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Tribute thread - White Tower's First Ever Aes Sedai/Der'Mansihma Appreciation Week

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oh man. I gotta drag him to the Yards real quick!


Aybara! Check out the Warder yards my young friend before these.............er......nice wonderful people hog you all to themselves hehehe. *flees*


*picks up Mills on strands of Air and puts him on a pedestal*



Mother, how would you like for me to punish him, for so rudely speaking out against you?

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millon i've been looking for these warder yards you spoke of yet can't seem to find them and how long after you complete your class before your asked about your path. cuz i haven't been yet. althought i think i allready know what it will be .

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He's speaking of the Warder board, Rand, and you've posted there already. It's a sub-board of this one that you're on now. For further more specific questions, I would advise that you either PM Tynaal or Ed2funy, or post at the Aspirant Quarters.

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Never seen this thread before. So, a very belated thanks, Ryrin.



People that I tolerate that come to mind:


Tynaal: I <3 you.

Daruya: I fear you.

Kathleen: I kinda like you when you're not harassing me to do things.

Mystica: The only person that can honk my boobs and won't get sued.

Taymist: She's alright, I guess. I bonded her back in the recession so had to make due.

Moon: A new found discovery. She's pretty cool.

Ama: She's fun.

Zania: She's crazy.

Dwyn: She scares me.

Verbal: Stalker.

Mills: Stalker's lover.


Leelou (even though she's not named, she's been about DM for years... and it works for my joke): Stalker lover's warder. And a sweetie.








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