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  1. Darthe, what do you mean about your viewings? Are you saying you don't have results from the night? And I am ok with voting Nae, Key has also been on my list, but I think that Lenlo needs to be watched, I didn't really care for the suspicion that was thrown on the cop this late especially when we HAVE lynched so many scum. To me saying his informant was town aligned and that person then dying and proving it seemed pretty solid.
  2. O_O PEOPLE WOULD YOU STOP DOING THIS WHILE I AM TRYING TO SLEEP! I mean >.> good job getting the game figured out, but really? a lynch in less than 12 hours ... geeze..
  3. Just checking in to say I'm alive. My teeth extraction didn't got as planned... The narcotic they gave me didn't work very well, and I wasn't able to eat/drink with out being in a lot of pain. Soooo, I've been out of it since Wednesday, mostly sleeping off the pain, or spacing out. I see I missed a lot, ish. Good job on Player, that was really fast. I should be back come morning on here, and I will post my thoughts on my current list once day posts.
  4. I actually get to "meet" Ed again... but in reality he is just a tag along for me to meet Kate XD I'll take more pics to prove the shortness factor... eer... "fun sized" factor
  5. We've killed a lot of scum/anti town people though, we are actually doing pretty damn good...
  6. I assumed that 3 was on each team, since there were two teams and that was 6 people. I got 7 by adding to the assumed 3+3 had turned to 3+4 (I took Arez's last comment about there being 4 as there being four members on his team) I however did NOT see the development of a 3rd mafia...
  7. 7 scum in a game of 24? It's logically possible... that would mean that either there are 4 in each team OR one team is at a disadvantage over the other. It might explain why with two mafia teams there have only been 1 NK per night. Can there be a mafia team that can't kill? (although I thought that was a cult)
  8. If anything Darthe should be more suspicious to you because I stated I was a vanilla townie BEFORE he viewed me. That and he never came back with a reply on why the difference between told "Vanilla townie vs townie". He said he asked the Mod in his QT. Now I'm not going after Darthe, but I'm saying that your argument right there is a little off. (not scummy, just that I feel your thinking should have gone a different route) As for my reasons, it's not about your voting, it's about your attitude mostly, and lack of conviction since you have become more active.
  9. I just went and checked and he hadn't already, so Boyo must have edited since it was at the top of the page and easier to see.
  10. I thought Mynd was already voting on Arez, and he just...redid it?
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