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  1. Died with Beldeine. Thanks, I missed that sorry - must've been reading too fast and only doing re-read now.
  2. Karldin. I know he wasn't a big character but I always found him interesting.
  3. My question is earlier on in the series (sorry can't remember which book) we see Graendal meet Rodel Ituralde. It seems inconceivable that she wouldn't use this opportunity to compel him. Yet I never saw the effect of this. He seemed to do the lights work until the end (fighting the Seanchan at first and then fighting the Shadow). Do we know what if any the effects of her compulsion were? Or was this simply a scene never followed up on?
  4. Well you could argue that all of the Forsaken came out ahead even the ones who have since died. Since they all got a second shot of life complete with their memories which is more than they would have gotten if they had stayed true to the light. In this way if you can get as high up as a forsaken turning dark offers real, tangible benefits. But to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill darkfriend involves high risk for very little in way of real return.
  5. I think they don't realise when they sign up for it that doing so is likely to result in them being hurt, tortured and humiliated. Also the promise of ever-lasting life can make otherwise intelligent people do the stupidest things (just look at religions on earth).
  6. That is often overlooked, I think. I think because everyone loves Mat whereas most people hate Egwene so people would prefer it to be Egwene. Though there is the foreshadowing to suggest Egwene as well. Maybe they will both betray Rand in different ways, at different times. In Egwene's case by simply by not agreeing with Rand and going different ways at the FoM would be a betrayal if looked through at the time she was doing the Accepted test but wouldn't be now (at the time she went through the testing she was still very close to Rand and was a long way from being Amyrlin with all the attendant responsibilities that brings). So in Egwene's case this might be what happens something that no longer feels like a betrayal to Egwene the Mother but when looked at much earlier through the eyes of Egwene the novice would have felt like a betrayal. In Mat's case I think it will be a more serious betrayal but other than the portal stones I have no real evidence for it. But it would be cool to see. I'd like to see how all the Mat worshippers take it; whether they blame Sanderson for 'wrecking' Mat or whether they blame Rand and say that he 'deserved' it. Because the way some people worship Mat is just over the top and I would like to see how these people deal with their hero being less than heroic.
  7. Yeah but that's kind of silly just because Asmodean couldn't defeat him in a one power duel this doesn't mean that Asmodean can't do a lot of harm. Especially considering he has inner knowledge of Rand's thoughts, plans and friends.
  8. Yeah its kind of funny how he never thinks about Asmodean any more. If he still thinks Asmodean is still alive then he must assume that Asmodean is plotting and working against him yet we hear about he has to deal with Grandael and Semirhage but he doesn't seem to plan the same way for Asmodean.
  9. Matt - evidenced by his comments after travelling through the portal stones.
  10. Egwene broke her mind. According to Bair people don't recover from that--she'll be a drooling idiot for the rest of her life. Or until Messana gets killed by a d/f thus allowing her to be transmigrated. As to the main topic - I think Graendal for reasons that have pretty much already been stated. She isn't beholden to serving the dark one - she will go to whoever offers her the best deal which at the moment is looking like the light side. She also doesn't want to die so if she thinks Rand is going to win she will jump. Moridin is the other one I can see. He joined for philosophical reasons and so can see him switching for the same. If he sees that Rand can defeat the dark one both in the now and forever then he may well switch. If Rand's victory is going to be restricted to just the present age he certainly won't switch though.
  11. +1 - that and Faile's captivity are my two most hated arcs. On re-reads I skim part most of them because otherwise they are just too boring. And the Salidar circus sideshow just felt ridiculous Elyane tight-rope walking, Birgitte shooting arrows etc. It almost felt like RJ was taking the piss or something.
  12. Yeah that is definitely one. Though when I first raised this issue I was intending to say 'no male-female friendships where they aren't sexually involved or in a warder bond type situation' but I forgot to add the last part.
  13. It's not the fault of the Green Ajah itself. It's the fault of the Aes Sedai in that said Ajah. Green, with their ideology, is cool. The Aes Sedai simply don't live up to it, but that ain't the colours fault. xD So were I green, I'd definitely be learning more battle weaves and epic stuff like that. Good point. The Green Ajah have a great purpose it's just we see that now that their reason for existence has come about they aren't ready or where they need.
  14. I loved this about Verin. She used peoples' perceptions of Browns to her own advantage. She always gave off an air off being absent-minded and having her head in the clouds which allowed her to observe a lot more than she could have if she appeared alert.
  15. Amazed at how many people have chosen Green when imo they have been the most useless of all Ajahs. They call themselves the Battle Ajah and yet when the Seanchan came they were hopeless. Now the last battle has begun and their not in the Borderlands helping with the fight they are just sitting around in the tower. Supposedly their whole purpose was to fight at the last battle and now its here they don't even seem to be helping (unless a lot of stuff has happened off screen that I didn't see).
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