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  1. On topic - Tam putting Cadsuane in her place - "a bully is still a bully whether they use fists or weaves of air" (something like that) - A Cup of Sleep - Nynaeve setting off to prepare an army for Lan - Siuan and Gareth, all the time. Soppy, but true.
  2. I'd be very surprised if any of them are still standing beyond small pockets of resistance. But if any of them made it I'd also bet on Shienar. Given what happened at Maradon that may still be up in the air as well. The Borderland rulers decision to leave their respective countries with all those troops has always seemed like a bit of Shadow-work. It plays right into the hands of the DO, plus it could well lead to a fair bit of conflict if it emerges that the Borderlands, which everyone has trusted for goodness knows how long to keep the Blight at bay, have fallen mostly because their leaders stripped them of troops and took off on a seemingly frivolous quest. Personally I want to beat every single one of them senseless. Edited for name correction..
  3. Perrin wins hands down. Rand did some pretty horrible things, but keep in mind that he is trying (as best he can) to keep the world from falling apart while having to confront the fact that he'll have to die in order to defeat the Dark One. Yes, balefiring Natrim's Barrow was extreme, but weighed against the damage Graendal could do if left to roam free I can understand it. As for Moiraine, Liah and the other women - the only one you can blame him for is Moiraine, and that is only if you believe that he could have killed Lanfear when she confronted him earlier. Mat really hasn't done much that qualifies as horrible. Yes, he killed some women. However, those women had either tried to kill him first, or were trying to do something that would put the people with him in mortal danger. As a woman I think the "no harm to women" ideal goes out the window if she tries to stick a knife in you. Perrin, oh Perrin. He tortured Aiel, even though he should have known that it wouldn't get him the information he craved. He ignored people's plight (when he was in a position to help them!) for no better reason than Faile's kidnapping. He pushed those who followed him mercilessly, ignoring all common sense and advice, for no better reason than Faile's kidnapping. He let Galina get away, even though anyone with half a brain could tell she was dodgy! Actually, my biggest problem with Perrin is simply that his supposed morals and values do not match up with his actions..
  4. Well presented argument! I've always found the criticism of Semirhage and Mesaana a bit perplexing myself. If Egwene had not been captured (and if she hadn't copped on to the Aiel way just in time) I suspect Mesaana's plan to destroy the White Tower may well have been successful. Imagine the chaos it could have caused if the siege had stretched out, possibly leading to sisters and warders fighting in the streets. With the way things stand, the world would not have trusted the Aes Sedai ever again. Semirhage dumped Seanchan into chaos, almost succeeded in having Min killed by Rand himself, and nearly turned Rand completely insane. The fact that it was only "nearly" is, in my opinion, no reason to diminish her accomplishments. I appreciated Sammael quite a bit. His reluctance to go up against Rand head on was smart. And, as you said, if Moridin hadn't interfered, who knows how their fight maay have turned out. Asmodean - I enjoyed his interactions with Rand in the Aiel Waste and after, but as far as Forsaken epicness is concerned he didn't bring much to the table. Rahvin may have been more successful if his ego and lust for pretty things hadn't been so overwhelming, but overall he was a disappointment. Graendel - started out interesting, turned into a puddle of water. Meh. Moghedien, Belal, Balthamel, all those others whose names I can't be bothered about - all rather large failures. The reincarnated Forsaken didn't do very well either. The only Forsaken I'm truly undecided about is Lanfear/Cyndane. She was supposed to be super-duper scary, and epically devious, but it really wasn't shown well. I'm hoping that she gets a moment of redemption (whether she remains evil or turns to the Light doesn't really matter) in AMoL that will leave everyone in awe.
  5. I'm actually thinking it might be one of the Wise One dreamwalkers.
  6. Gawyn. So much early potential, so much waste in the end.
  7. Crick, I did mean Moiraine - thanks! As for the MoN needing to propose you for testing, also true, but I still feel that the test lacks substance and validity. It just seems a bit too generic for my taste. If you're going to initiate people into an organisation which is so set on guiding the world, you really should be very sure that they won't turn out to be twits.
  8. There's an Dark Callandor in the Blight. Having read through all the theories, I can only say that I'm convinced that there is a Deathstar in the Blight. That's why the Two Rivers lads are so good with bows - so that, right at the end, they can blow up the Dark One in his little command ship with a carefully placed arrow. Ok, back to serious: if I absolutely had to bet on something, I'd go with Dark Callandor or some kind of True Power thingamajig. A city/stedding/hold full of DF's or Shadowspawn just doesn't seem like a surprise at all. I don't think even casual readers would be terribly shocked by that outcome. It would also fit better, what with Fain frolicking about in the Blight, Moridin with his city/town/farm and most of the Rand-dying-or-swopping-or-whatever theories.
  9. A part of what bothers me about the test - not to go down the AS route again - the books make it seem that the stronger the potential sister, the higher the chance that those conducting the test will put in extra effort to have her fail. However, based on what we read about Siuan's test in New Spring, and Nynaeve's test in ToM, the only thing it truly tests is whether you can physically keep your composure under stressful circumstances. Shouldn't a true test for the shawl involve testing the potential sister's wisdom, logic and ability to consider situations clearly and make rational decisions?
  10. Ah yes, Tylin. That paragon of virtue, moral giant. I can't believe that so many people see nothing wrong in the way she treated Mat!
  11. I really want to see one of the main Aiel leaders revealed as a Darkfriend. It just seems too good to be true that none of them are part of the Shadow.
  12. I've read book 1 - 6 about 8 times, and the rest up to TGS about 4 times each. TGS and ToM twice. Will do a full reread before AMoL comes out, and then periodically through the years!
