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  1. I'm not much of an artist.. So I don't really have any paint lying around, will this do?
  2. Happy new year everyone ^^ I hope 2015 will be full of wonderful surprises for you all!
  3. Hello there! And welcome back I suppose ^^! Haven't ever seen you around here, if I had, I would've remembered your epic avatar x) Not sure if you know where it comes from or if you used it because it looks nice On to your question! DM seems to be doing fine, and so am I xP. I hope you're having a great holiday, enjoy your stay here in DM!
  4. Why am I getting the feeling that the admin have given up on fixen the search function? You might aswell just write that "There is no search function" instead of giving us false hope xP anyway Arez Al'Loke - Manshima - Cuen
  5. You look really short in that picture. How could I possibly miss out on a moment like this.. Fnorrll.. You seem to be preeetty short on that picture.. Although you've got a god damn rockin' suite that fits you like a glove
  6. Arez - Der - Cuen I'd rather die, than be chained like a dog. I'd rather live, than die so A
  7. Congrats Dav ^^!! You fought hard for the promotion and I'm glad to see you got it!
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