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  1. I really like Elayne as a character - she's 18, was raised as a pretty, spoiled, entitled princess (literally, and figuratively) and, instead of being brave (which is facing down your fears) she simply does things that she isn't aware she should be afraid of. Consequently, she is a reckless, entitled mess. And she should be, because that really fits her character. I think she's a great character, but I really, really do not like her. (Guillotine sounds like a good idea...) However, I fully support the idea of limiting her power. Elayne's nobles/citizens need to make Andor a constitutional monarchy, because as it is, having Elayne as Queen is a very, very dangerous situation for Andor. She is unstable.
  2. fades are sterile. What about the female fades? There are no female fades. Or so we've been led to believe...
  3. Not quite, Malkier ends at the end of Tarwin's gap - beyond the Gap is the Blight. In front of the gap is a long stretch of territory that is currently part of the blight, but used to be Malkier. Lan and co entered Tarwin's gap at the Malkieri end, and saw a massive army gathered at the Blight end. As Lan's army is a force of heavy cavalry, holding a defensive position would be a waste of the significant advantage that his horses give him. Because of this, he is charging head first into the Trolloc horde, which is still in the gap. This means that Lan and co will be able to, for a time, negate the effect of the Trollocs superior numbers. Unfortunately I don't know the width of the gap so the exact tactic used will vary, but a head on charge is really the only option - it will allow the humans to use their mounted advantage while keeping the Trollocs from surrounding them.
  4. While I have a lot of interest in books, studying, philosophy and the like, I would (if their were Ajah's in the Black Tower) go for Green. Then I'd head north, and spend most of my life helping Borderlanders against Trollocs.
  5. Interesting point, but is the pattern really being cruel? Or is it merely trying desperately trying to fix things that are being screwed up by the Dark One? Then, it's less the pattern is being unnecessarily cruel and more the pattern is in desperation mode, and using any means to achieve it's end (which, while not very nice, is better than all of existence being destroyed by the Dark One, imo).
  6. Appreciating that the pattern already controls most of these peoples destinies anyway does not make the acts of the Seanchan, in their creation and treatment of Damane/Da'covale, any less reprehensible. These are humans, doing awful things to other humans. Whether or not the pattern already controls their lives is irrelevant. Furthermore, there exists no comparison between Da'covale/Damane and people accepted/novices/apprentice WO's/Seafolk. The a/n/awo's/sf's all have ample opportunity for improvement, and everyone who would be ordering their punishments/work details is (or was, at one point) in the exact same situation the a/n/awo's/sf's are currently. These people are being trained towards improvement. Da'covale and Damane, on the other hand, are being beaten into submission. There is an incredibly large gap between these two things.
  7. Birgitte is the name Birgitte goes by. As Birgitte the legend is pretty famous, it would be a reasonable name for parents to give their child in this day and age, so she just says that her parents named her Birgitte, and people assume she's trying to live up to the name. Some might suspect that she's the real Birgitte, but most think she's just a wannabe.
  8. Just reiterating this - we now know what the BUT is... personally, I think it would be helpful if Luckers edited the sticky post, as leaving the post as-is makes it seem like it's still a big mystery. Wait, we do know what it is? What is it, then? (Is it the dark not-Aiel?) How did I miss this discovery!?
  9. One thing to keep in mind - the pattern is actively working to keep the Dark One down. It probably realized that Lan was going to be needed twenty years later or the Dark One would win (Rand/Mat/Perrin/Nynaeve/lotsofotherpeople would all likely be dead without Lan). Consequently, it kept him alive. Another possibility is that Lan was a mild Ta'veren, but his ability deactivated before he ran into Siuan.
  10. The breaking started with the remnants of the Hundred Companions. However, it didn't go into full swing until a most of the other Male Aes Sedai went bonkers, which (as evidenced by the mental health and casualties of the Black Tower) probably took a few years. During this time the Shadow Controlled territories ripped themselves apart, while the light-controlled territories desperately tried to survive. Then the amount of madmen breached the breaking point and the world went to pot. (Source: The Big White Book, Rand's trip through the columns and a logical look at what they conclude) So it's possible that Latra took the title. However, I think it more likely that the position simply disappeared.
  11. Here's the thing - openness and honesty about your feelings is a part of good communication. Rand is communicating well (imho, anyhow). Something that most people in the WOT world don't do, so it sticks out. I'd say like a sore thumb, but that would imply that it's a bad thing. It's not. It sticks out sort of like a single flower in a field of grass. Three cheers for good communication!
  12. Keep reading Risa! The Gathering Storm / Towers of Midnight have some of Nynaeve's best chapters (imo, of course). Please also remember that Nynaeve just sent Lan to his probable death at the end of KOD, so no surprise if she's a little grumpy, especially when people don't seem to want to help him/her. Yes, some of the characters voices are a little different, especially in TGS when Brandon was just getting his feet in Jordan's world, but I think that overall he's done an admirable job with the material.
  13. It is a shame that Jordan was unable to finish it, and Sanderson will not do the same job that Jordan would have. However, Sanderson still did an excellent job. Not perfect, but excellent nonetheless.
  14. That's what I thought at first, but in that passage, Rand mentions being kept in the box, which sounds like when he was captured by the Aes Sedai with the intent of being brought before Elaida in LoC. If he is indeed referring to LTT's suicide, then A) why did he keep referring to it as HIS suicide when he refuses to acknowledge that he and LTT are the same person? and B) why would he mention his kidnapping and LTT's suicide out of chronological order? There exists a very simple explanation for this. Rand Al'Thor is insane. He has lost his grip on sanity, and things blend together somewhat messily.
  15. I will admit that much of my statement on the treatment of Da'covale comes from inference. As seen from Amethera's state and Liandrin/Suroth's POV's, it is safe to assume that the treatment of Da'covale is very, very harsh. On the case of sleeping with Damane, it isn't considered a problem because Damane are property, it's considered disgusting because Damane are animals. Too many of the Seanchan, it would be like sleeping with your favorite horse. I have seen no such stigma applied to Da'covale, and the clothing and mannerisms of the Cupbearers is certainly... Suggestive. Nevertheless, this is implicit evidence, not explicit.
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