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  1. Little Miss - Aes Sedai - Green Ajah I use facebook occasionally for family, and tumblr for personal. I typically get DM news from Jason's FB or DM's FB.
  2. I love the concept of this thread, but I also just want to say I can't help but think of the hunger games >.<
  3. Hello! Welcome to DM! What kind of anime do you like? ^^

    1. nicana


      I like all kinds!!! Full Metal Alchemist, FMA Brotherhood, Death Note, Hell Girl. Blood + is one of my favorites and love the Studio Ghibli films. R ight now I'm watching old Slayers episodes. What kind you like?

    2. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      Mostly the Shojo anime/mangas like Sailor Moon, Clannad, AIR, Fruits Basket, Hana Kimi, and almost everything by Arina Tanemura but I also love Trinity Blood, FMA/Brotherhood (watched both), and I feel like there is more -.- I'm just forgetting them >.<

  4. Which Ajah do you belong to? According to the test ... You belong to the Blue Ajah! Members of the Blue Ajah seek to right wrongs in the world, and are often on some kind of quest for justice in various forms. While their goals are often noble (though they need not be), it is not rare for a Blue to lose herself in her mission completely. This is your result in its entirety: Blue Ajah: 6 White Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 Yellow Ajah: 4 Red Ajah: 3 Gray Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 1
  5. I really like this new profile feed, makes reading conversations 1000000Xs better

  6. Muahahah! yes, yes I do in fact have training in this Come on by Cali when you get a chance... But like my mama always told... Treat him like a prince, train him like a dog ^^
  7. ohhhhhhh I didn't even think of that! *goes to add a cage and some newspaper to Kate's new rooms* Win. ^
  8. No one saw this one coming <3 I'm so very happy you found your home Kate!!! <3 Very very happy for you indeed! Congrats <3 *huggles*
  9. You can be both, but I believe that the type of bond they felt they shared is not warder and aes sedai, but brother and sister ^^
  10. May god have mercy on their poor Souls XD *also mutters about how men eddie&fnorrl can't do anything with out woman*
  11. I am still really thrilled to see my beloved friends still bonded <3 Nothing can ever take away those memories of our craziness manifesting together ^^ Also... Eddie.. Don't even. Or I'll start giving tips to Kate on how to ride a dog "properly". >_>
  12. Taking a 3 week LOA while I am in New Zealand.
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