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  1. His glory was saving the peasants. I assume it was referring to glory in the 4th age; saving the peasants is only the first step to his glory. Logain, as the head of the Black Tower, will probably spend the next 200-400 years as one of the most powerful/influential individuals in the world.
  2. Not only did the Aiel numbers seem off, but so did their value as fighters. Throughout the series they were held up as these super-soldiers who could fight well in all situations. Yet they are treated as if they are only good as skirmishers/irregularsin aMoL.
  3. Either the light-side lost a ton more troops than indicated at Caemlyn, Breem Wood, Cairhien, retreat from Shienar, retreat from Kandor, or the last battle scale seemed way off. Would've been nice if they had given better indications of the number of troops involved/lost. Where were the Borderland foot soldiers? The 200K army that had marched to Far Madding could not have been all cavalry.
  4. I liked Androl a lot. He was much better than Brandon's other creations, e.g., Naeff, Sleete, Jame, etc. Flinn and Narishma have been short changed ever since Brandon took over. I am just glad he found his voice with Androl rather than giving us more Naeff.
  5. Well he aparently decided to become Kandori near the end of the Last Battle.
  6. Wow, just finished. I think aMoL was definitely a satisfying finish to this long journey most of us have been on with this series. The final book was definitely action packed. Many of the events and resolutions surprised me a lot. I think I was so satisfied with this volume that my main issues seem almost minor quibbles. Where was Dobraine Taborwin? I would've thought a major, early Rand supporter who was also a hardened battle commander would at least get a mention in the final book and the last battle. Narishma is from Arafel and not Kandor. I assume this was just a typo when Mat and Narishma reach Lan after he bested Demandred. What happened to the foot soldiers of the Borderland army? I assume an army of 200K could not be purely cavalry. Were they all destroyed during the retreat and ensuing battles after Tarwin's Gap? The scale of the Last Battle at the FoM seemed off to me. Even after losses in Caemlyn, Shienar, and Kandor, I would've thought the Light-side would've had hundreds of thousands of troops remaining (especially counting the Seanchan armies). In the text this seemed like a battle involving a lot fewer light-side troops; but this may have just been because of the focus on individual characters. I was hoping to get some view of Arafel and Arafellian culture (every other Randland nation has had significant treatment in the series; the only Arafel action I recall is Moiraine and Lan visiting Vandene and Adeleas). I guess the White Tower and Seanchan armies were in Arafel after Demandred's trap, and that the FoM battlefield was half in Arafel; but I am still disapointed. But as I said, my initial quibbles are very, very minor. Also, Androl and Pevara are awesome.
  7. Dobraine and Breane. Could Breane be his daughter?
  8. I can't recall when I fist realized Dashiva was a Foresaken, but in retrospect on rereads there were tons of clues.
  9. I bet the Ogier Gardeners in the Deathwatch Guards would be pretty tough.
  10. Re-reading tPoD. When Rand rains fire and lightning on his own troops (and kills Adley) using Callandor, do we know definitively if this is due to Saidin being "alive" following the use of the Bowl of the Winds or is it due to the flaw in Callandor?
  11. Wow. I think the tangent that this thread has gone off on is a testament to how disapointing this aMoL excerpt was. I am also amazed that people do not understand that a man can be raped by a woman. Physiological consent and psychological consent are not the same thing.
  12. Another thing just hit me. Since when does Mat even consider ordering Ebou Dari ale? Even at Setalle Anan's inn he bypasses it because it is disgusting. i am currently on tPoD in my re-read, so I could be forgetting that he developes a taste for it later on, but in LoC and aCoS he claims it is undrinkable.
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