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Tribute thread - White Tower's First Ever Aes Sedai/Der'Mansihma Appreciation Week

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We have a whole bunch of members in WT & Warders, and this thread is for everybody to post how awesome these "senior" members, Aes Sedai and Der'Manshima, are!!


Here is a list of them all or if you see somebody active member missing, please feel free to add that person here!!



ELGEE, the Amyrlin


MIRSHANN UURANOR, the Keeper and Head Clerk of Gray Ajah


TYNAAL CONSEN, Mistress of Novices and Red Aes Sedai



DARUYA, First Selector of Blue Ajah


KEYHOLDER21, Clerical Sitter of Blue Ajah


ITHILLIAN, Communications Sitter of Blue Ajah and Sapphire


ALANNA, Blue Aes Sedai


NIAMH SEDAI, Blue Aes Sedai


RED2111, Blue Aes Sedai


SAKAEA, Blue Aes Sedai


WAYWARD_FOOL, Blue Aes Sedai



RAENA, First Chair of Brown Ajah


JEANNAISAIS, Sitter of Brown Ajah


BASEL GILL, Brown Aes Sedai


MAJSJU, Brown Aes Sedai


SENEXX, Brown Aes Sedai



CAIROS, Head Chef of Gray Ajah


CHRISTINE, Sitter of Gray Ajah



CHARIS SEDAI, Captain-General of Green Ajah


RASHETA ARDASHIR, Sitter of Green Ajah (both Terms)


KATHLEEN, Sitter of Green Ajah (Autumn Term) and Green Liaison Officer


POETSTORM, Sitter of Green Ajah (Spring Term)


LITTLE MISS, Senior Sword


ADELLA, Green Aes Sedai


LESSA NIKIA, Green Aes Sedai




MINUET, Green Aes Sedai





MYSTICA, Red Ajah Highest


TORRIE, First Sitter of Red Ajah


MARTA SEDAI, Sitter of Red Ajah


MASHIRASEDAI, Sitter of Red Ajah


TAYMIST, Red Webmistress


AHMOONDAH SEDAI, Red Aes Sedai and Red Heart


AMADINE, Red Aes Sedai




PANKHURI, Red Aes Sedai


ZANIA SEDAI, Red Aes Sedai





CHARIS AL'ASLAN, First Reasoner of White Ajah


DWYNWEN, Sitter of White Ajah



TIGARA, First Weaver of Yellow Ajah


BELA_THEDO, Yellow Aes Sedai


NYNAEVE, Yellow Aes Sedai



THE_FNORRLL_REBORN, the Sword Captain


ED2FUNY, Master at Arms


VERBAL32, Quartermaster


LIITHA, Quartermaster and Me'Arearth Head


CORKI, Quartermaster


KARASAYL (LOA), Ren'shai Head




WOLFBROTHER, Ren'Shai Der'Manshima


BURSIUS, Me'Arearth Der'Manshima


MILLON, Cuen'd'eren Head


BARMACRAL, Cuen'd'eren Der'Manshima






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Oh where do I even begin?!?! So many awesome people!!!



CHRISTINE, Gray Sitter--this woman does so much around here. She puts her heart into everything she's involved in. She does a lot over in the Grah Ajah, and she gives a ton to the other groups she's in as well (I know in the WK in particular she is really there for all of us and does everything she can to make the group the best it can be--I won't talk about that too much here but... She really does give a TON). She also is very fun to be around. Even when she is stressing she is still able to laugh and she just deals and moves on. <3 you Chrissy. Seriously :P *Tosses a Lime to her* go relax ;) (I was wondering why it didn't say "Sitter" but thought I was wrong :P )


MILLON, Cuen'd'eren Head--Mills is an interesting person. Whenever he is on dm I end up laughing in public and getting a lot of strange looks ;) I had a lot of fun "owning" him last fall during Ed's Gameshow Week. I still look back at those threads if I'm having a bad day because, even though Ayla and I knew him becoming hippie fairy for a week would be funny, he really surpassed our expectations (even if he didn't post toooo much <.< :P ). Beyond that, he isn't afraid of telling me when I've disappointed him (though I have beat the system because all of the pushups he gave me made me better at broomball) but he's also there when you need him. He's one of my best buddies around the Warders and needs to come around more :)


ELGEE, the Amyrlin--there's nothing I can really say that everyone here doesn't already know. She is very involved, and when someone does something she doesn't approve of she handles it very well. Now all of you send her get well flowers


ED2FUNY, Master at Arms--Ed makes me laugh, and he does his job of taking care of us Warder-pathed kids very well. I haven't interacted with him too much lately, but when issues arose a few months ago he handled a very dramatic me very well (kudos for that!) and we talked it out and he was very understanding about the whole thing.


