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Looney Tunes Mafia Signups


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We at ACME Corporation have greatly improved our product over the years and would like to encourage you to visit our factory. We ask that you leave your old grudges at the door and just enjoy the tour. Please ignore all rumors of sabotage. They are totally untrue. You will be perfectly safe. You have my word on that.



William Befired

CEO ACME Corporation




You all received a copy of this letter and since you like gadgets (C’mon. You know you do) you all showed up for a visit to the factory. Somehow, the gates got locked and you are all stuck inside the factory/testing grounds. Old grudges abound and some of you decide this is a good time to eliminate your grudgee. Somehow the ones who feel that way team up and are after the rest of you. You can run, but you probably can’t hide. Lucky for you, there are gadgets everywhere and you can try to smoke out the toons with grudges and eliminate them. Choose carefully, now.


We'll start when we have 16 players


1. AJ

2. Song

3. Krak

4. Kat

5. Aust

6. Tigs

7. Limi

8. Adella

9. Player

10. Arlow

11. Verbal

12. Ahmoodah

13. Red

14. Aemon

15. Alanna

16. MCS

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Like I said I'll do my best. I can usually check every day, but for some reason lately I've had trouble being able to respond with anything worth while. I have no known reason that would stop me from being active, but then again I didn't when I signed up for the other games.

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