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  1. Welcome! :) Nice to meet you. I remember feeling so very excited when I first found DM too. It was recommended to me by an online friend and I was just like "Holy Smokes this is AWESOME!" You'll find some great people here and everyone is very friendly. If you're confused about anything at all just ask questions. I'm the moderator of the siggy forums, so if you'd like a pretty signature picture like the ones you see under people's posts, just pop on in to the signature forums. Either myself or one of our awesome siggy creators will help you out. :)
  2. Wooooooot! Welcome Brandie! So glad to have you. ^-^ *runs around hanging green streamers all over the party room* :D
  3. Lissandra Trelaine stood quietly near the back of the class, her brown hair tied back with a simple ribbon. Though she wore the great serpent ring on her finger, and the ageless look marked her as Aes Sedai, she had chosen to leave her white shawl behind. With the nature of this class and the outdoor location it was likely to get dirty and she wasn't one to stand on formality anyway. A few students glanced in her direction, probably wondering what someone of the WHite ajah was doing taking a class like this. It was true, they tended to stay in their own halls. But Lissandra welcomed the chance to learn something new. After all, all knowledge was important. It was never a bad idea to know how to defend yourself either. So here she stood quietly awaiting instruction from one who would know battle weaves all too well. She watched intently as Janine weaved with earth, keeping a close eye on the way of the weave and committing it to memory. It was a simple weave once you'd seen it though it would not have occurred to her to use earth in that way. She continued to watch as others tried it and when her turn came she was able to repeate the weave without much trouble, having seen it now so many times. Lissa quickly stepped aside to let another try. The next weave worked with air, and it made her think of her days as an accepted, practicing with other dorm mates for the test by hitting and pinching each other with air and all sorts of other distractions. She was already a bit familiar with this one, though she noted how the Green made the club, weaing it in a way to give it more strength. It was a small nuance but she picked it up. “If you would be so kind, use the Air Club weave to strike the shield.” At Janine Sedai's request Lissandra nodded and stepped up, forming the club of air as she had and striking at the air shield. She wove it slowly so the accepted students could see what she was doing. The weaving of an air shield was clearly one of the most useful weaves Lissandra had picked up yet and she was pleased to see the accepted students picking it up fairly quickly. She returned to her partner to practice and switch places. Lissa watched with increased interest as the Green demonstrated the air razor. Intriguing. This is another idea that I would not have thought of. How useful. There was no question why the Green were called the battle ajah. They were inventive indeed, turning such simple weaves into effective weapons. A little practice and Lissa was able to get the razor weave to be very thin and sharp much like Janine's. Letting the stick fall onto the weave, she was impressed with the resuts. Picking up the stick she examined the ends. Yes, this was a very useful one. Th next weave also used air, in fact the weave was very similar to the last one. She watched intently, silently noting the formation of the weave. Again, so simple but yet effective. Lissa tucked a stray strand of hair out of her face and carefully stepped into a clear spot so as not to harm anyone and to be out of the way of the others' weaves. Weaving the whip of air she struck out at the ground, watching as grass and dirt were kicked up and scattered. Lastly came a weave that used only earth and fire. They were not her strongest elements but she watched as Janine wove the flows together into a rock. It seemed simple enough. The flows were not so much, but she was surprised when the rock exploded, showering down shrapnel that would have struck several of the students had the air shield not been constructed quickly nough. Though it had startled ehr a bit, a twitch of her eyebrow was the only outward sign. This one would have to be done carefully. Holding the rock in her hand, she concentrated on weaving the flows of earth and fire into the stone, then quickly threw it as high as sh could into the air. As the rock left hre hand she wove an air shield, while keeping an eye on the other students to make sure they were all able to cover themselves as well. The rock exploded into many small pieces. It was not hard to imagine what doing that to a much larger rock or boulder would do. On a larger scale it could be deadly. Again she committed this weave to memory. One didn't expect to have to defend yourself inside the safety of the tower, and she seldom left, but she was never so much at home as when learning something new. As the class wrapped up for the day and the students began to scatter to other duties she approached Janine Sedai. "I must thank you. This was a most interesting class. I truly look forward to the next one..", she said, her eyes almost glowing with the excitement of learning something new and interesting.
  4. {{OOC: Hoping it's K to jump in to this class. ^^)) Caillean Windham sat nervously in her seat. Her heart and stomach were dluttering as if her entire insides were being eaten up by butterflies. The day had finally arrived, her first classin channeling. Truthfully, she was afraid, andyet a little fascinated and eager at the same time. It made her fidgety. She could rememebr feeling much the same way when she first was told she could channel and after all this time it would finally be proven once and for all. Caillean wasn't sure if it would make mer happier to fail out of the class or to succeed and find out what it was all about at last. When her turn came to intriduce herself she stood. "My name is Caillean Windham. I'm from Taren Ferry. My parents work in textiles, but I've spent the last few years travelling with a Gleeman and learning music and stories before coming here." It was brief, but to the point. She took our her inkpot and parchmnt and made her best attempt at taking notes, though her thoughts were all over the place. But two things came clearly across through her nervous thoughts. No channelingwithout suprevision was the first and Caille thought she would have no problem with that. She was frightened to do it here with supervision! A shudder went through her at the mention of saidin, the tainted source that drove men mad. Even Finn the gleeman knew stories about that. And then it was time. Caille closed her eyes obediently, though her heart was now hammering in her chest. She tried to picture the rosebud Seheria Sedai mntioned but hre thoughts were so scattered she could hardly hold the image in her mind. Or maybe she was afraid to. What would happen? What would saidar feel like? She approached the mental image again but fear made her back off at the last second. This is silly. If I'm going to find out I might as well do it., she thought, steeling herself and pushing aside the onrush of fear. After all the Aes Sedai weren't afraid. The people in those wonderful stories were never afraid. If she could just this one be brave like Birgitte and just let it happen. Taking a deep breath, Caillean went at it again, refusing to allow fear to creep back in. She held on to the picture of the rose, feeding it with more detail, like dew drops and the refletion of the sun on them, the soft red petals, as much detail as she could imagine, and Caille had a vivid imagination. Suddenly there was light and warmth, as if the sunlight poured right down into her and everything felt clearer somehow. She took a quick breath of surprise. This wasn't scary at all...it was wonderful! Suddenly her eyes flew open at a sound in the room and the strange warm feeling evaportated leaving her startled and somewhat disappointed. Seheria sedai went on to explain about the dangers and Caillean shivered again. There were rumors and tales of novices that had burned themselves out. It was whispered from whisper hole to whisper hole though you could never get to the root of it. It was always a roommate of a rooomate, or some such vague person. But it was still frightening. Caillean paled a little in the face of Seheria's dire warnings. And she now understood why novices were tempted to try. That feeling, she could hardly stop thinking about it. But she didn't dare.
  5. *peeks in again* Ooh we can post now. :D Woo hoo! Congratulations Reki You’ve earned it….and I know Rasi is thrilled too. It’s about time! :D I’m very happy for you! ^-^ Here are just a few things… For when you are on duty… And…for when you’re not on duty, a brand new top of the line gaming PC!
  6. Phew, I think I all caught up on my siggy requests. Now to unwind and relax. :D

  7. Gonna be a busy day today. :D I'm already on my second cup of coffee and I have a Monster drink on my desk. See you later!

  8. Oh how cute :D Hey....I'm not at all smug yet. LOL Love all the pics, especially the Greens. ^-^
  9. Just wanted to say if anyone needs theirs to be a GIF file I'll cnvert it for you. Wonderful game Basel. Wish I had more time to play. I love WoF. ^^
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