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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble a bit, but I asked Brandon about other WoT-based novels after AMoL came out, and he said that it was unlikely, having discussed it with Harriet, and he said something along the lines of (it would be using RJ's world to further my own name) or something to that effect. I believe we will get to see more of Shara in AMoL though (Or at least I'm hoping to)
  2. As the sun started its journey down from its peak, Gaman looked at Jon and saw that he had progressed with each motion he made, and was making an effort to get them right. "That's enough for today. Go have your fun, but I expect you back here first thing in the morning," Gaman told Jon, and walked back to the stables. __________________________________________ Gaman woke with the sun, and went about checking his horse over before heading out to the courtyard where he had trained the boy the day before. "Today, I want to see how you go against me. We'll start off with half-pace, so ther
  3. Gaman let his staff fall to his side as Jon cursed at him, and gave him a stern look. "Even so, one should not use that language when addressing an instructor, let alone family or friends. I won't mention it to your family, but you have incurred a... penalty, if you will. I'll explain it after the training session," Gaman told the boy, before raising his staff to a high defense position. "You need to improve your stance. Look at how my feet are positioned. I'm standing with them spread a little wider than shoulder-width apart, with my dominant foot slightly forward. It's a way of providing you
  4. Gaman smiled at the boy as he showed off with the staff. "A pleasure to meet you, master Smythe. You may call me Gaman," he said, bowing his head slightly in greeting. "How long this lesson takes depends on you, young sir. I intend on showing you the basics of handling a staff and having you run over them for a short while. After that, you're free from my teachings for the rest of the day," Gaman told the boy. Gaman stepped forward and shifted his staff up into a horizontal position, raising the his arms so the staff was slanted with one end raised to a height above his shoulder, the other
  5. *poke poke* Heya stranger

  6. Gaman had been traveling for days now. He had no clear idea of where he was going, just wandering from one place to the next. He had gotten by because he wheedled his way into storytelling at inns he passed, or by giving young ones lessons with the staff, sword or bow. The payments managed to get him enough food to keep him full, if not satisfied. His next stop was at a merchant's estate, as it was easier than building a camp by the side of the road, and probably safer as well. The boy's merchant father had heard he was coming into town, and cornered him almost as soon as he passed upon the Sm
  7. Name: Gaman Mual Nationality: Murandy Age: 42 Hair: Dark Red, almost burgandy Eyes: Blue Height: 5'10" Weapon Score: 8 History: Gaman grew up as one of three children to a guardsman in the city of Lugard, where they were trained daily in the way of the sword from when they were old enough to walk. Their mother died giving birth to Gaman's youngest sibling, who followed Gaman into the career of being a wagon guard. His other brother went to Andor, chasing after a girl, and their father never wanted anything to do with him after that, as the Lord th
  8. Handle: Aurora Character name: Jodelle Belrose Age: 25 Place of Origin: Cairhien maternally, Andor paternally. Hair: thick, hip-length; ebony Eye color: green Height: 5’11 Weapon Score: 1 Other physical traits: a little on the unattractively scrawny side, but makes up for it with form-flattering clothing and accessories, and a general air of self-importance; high-arched eyebrows, lips the color of almost-red apples, and a slightly pointed, up-turned nose. Long feet, slender fingers, and perpetually smells of lily of the valley. Personality traits: speaks abrasively, but is
  9. Handle: badriyah Division: Freelanders Name: Sapphira Lunetta Belrose, aka "Pixie" Age: 17 Country: Andor, mother from Tarabon Weapon Score: 1 Appearance: Pixie has long dark blonde hair that usual appears tousled. Her eyes, though once an icy blue like that of her twin's, have changed over time to become a deep dark blue akin to the color of the ocean at night. She stands at 5'6 and has a feminine frame. Her face is beautiful, with a high forehead, high cheek bones, a pouty though somewhat small mouth, and a porceline white complexion. Her eyebrows are always plucked to
  10. Handle: Faun Character name: Emmeline “Kitten” Belrose Age: 17 Place of Origin: Andor Hair color: Naturally blonde Eye color: Blue Height: Average Weapon Score: 1 Weight: Something you’d expect of a woman. She wishes her bosom were bigger, she wishes her waist were smaller, but all in all she is confident with her body shape. Continued Description: Translucent skin, stained, thick brown hair, and red lips, she makes the most of her looks in order to bring in more revenue. She has bushy eyebrows, a small mouth, and a chest she pushes up so much you can see her every b
  11. Character Info Full Name: Jon Smythe Age: 21 Role: Merchant/Peddler Current Weapon Score: 2 Bio Link Progress Report Bio Approval: 4/2/2012 Weapon Score Progression: 1 RP History: WS Advancement level 1 to level 2 - Merchant with a Quarterstaff - Retro As a Freebooter you follow the general WS system. To claim your WS points you need to RP situations that are in line with the requirements of that WS level (see WS system). Once the RP is finished, post here with a link to the RP like this: Replace the 'a date with destiny
  12. Eltar sat, shocked, as he was told he hadn't been poisoned, rather, he had been drugged. It was strange, at least in his mind. Why would someone merely drug him and get him to kill people, rather than actually poisoning him? They were cold enough to want him to kill people, so why didn't they just poison him? That means that I didn't need to kill those people, it wasn't necessary for my survival. The shock faded to confusion, but when Eltar looked at the Aes Sedai, he knew that they weren't very likely to help with his problems at the moment. They were only interested in finding the murderer,
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