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  1. I actually thought Mat and Tuon had the most believable relationship and interesting romantic relationship in the series (hurrah Knife of Dreams!). Admittedly romance is not a strength of the series, but still. Arguably Rand and Adviendha, were at least as good, I suppose, but the other women really detract from that relationship as well. Plus, Mat is (1) a bit of a sub (2) who likes beating the odds and (3) loves the chase and games, and Tuon is domineering unavailable impossible quarry with hints of great depth, so it works ;). Then, I like Tuon's character in particular a great deal. Of
  2. Look at that, I remembered my oooooold account password. I think that when I last posted several years ago, I was defending (to popular horror) the Seanchan as a society which is overly condemned (though obviously problematic), so I guess I am drawn to unpopular positions! I logged back in here on a whim after reading the pre-release material, to re-engage a bit to while away the pre-release time and I was surprised by how down this forum seemed on the new books from what I remember. As I have actually really enjoyed watching BS continue to improve with every book he writes (contrast the
  3. Turns out TV is not the best source for legal education. Fewer student loans though! Temporary insanity is treated no differently than a normal insanity defense--it is just the argument that, at the time of the crime, the defendant was not legally sane, but now (at time of trial) he is. If that turns out to be true, then you are correct that the defendant is not institutionalized, because they are no longer insane. They still receive an acquittal though--they walk. You seem to be confusing temporary insanity with extreme emotional disturbance or something, which is usually only a mitigating fa
  4. If he chooses to create characters in a way that is offensive, it can diminish the enjoyment of a book. It takes some readers out of the story when they note that Saldean women are forbidden to learn the sword, despite every incentive to do so, for example. Such a restriction could reflect parochial and sexist views of the world-builder, if there is no sensible "in world" explanation for it. Moreover, to the extent RJ purports to portray offensive ideas as descriptively true or normatively preferable, it is a weakness in his writing. By way of illustration, if I wrote a fantasy novel wher
  5. I feel like I posted this before, but I don't see it here so, here goes. Perrin has a strong insanity defense, so long as being a wolf-brother counts as a "mental disease or defect," and based on the general case-law on that term, it would (it's an actual, physical difference between Perrin's brain and a normal brain that affects his ability to function in society). The majority (and most stringent) insanity defense in the US only requires that the defendant had a mental disease or defect that caused him to 1) be unable to know what he was doing or 2) be unable to appreciate the wrongfulne
  6. Hey Emu, I almost always enjoy your posts. You clearly spend a lot more time writing them than most people (myself fully included) do, which makes them more lucid than most. Of course, I'm usually at least 3 glasses of scotch in by the time I post, so perhaps that gives me a handicap. Anyhow, your point of view seems to reject evolutionary psychology. Is that a correct assumption on my part? I submit as the basis of that assumption your belief that the sexual dimorphism of humans is limited to things like muscle mass and menstruation, and not anything psychological. If you accept, rath
  7. Did you read Mistborn? I don't know how to do spoiler tags and I don't want to risk anything, but I'm not sure I agree.
  8. Nynaeve and Mat are actually very similar characters too, when you think about it. It is therefore interesting that they went from annoying to fan favorites. Although Mat was much more abrupt. He went from childish and pointless --> an annoying crazy jerk burden on poor Rand --> freaking bamf Odin Son of Battles Guy in pretty abrupt shifts. Until his healing he was really lousy, but then he woke up and and immediately was an awesome PoV ("Play the angles like da said") and also immediately beat up these two awful princes. Was that the first POV we had of him? I think it was. I don't thin
  9. Not necessarily. An alternative is to come up with a magic system that is comparable with interesting combat, if you insist on having combat and armed conflict be important. The Recluce (sic) series, just of the top of my head, plausibly integrates the magic with traditional and (according to your theory) fan demanded medieval style warfare. Sanderson does this well too I think. There are plenty of other examples, I'm sure. Of course, there is a middle path, but there is a large difference between trying SOMEWHAT to make the magic users act in sensible ways, but cutting corners or leaving
  10. Emu, you reminded me of how stupid the magic users in Harry Potter are. At least in Randland there are some restrictions, complexity = difficulty, and people occasionally use magic sensibly. Voldemorte just keeps shooting his wand-lazers at rocks that Harry is hiding behind though. He continues to do this even though he knows a) that spell didn't work when Harry was a baby and might not work now, b) their wands interact in weird ways. YOU CAN TURN TEACUPS INTO BIRDS, HOWS ABOUT YOU TURN THE GROUND UNDER HIM TO LAVA? This is what comes of an education system that only teaches people how to
  11. I think Jordan's explanation for thermodynamics not being violated probably relied on the fact that the OP and channelers work like a river and waterwheel. Technically, the speed of the river is reduced by the waterwheel siphoning off energy. However, since the OP is an almost infinitely vast river, there wouldn't be any noticeable effect. That said, for all practical (not metaphysical) purposes, you can create mechanical energy for free with the OP. Probably why the AoL was so neat--free clean energy for everyone! Yay! Creating a perpetual motion machine would be trivial with the OP. And
  12. Perhaps there is a weave that lets your dreamwalk. The ter'angreal that let you do it obviously use the power, after all. However they have always been mysterious to me. Can anything that is done with a ter'angreal be done directly with the power? How exactly do the elements combine to make portals through spacetime or to the memories of the past and future anyhow? Why doesn't RJ have a more fleshed out magic system? We will probably never know the answers do these questions.
  13. I think part of the reason Rand is behaving somewhat oddly is that he is still discovering and coming to terms with who exactly he is now. He makes that remark "I thought I was beyond such anger now, but I guess I have to be angry sometimes too" after A Storm of Light (paraphrased). Indicates that he has found a new peace, but isn't sure exactly how to feel about it/what balance to strike. He also seems a bit...giddy, which I think is totally fair. I mean he was in horrible agony and madness and despair, and then he was suddenly healed and found hope. He can see without madness for the fir
  14. Actually, he might have an insanity defense. The test for insanity varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but a common one holds that a defendant is not guilty if he had a mental disease or defect that caused him to be unable to control his actions or conform his conduct to the law. Perrin has a good case for that, if you count being possessed by wolves a mental disease or defect. I would, because what we are really getting at with that definition is the identifying people who do not have normally functioning brains, around which the laws and expectations of society are designed.
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