TYNAAL CONSEN, Mistress of Novices and Red Aes Sedai--Dedicated, a hoot to be around, and actually thinks some of my jokes are funny! :P I have a lot of fun when DoubleTyn's around. We must go mattress surfing again soon ;)


THE_FNORRLL_REBORN, the Sword Captain--THIS MAN has a very cruel sense of humo(u)r <.< You know what I'm talking about! Anyway, that's beside the point. Fnorrll here has put up with my antics quite well and whenever there is an issue he is open to talking to me about it and see it resolved. He's a good leader (despite the fact that he's no fun anymore :P ) and, whether he believes it or not, I've come to respect him greatly >.> <.< *Throws a sparkle grenade at the ground....Is gone when the sparkles clear*

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There really are a lot of amazing people here, and this is just a part of them


Elgee - I can't believe how she manages to do all the stuff and be always so encouraging and nice to everybody. I know I wouldn't be afraid of telling her if I had any problems, and trust her very much. I second Heart's get-well-flower note *nods*


Tyntyn - She's awesome and incredibly patient with us >.> And it's easy to have fun with her and she guides just awesomely.


Ithi - From the Blues, she's the one I know the best. It makes me laugh so hard when I'm reading her funny posts and it's a pleasure to

visit the Blues as I know that she's there. Ithi also makes awesome games, and hosts them amazingly as well.


Raena - she's a great and kind person, and I find myself either smiling or nodding (or both!) when I read her posts.


Moon - she's very kind and makes me feel welcome wherever she happens to be. Moon's great, caring and funny Auntie :)


Dwyn - she has great advice and is simply a very awesome person. In moral things she has wise, far-sighted opinions.


I thought I wouldn't repeat it with each person, so I'll say it for you all now because I mean it for each and every one of you. I admire you all! :biggrin:*hugs*

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There just isn't enough to time to write for them ALL!!


I have to start with the lights that help guide my way. My bondeds.


Marta, you always remind me how important love is. Your endless passion can always brighten my day. Your sense of adventure and your drive to experience everything you can. I love your list! hahahaha If you want to experience something you just go out and do it! No hesitation.


Ama, you are my lil sis! lol Your strength in life is monumental. After all the things that happen you don't stop. You just don't. I respect and admire that beyond measure.


Kar, it's unexplainable. Have you ever meet that one person that, for some reason, you just got nothin to hide? You don't know why but you know I can say anything to this guy. There's no judgement. He's my brother and LIGHT HELP HIM if somethin happens I'ma kick his ass. sorry. sorry. The fricken jerk. He knows!


And I have to say, as I regularly do, this whole thing just bugs me out! People I have never met in real life, never "talk" to and most likely won't have become such dependable friends. This is just weird! I guess Aiel Heart is right to call me gramps lol. I am just too old fashioned to shake the weirdness lol.

There are so many people on here that I literally talk to at least once a day. Some for hours while I labor fake at work (you know who you are hehehehe). lol Especially now that I have a smart phone (yay for me). I feel bad trying to list anyone though because I really can't put them all down and don't want to leave anyone out hahahaha.



Now for the staff.

I love ya MA!! You are a frickin BEAST! Bloody golf balls in your gut and you kept it up. I don't know if it's a sign of madness or an insane drive but, holy hell!, I would not ever want to match wills with you lol.


Fin, You haven't stopped man. You've dealt with a bunch of NONSENSE and showed better restraint that I think I could have ever done. I only saw a little bit of it and I was ready to pull my hair out lol. I'll try to restrain my own nonsense a little bit goin forward lol

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Let's see...


Mils: First off:


(you know who you are hehehehe).


Its me, isn't it? :laugh: Well, when I first met this chap, one thing striked me: this guy is a nutter :laugh: nah but seriously, even though you may be a weird one, you've become really close to me, and I know I can rely on ya for anything. You're funny, easy to talk to, and nine times out of ten our convos usually end up in either one of us complaining about something or other then just talking about drink and other escapades :laugh: cos ya know, we're Irish :tongue:



Zosime: People, she is the most awesome person ever to grace this planet. She's there when you need her, but even when you don't, she still manages to put a smile on your face. I had the pleasure of having both her and Mils present for my raising to der'Manshima, and I will make sure of it that i meet these awesome people in person sometime in the future.



