for a bit.
  5. Nobody gets out, you're all gonna get spanked with me..
  6. *Closes door infront of thehuman*
  7. Arez Al'Loke

    The Moat

    I have intensely conflicting feelings right now. On one hand, you talked trash about my Swedistan.. On another you're Sooh. This equilibrium..
  8. Arez Al'Loke

    The Moat

    I can't let this slide. I challenge you to a duel.
  9. I'm not much of an artist.. So I don't really have any paint lying around, will this do?
  10. Arez Al'Loke


    Speaking of the devil haha! Although it might be long overdue, congratulations Fnorrll! Here's hoping you have a long and healthy married life! Another friend of mine recently got married and already put on over 15 kg of weight, you be careful now, if you ever need someone to battle push-ups with you can count on me.
  11. Arez Al'Loke

    Go Big or Go Home

    Although that might be the case, my mother is just as stubborn haha
  12. Arez Al'Loke


    Wow, he got married huh..
  13. Arez Al'Loke

    Apple Emojis

  14. Arez Al'Loke

    Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    Hmmmm. I think this is is a trick question ed.. My answer: 1,2 and 3!