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Favorite Aes Sedai

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Which Aes Sedai characters do you like best, and why?


My favorite has always been Moiraine and probably always will be. She was "the" original Aes Sedai for the series, the one who first introduced not only the characters from the Two Rivers but also the readers to the ways of the Aes Sedai. She was a great mentor, the Gandalf of the series, and her "death" in the arch and the letters she wrote added great characterization and bravery to her. I do look forward to seeing what happens at the Tower of Ghenjei.


I also greatly admire Cadsuane. She's stubborn, intelligent, and someone even the other Aes Sedai just refer to as "that" woman. She has a part to play in Rand's future, and I look forward to finding out about it.


Romanda comes off as strict and stubborn, and her bickering with the lesser Lelaine (for I prefer Romanda) was at times rather funny to watch. But she's still a good character and I feel a very strong-spirited one at that. Lelaine never endulged me as much as Romanda.


Verin seems pretty sweet for the most part and I expect something to happen to her soon (SPOILER ALERT: I think she dies in one of the books because I could swear I saw a chapter in one of the next volumes (TGS or ToM, can't remember) about it)


Alanna took Rand's "innocence" (like rape) when she bonded him, or so it was described like rape. She's kind of interesting.


Elaida is very stubborn and quite haughty. I anticipate seeing her deposed from the Amyrlin Seat.


Alviarin is quite bitter and backstabbing. She's top among the Black Ajah, second to Mesaana, of course. Every time she's in the books, I get excited because it usually draws me closer to Mesaana, and I like Mesaana.


Liandrin made a fairly decent villain in TGH and TDR but after Moghedian's spell, she's been stranded in the hands of Suroth.


Siuan was a good Amyrlin, but after she was deposed and stilled, I didn't care for her character as much. However, she's a good friend and guide for Egwene and is a somewhat interesting character to follow.


Then of course there's Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve.

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That is a though one.


I like Nynaeve Sedai. She is everything an Aes Sedai should be in the way she acts, how she sees people and the world. She actually sees people.


Cadsuane: In my opinion she helped save Rand. I hated her on the first read, now I understand what she did and why.


Rand! No explanation needed.


Hm.. can´t think of anyone else, lol. I really don´t like Aes Sedai. I have more Aes Sedai I dislike then like.


My favourite Asha´man is Logain. And Narishma.

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As you haven't yet read the last two books, I won't go too deep into details, but here's who I like.


Nynaeve Sedai is awesome, she actually does what an Aes Sedai should and thinks like a Servant of All.

Rand Sedai. No comment.

Moiraine Sedai - always considered her to be an excellent Aes Sedai.

Cadsuane Sedai - not the nicest, but certainly one of the wisest of the living Aes Sedai. Harsh, but does what is right (mostly).

Siuan Sedai - a little self-centered, but not bad all around.

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Nynaeve is my favorite! She doesn't take any crap from anyone. If it came down to supporting the WT or doing what she thought was right, she would tell everyone @ the WT to get bent! She supports Rand when most others wont and doesn't use her strength in the power to lord over those that are weaker. She tells you straight out what she thinks and would rather give up her shawl than betray a friend.


Verin! What she did is some straight up crazy Brown Ajah stuff! I LOVE IT!


Moiraine seems to not have an agenda other than saving the world. I can respect that.

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Like most others, Verin and Nynaeve are right at the top.


But I always had an amazing amount of respect for Adeleas and Vandene. Working to make a history of the world to leave behind when they are done is very important, with Tarmon Gaidon so close.


Also, Saerin and Daigian. Daigian was probably the most level headed Aes Sedai I have read in the entire series.

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No surprises, Nynaeve up there at the top for me! For reasons that have already been mentioned in this thread.


Verin has to be second. Some epic double agentry, some amazing research skills, sacrificing her life to give up the information, saving the White Tower and many lives in the process from the Black Ajah members who went on to be killed. This is the woman who did all of the above, in one giant "LOL, fuck you" to the Dark One, over her life, and calmly announces all of this, knowing she is going to die, while having a cup of tea and then lying down for a nap. How is she not a million different types of awesome? Dear lord, that got a lot gushier than I intended... but yeah.


Teslyn is one of my favourites, I'd probably rank her third. She seems more practical than the other AS she travels with, she respects people where respect is due rather than simply demanding it for herself... I like her. I want to see her do some awesome stuff.


Saerin is one that I quite like. She's another practical one, she actually takes control over part of the Tower during the Seanchan attack, unlike many of her fellow sisters. And she's the one who actually calls the other AS out for making Nynaeve's test for the shawl deliberately cruel and vicious. I like a frank woman. And they're a bit rare amongst the AS, lol.


I always had a bit of a soft spot for Elaida, but I think I just found her quite fun to read. I vary wildly between thinking Cadsuane's pretty awesome, and finding her really annoying, but I think she's one of the better written AS- she's a bully, and quite abrasive, but she's thinking about the fate of the world. She's been everywhere, done everything (or so she thinks).


There's quite a few I don't mind, but those are the ones that stand out particularly. Only other one I'd give an honourable mention to is Romanda. Her political battles with Lelaine are irritating, but she manages to figure out Halima's secret, if I recall?

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Yep, Romanda figured out who Halima was. I just read that part today. It was so exciting.


My rankings:


1. Moiraine

2. Nynaeve

3. Cadsuane

4. Siuan

5. Romanda

6. Verin (I've not yet got to her super awesome moment yet, but I've liked her so far, so she can only get better)

7. Egwene

8. Elayne (this and 7 are interchangeable, and as Aes Sedai Egwene seems to do more with the politics and stuff as Amyrlin)

9. Alviarin (Black Ajah shenanigans)

10. Elaida

11. Alanna

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Verin Sedai. For being the only person in the books who is as brave as Rand. Verin is definitely one of the true heroes of this story.


Nynaeve Sedai. As has been said, Nynaeve sees people instead of chess pieces. Her desire to heal others in noble and admirable, unlike those of many of the other Aes Sedai. She had also been there for Rand when no one else was, and helped him perform the greatest miracle Randland has ever seen. That was on top of her own miracles.

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