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  1. Hello! Welcome to DM! What kind of anime do you like? ^^

    1. nicana


      I like all kinds!!! Full Metal Alchemist, FMA Brotherhood, Death Note, Hell Girl. Blood + is one of my favorites and love the Studio Ghibli films. R ight now I'm watching old Slayers episodes. What kind you like?

    2. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      Mostly the Shojo anime/mangas like Sailor Moon, Clannad, AIR, Fruits Basket, Hana Kimi, and almost everything by Arina Tanemura but I also love Trinity Blood, FMA/Brotherhood (watched both), and I feel like there is more -.- I'm just forgetting them >.<

  2. Which Ajah do you belong to? According to the test ... You belong to the Blue Ajah! Members of the Blue Ajah seek to right wrongs in the world, and are often on some kind of quest for justice in various forms. While their goals are often noble (though they need not be), it is not rare for a Blue to lose herself in her mission completely. This is your result in its entirety: Blue Ajah: 6 White Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 Yellow Ajah: 4 Red Ajah: 3 Gray Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 1
  3. I really like this new profile feed, makes reading conversations 1000000Xs better

  4. You can purchase anti-glare screen protectors that aren't all that bad fyi <3
  5. About a year ago, I bought my mom the first B&N Nook, since she has a TON of books, and my dad was starting to get irrate about her adding more, she is also pretty much legally blind with out her contacts, which aren't always easy for her to keep in. So by getting her an e reader, she was then able to add more books, as well as zoom in on the text with out straining her eyes. She LOVES her nook. I also feel that her nook, compared to a kindle, makes the kindle LOOK, and FEEL like a toy.. Alright, so to be honest about if I would get one? I was really against them, like pretty strongly. I am a stubborn wench, and have often said I will only accept the enjoyment of a real, paper filled book..... However it appears my warder had other plans for me, and for my birthday got me the new Nook Color. And ya know... I have to say, I really love it. This one is part tablet pc as well as e reader. I have no trouble carting it around, reading it while I work out on stair climbers, in my room with the lights off before bed. The screen is beautiful, and it is really really user friendly. It surfs the internet nicely, and I will soon add movies to it ^^. I do hate to admit it, but it will be really really nice to have since I travel so much, and I do like my hefty books, and this is able to hold it instead. It has a TON of battery life too. I would definitely recommend it, (not to mention their 99 cent specials are pretty damn nice).
  6. I am always curious as to why people look at my profile..

    1. MashiraSedai


      I wanted to see your picture. It's adorable!

    2. charis sedai
  7. ^ This. I totally agree with Elgee about Eddings.... I also felt it was re done after the Belgariad but my Favorite book is still his book 5he Redemption Of Althulus. (Sp?) I don't think there are any Authors I would throw out because they did something horrible... but depends on just how bad it got... I am pretty firey.. and I can actually see myself doing something like what Lor did.. Also - When I saw Lor had posted this I was Sooooo afraid she was gonna say it was the newsest Book in the Kushiel line. A new one came out about a month ago and I haven't read it yet...
  8. This is my sister's site :) And the one who created the shawl above. http://chariscraftco...albumid=9838494 She has done several others, and I have one as well and it is AMAZING!
  9. WHY YOU NOT ON MSN??? *pouts*

  10. One can hope... right now he thinks it will be about 2/3 months.

  11. Wow, that is definitely dumb. So he gets to come back rather quickly then?

  12. *RE enlist = 85,000$ >.>

  13. Just LOVE the military... They gave David 3 days notice for an 8 month tour in Iraq... however, they told him once he got to training that they actually don't need him.... DUMB. Yet, he still has to go since they have to at least touch ground there, and deal with the chain of command there.. dumb, BUT he is going to enlist, and when he does that his bonus is tax free, saving us like 15K $

  14. I can understand that, definitely. Jeremy's cousin (and one of his/our best friends) just left this morning for a year over in Afghanistan. He's an Apache pilot (and a damn good one), so they're putting him right in the thick of it :(.

  15. I was on LOA for the month of April, like I wanted :p but once I got back, I found out that David would be deploying.. so currently I am at his training base to steal all his free time until we head home for a week together, and then he leaves for Iraq on the 13th of June :\

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