Last but not least is Lessa. From the moment I met her I knew she was something else. We just clicked from the start. She's easy to talk to, funny, and she stole my heart :wub: Me and Lessa quickly became the best of friends and from that it became so much more. She's everything I've wanted and more :)



*stops being mushy :tongue:*

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Let me see, just a few of the many:


Kat: my wonderful mentor. She listens to me and says all the right things even when I don't know what I am saying.


Mother: she is who she is. Our mother. She makes me feel loved and cherished.


Tyn: She is always patient with me. Especially when I ran the wt/dm world class.


Ithi: she was a great house head and is a wonderful person.


basel: always there for a good game of mastermind.


dwyn: always adds some logic to the mix. Is very comforting.

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You are all amazing! There's not enough I can say about the warm and friendly nature of everyone.


Mother - She's put in a lot of work here and it shows. No matter where you are in the White Tower, she is found joining in the games and engaging in discussions. Thank you for everything that you have done for us.


Mashi - When I first came to the Tower and took the WT class, she checked in on me after the class was over and made me feel more welcome and volunteered to answer any questions that I might have had about the Tower or the Red Ajah.


Key - From the moment that I stepped into the Blue Ajah, Key has encouraged me to step up and participate in many of their games and discussions. Jumping in can be intimidating, and she has helped take a lot of that intimidation away.


Christine - From the moment I stepped onto DM, Christine was there to help me with whatever I needed. The amount of hard work that she has put in legendary. She has kept tabs on me during my first couple of months here at DM and was there if I needed to ask any questions. She is active almost everywhere and she brings a fun and laid-back attitude to everything she does.


Tyn - I can't say enough about what she does for all of us. Serving as the Mistress of Novices, she's often the first person that we turn to for answers about the White Tower. She's incredibly patient and funny.

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*snuggles Razen* Thank you for the call out love! I'm very glad that you've jumped in and joined in games with us. It's been fun to play alongside you, or lead the game you're in and I'm glad that I've been able to help it be less daunting :smile:.

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I don't wanna name names because I want to say something about everyone!! XD that would take most of next week >.>


Anyway. Thank you for making this place what it is. You're the people who put so much time and effort into making this playground and 'second home' for us, and the fact you've stuck around long enough to become Aes Sedai/Der'Manshima shows how much of your life and heart you pour into this community. Everything, raising systems, organization, all the co-operation, everything is just so amazing, and I may not show this much but I marvel every day at how much you guys do work your butts off to make this work. For (at the beginning) complete strangers! Just so we can have fun and crazeh out in a semi-WoT world!! O.O

And the wit and intelligence and hilarity and insight and AMAZING PEOPLE YOU ALL ARE!!!!!! Thank you, a thousand times thank you :wub: *goes all speechless and awed* :biggrin:


I love y'all, you are my heroes :P

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Naaah ... novice sleeve will do.


Jokes aside: you guys really are bringing tears to my eyes, and probably to the eyes of a whole lot of other senior members too. *snuggles them all*

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*sobbing into the Mother's skirts*



It's so nice to just have all the hard work recognized. I don't think anyone ever realizes how much work is put in until you are on some sort of staff, and it really is exhausting! I don't know how Elgee leads the bunch of us. It's exhausting doing just what I do, let alone leading this whole menagerie of insanity.

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What? I'm funny?!? All those were posts in complete ernestness I tell you! :wink:

Awwh thanks guys :smile: and as always, it's but a pleasure :smile:

I think it's funny that you think I'm funny ;)

Really though--yes


*sobbing into the Mother's skirts*



It's so nice to just have all the hard work recognized. I don't think anyone ever realizes how much work is put in until you are on some sort of staff, and it really is exhausting! I don't know how Elgee leads the bunch of us. It's exhausting doing just what I do, let alone leading this whole menagerie of insanity.

*Hugs* I don't know all of what you do, but I know you give a lot to dm. It's appreciated :)


Well I always wanted to work in a zoo, ever since I was just a wee cub ... girl.

o.O But Mother's a chicken not a wolf...

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