  13. I wish the site had a "like" option. Or a "read this first before you do anything else" option - I would choose yours in a heartbeat. I find it rather ridiculous that most of the threads on DM are devoted to ripping apart characters, plot lines and the authors.
  14. This! I suggested somewhere else that short stories may be the way to go - they can be written around specific events or characters to give us the info we want. I'd definitely buy those books!
  15. I might be slapped for this, but here goes: I've always thought that a book of short stories/novellas surrounding the AOL and LB respectively would be interesting. Each story could be written about a specific event or built around a specific major character, like "Strike at Shayol Gul". This will significantly reduce the time strain on the author and will hopefully give us the snippets of information we crave. If Harriet gave the go-ahead for further books this idea would also suit Brandon's preference for working on a book or two set on a certain world, and then working on something else for a while. Thoughts?
  16. This. I really want the Forsaken to step up and do some damage, otherwise Rand's victory will feel a bit hollow. And I want lots and lots of Moridin. He's been the most interesting darkside character for a while, and I'd love some POV switches during the LB (between him, Rand, and maybe Mat and Demandred if Dem commands the dark forces).
  17. I was wondering why you would exclude Mat from the category of men who would accept harm to their own body before hurting a woman. Thanks for the clarification. I don't think you can exclude Mat based on his carousing. After all, he only chases women who want to be chased, so I don't see the issue. As for the general problem of sexism: have to agree with most of what has been said. I understand that RJ's intention was to write a gender equal world, but he ended up leaning too far to the other side again (what's the word for female chauvinists? and no, it itsn't feminist...)
  18. They both sound pretty good! I've been looking for new books, and will definitely give those a bash.
  19. That is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to have one on my wall - does anyone know how the copyright on these images works?
  20. Remember that there are degrees of ta'veren - Rand is exceptionally strong, but there is more than enough in the story to imply that a person can be a minor ta'veren as well. Siun or Logain mentioned that Rand shone like the sun, so it is likely that a minor ta'veren would only have a faint glow.
  21. Not to trivialise the discussion, but that gave me a mental picture of Fain, confronted with a disk of cuendillar, saying "Hmm, cookie!" and biting it in half..
  22. Yes - if you leave them where they are they'll cover your bald spot. Their evil should not be forgiven, nor forgotten, but they can still be of use to the Light. If letting one of the Chosen turned increased the chances of bringing down the others, do you think it would be a price worth paying? Especially if t only means that justice is delayed. Sincere repentance is unlikely, but their own ambitions could cause them to betray their fellows. I think the Light needs ANYthing at this point to give them an edge; I also think Rand is pragmatic enough to be willing to walk that moral grey area of allowing these absolute monsters to live another hour or a day longer than strictly nessessary for the greater good. He has done it before, for likewise good reasons, I will grudgingly admit. There has also been some squemishness when an individual Forsaken has failed and been punished for it, specificaly the rape/torture of Moghedian, Graendal and Cyndain at the hands of varius myrdraal or Shaidar Hardan. Am I the only one out there that thought..."Good!"? I mean, reap what you sow. They have all done as bad or worse, especialy Graendal, and Moghedian in the Mind Trap is just Poetic Justice considering how many she had brought to the same fate. I voted undecided. Partly for the reasons outlined by Lurker, and partly because I don't believe that they CAN return to the Light. Not in the sense that the Light won't want them, but that they have twisted their souls beyond recognition and no longer have the ability to believe in and fully support good.
  23. That's the whole point. In war, big and scary is worthless compared to smart and disciplined. Especially with shock lances, which I assume are akin to rifles, big and scary counts for even less. The myrdraal are powerful, but they're only 5% of the Trolloc population, and they also represent a weak point: kill the myrdraal, and all the trollocs under his command dies as well. They have no chain of command. You would think that Aginor, self-professed genius that he is, would have created a better super-soldier. At the very least, why didn't he try to create more myrdraal? he created the ultimate super-soldier. the gholam, a creature so devestatingly powerful that even the forsaken feared them, and thus only created 4 of them. A creature so awe inspiring that they did not know pain until a freak accident starting the chain of events that led to its death I see the Trollocs vs Myrdraal vs gholam situation like this: just as in any other army, you have levels of proficiency and skill. The Trollocs are stormtroopers, there to terrify and subdue (and if a ton of them are killed it's no big loss). The Myrdraal are officers and commanders, the Dragkhar are sneaky infiltrators - and the gholam is that scary spec ops guy that no one has any control over. I'd say Aginor actually did an exceptionally good job providing the Shadow with the kind of force it needed to augment its human subjects. Add to that, you wouldn't even need to take provisions along with the Trolloc army, because they can literally just eat what they kill.
  24. i believe that honor goes to the it was all a dream episode of dallas. My vote is on the series finale of LOST. My vote would be Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions would be the worst possible ending. Well, I was somewhat paying attention to the end of the Harry Potter series. If history gives any indication: 1. The months leading up to the release will see an increase in activity, speculation, argument, etc. 2. When the book is actually released, there will be a flurry of activity, a bunch of questions, followed by a bunch of answers, and then people will start to drift away when they realize everything that can possibly be answered has, and no new questions will ever, ever appear. 3. There's a cooldown period where people reminisce about their favorite scenes and characters, and how the last book did/didn't do them justice. More people drift away. 4. After about a year, most of the regulars will hardly be around, or drop in once in awhile, while the most hardcore fans will continue to answer the same questions as #2. 5. After two years, people will move on, and the series will be fondly remembered, perhaps even re-read, but without the fervor just before the last book. I quite like that timeline. I've always imagined that WoT will remain my "go-to" series - the one you read when you're sick, or feeling down, or feeling happy, or over Christmas holidays with the family. The literary equivalent of your favourite hangout. Edited for spelling!
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