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  1. Just finished today. What a book! What a series! First up, the deaths. -Siuan (didn't think she was going to die, but a fitting death) -Bryne (see above) -Gawyn (YES! Demandred is the first Forsaken to kill off a main character. About flippin' time) -Galad (oh wait, no he didn't die...thought he did. Kinda wished he had) -Bela (WTF! NOOOOOOOOO!) -Rhuarc (more surprised he was Compulsed than anything) -Romanda/Lelaine (fitting they both died on the same page) -Birgitte (a bit shocking) -Egwene (biggest surprise death IMO. I rather liked her so it was sudden an unexpected)
  2. Thom and Morgasse. We never saw it on screen, but I always picture it as a silent film montage, with Thom wooing Morgasse as her court bard and then a private love develops and Thom watches over Elayne and teaches her stories and plays with her while she's a young infant. And then the tragic turn to the story where Morgasse tosses Thom out on his butt, and the final image of Thom walking solemnly away from the Caemyln Palace on a cloudy day, looking just once over his shoulder at the guards outside the gates.
  3. When did you first know Dashiva was Osan'gar/Aginor? On my initial read through, I didn't really pay much attention to him, especially as the books he's featured in are mostly ACoS, TPoD, and WH, which kind of lost my interest a bit. But in WH we find out Dashiva is really Osan'gar, who was first seen in LoC before Dashiva came to Taim, or Taim to him?, to the Black Tower. And we learn in WH that Osan'gar was really Aginor reincarnated. But now on my second read through, I can see a lot of subtle hints that Dashiva was a Forsaken. In ACoS, we learn that he was pushing Flinn to learn things
  4. I'm on this one in my re-read too. I have about 250 pages left. Just finished the first chapter where Mat has moved into the Tarasin Palace and is trying to avoid Tylin's frivolous behavior. So far I really like the Mindtrap chapter. It gives us our first description of Moridin, but we receive a viewpoint from Moridin as a watcher who spies on Sammael and Graendal at the meeting with Sevanna and the Shaido a few chapters prior. And I like the scene where Nynaeve and Elayne are first taken to the Kin and Reanne Corley and everyone believes they're not Aes Sedai, and a few chapters later
  5. Well no, not necessarily (to the first part). The original Mazrim Taim may actually have been killed/removed and a proxy of Taim may have been created, really being Asmodean...but no, Asmodean is a goner for good, I'm certain of it. But doesn't mean this Taim is the original Taim.
  6. You know what would be awesome? The first time we see Demandred in AMoL, we get taken immediately back to that day at Shayol Ghul, in a flashback scene where the DO asks if Demandred would unleash balefire for him, then we see bits and pieces, through the italicized flashbacks that have been used sometimes in the books, of Demandred going here and there and everywhere and balefiring things the DO asks, some little snippits of him going to Shayol Ghul and asking if he's done well (hence the laughter), see what he's been up to. That would be great, but unlikely.
  7. To be fair, Elaida did change things a lot too...in a bad way.
  8. Who cares if it's biased? It's meant to be a joke obviously, and bias can intensify a joke.
  9. No one. Shai'tan wins. ...if only they could pull that off, but they don't have the balls for it.
  10. And the lamest. ...and it also doesn't explain why he did something in LoC that warranted the DO to laugh when Demandred inquires if he has done well on his visit to Shayol Ghul at the end of LoC. Laughing because Demandred has established himself as Roedran, king of Murandy? I think not.
  11. Very valid point. ...except obviously Narg is the DO.
  12. I know a lot of you joke about Bela being The Creator. That's great and all, but it's time you get serious for a moment. ...because it's no joke. I appreciate that there are some of you who realize this and are not joking, because it is so obvious. RJ has clearly shown us in the past that Bela is The Creator. Let's take a look. Example one: From Lord of Chaos Chapter 34 Is it a coincidence that you can find the word "Creator" spelled in the same sentence as Bela's name, probably multiple times (but that one there stood out the most obvious to me)? I think not. And obviousl
  13. It hasn't been cut. In fact, if you've been reading the series, you'll know it's already been revealed. RJ just makes us rely on context clues rather than coming straight out and saying it. It's like Mat killing Couladin off-screen. Just as that was indirectly occurring, so too is Bela's role as the Creator indirectly mentioned.
  14. In an expansion of my thoughts on Demandred's activities in LoC (which can be seen in the "Where's Waldo...I mean Demandred" thread in the Structured Forum), I have a theory on how the Land of the Mad Men, which has been mentioned outside the books by RJ, may have actually had some play in the books too, and perhaps this could be Demandred's role in LoC (since I feel confident he must have done something during LoC, if off-screen) and could also ratify the "things to the south had Demandred written on them" line. Ok, so when Rand first goes to "the farm" to visit Taim, Taim has gathered a
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