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  1. Perrin lost his entire family and his best friend. Lets not even add in the fact that he lost his mother/father in law? as well. He did end up quite powerful, but that power ended up with the right person. Rand...well I don't even need to get into that. If anyone deserved to walk away, it was him. Mat never wanted to stay in the TR. He wanted to leave and go on an adventure. He found a woman he cares about and is now one of the greatest generals ever. As far as his eye is concerned, even Tuon admits it will help him dealing with the Seanchan. Noal? He became a Hero and saved Olver. Raw shaft? Nah, he got what he wanted.
  2. My hope is the encyclopedia will reveal the fates of characters. It kind of bothers me not knowing the fates of guys like Harnan, Vanin, Amys, other clan leaders, Uno, etc.
  3. I didn't see the point in having a reunion between her and Lan/Siuan. They would be happy to see each other but they would recognize that the battle isnt over and idle chat could wait.
  4. Perrin wasn't really needed at the Last Battle wielding his hammer against Trollocs. If anything, him being there would've been redundant. Tam easily replaced him there. Matrim was there because he was a general. Perrin was the only one who could stop Slayer and Lanfear. Gaul and hundreds of wolves couldn't even stop him, only slow him. I guess you could say Egwene may have been able to stop him, but she was needed in the physical world. As stated before, its neat to see how powerful Perrin has become. There are a few dream walkers left, but none as powerful as him. On a completely different note, I cant help but wonder the fate of Vanin and Harnan. Im sure they died, but I wish we knew there fate. Im guessing it will be in the encyclopedia.
  5. I think Rand will end up telling Tam(and the rest of his closest friends). I think they did it this way to make it believable to the world. What better way then to see his father break down and light the pyre? Nynaeve seemed to figure it out, as did Cadsuane. He may be mad at him, but he'll be grateful that he's alive.
  6. I'm not sure this is a bad? sad moment, but Noal rescuing Olver got to me.
  7. Thanks for the thread. Glad I wasnt the only one who thought the same thing. Anyways, the double bonding was neat. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already considering that both people can channel. I like the relationship being built between Androl and Pevara. It will be interesting to see how the Logain situation plays out. I think people were expecting Logain to show up guns a blazing and now that its obvious it wont occur that way. A rescue and retreat seems more likely. If they are in a circle, they wont have much of a problem with the guards. I'm glad to see Elayne is becoming something other then useless. Her accepting the city is lost and not rushing into a fight is a nice change from her rushing into things. I think Elayne was too distracted to notice Avi come in. Cant wait to see this book unfold. Calm before the storm.
  8. rofl, he didnt put any effort into writing this book? give me a break. can we just make a single shit talk thread so we dont have to scroll through people demeaning every chapter?
  9. I was just thinking that. Talmanes is toast. its ok though, because he went out in an awesome way.
  10. No way Talmanes can survive this. Tough to see him go, but he went out potentially saving the war by saving those dragons.
  11. I'll be disappointed if the Asha'man don't end up as equals with the AS.
  12. Not sure Rand would risk himself trying to save a city that's already lost.
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