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  1. Olver tells Mat, Thom, and Julian that Riselle lets him lay his head on her her busom when she reads to him Thom replies " A noble acheivment ".
  2. Hopper tells Perrin its dangerous to be to strongly in the dream but I dont recall him saying why.
  3. I vote for Cyndane/Lanfear. She always seemed less gung ho than the rest. Also seemed like she was only supporting the DO to spite LTT.
  4. Thank God I'm not the only person to have this problem. I read the books the first time and was constantly like " who is this person ". Then I joined this site and everybody seemed to know so much more about what was going on than I did. I didn't even remember some of the things they were talking about. Then I realized most of the members here have read the books 8,9,10 times. I found the WOT Ency., WOT wiki, Tar valon. Net, and bought the BWB so my second reread is going much smoother. I dont feel quite as stupid as I once did.
  5. Welcome ACS! Hope you enjoy the series as much as I do. Maybe the last book will be out by the time your done. Look around and have fun. Ask questions if you need to. Everyone is really nice and dont mind helping. Beware of spoilers!
  6. The Tinkers finding their song Pevera blows up and saves the Black Tower. Elyas runs into his AS. Lanfear gets saved and turns to the light. Loial gets the Ogier fired up and they all put long handles on their axes.
  7. Got my motorcycle out of the shop! There's nothing sadder than not having your bike during the summer.

  8. I started reading because it was a long series.I like reading books that are related or have reoccurring characters. A friend of mine told me I should give them a try and I've been hooked ever since. The characters are distinctive, in depth and have varied personality traits. The plots and subplots leave you guessing and it gives you just enough history to wonder what the world used to be like and where this is going.
  9. Crackin me up! It's the best one yet! 60. You carry around a small replica of the Statue of Liberty trying to cleanse the taint bathroom.
  10. I prefer paperback to hardback. They are easier to tote around. 2 reads is all I can get out of a paperback though. They are pretty much falling apart at that point. The American editions are all that I have read. Would like to have them on E book.
  11. I read NS while I was waiting for TGS to come out. I liked that I already knew the characters then got to read sum of their back stories.
  12. My favorite fan art Friday yet !
  13. I would take Lan to the Sturgis bike rally. I picture him as fitting in with a bunch of bikers.
  14. Hey Strings! Welcome to DM. You came to the right place for shop talk. Everyone is real nice so just jump in and have fun.
  15. Darrell K. Sweet, who did the cover art for the books, is going to be at SoonerCon in Oklahoma City this weekend. I was thinking about trying to get him to sign something for me. I have to admit, sum of the cover art is a little lame but it would be interesting to see sum of the other things he's done.
  16. I know that an Aes Sedai can compel her Warder but when Alanna bonded Rand, she couldn't compel him. They didn't have the Warder bond in the AOL, so this would make Rand the first channeler of saidin to ever be bonded. Im guessing that you cant compel someone that has been bonded to you if they can channel.
  17. Thats my favorite prologue or them all. That blacksmith was so matter-of-fact about it all, it was kinda freaky. I think people like him make up the bulk of the farmers.
  18. Lanfear is my favorite. She's hot ,vindictive,hot, not so much evil as power hungry,hot, and she would burn the DO if it would give her a leg up. Did I mention she is hot.
  19. Nynaeve is my favorite! She doesn't take any crap from anyone. If it came down to supporting the WT or doing what she thought was right, she would tell everyone @ the WT to get bent! She supports Rand when most others wont and doesn't use her strength in the power to lord over those that are weaker. She tells you straight out what she thinks and would rather give up her shawl than betray a friend. Verin! What she did is some straight up crazy Brown Ajah stuff! I LOVE IT! Moiraine seems to not have an agenda other than saving the world. I can respect that.
  20. What's up Nodwod? Glad you joined up on DM. Everyone is really nice and helpful and the discussions are great and diverse. Hope you enjoy the books as much as I do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask but as I am kinda new, I probably wont know the answer. I'm sure somebody will see and help you out tho.
  21. Thanks Amadine. If I come up with any questions I might send you a PM. . . . If I can figure out how.
  22. Welcome Mae. I'm a newbie myself and I am really enjoying the site. Hope you have as much fun as I do. There's a lot of information, discussion, and theories to check out.
  23. Hey dcraig! Welcome to the site! Hope to see you around. Thank the creator for awesome roommates!
  24. I'm liking it alot so far. Still learning how to navigate around. I don't want to end up somewhere I'm not supposed to be. I have a question. After 12 or 13 reads thru the books, do you still pickup on things that you missed on your last reread? There are so many twists and plots in the series I can see how that would be possible.
  25. Mat is my favorite. I love the way his storyline has always been him fighting tooth and nail against responsibility. His gambling, drinking, skirt chasing, and cavalier attitude has always made him a character I can relate to. I also find it funny how the pattern and his taveren nature has forced maturity, marriage, fatherhood, and a sense of responsibility onto him.
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