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Favorite Book in the Series (so far)


Favorite book (pick 5)  

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  1. 1. Favorite book (pick 5)

    • The Eye of The World
    • The Great Hunt
    • The Dragon Reborn
    • The Shadow Rising
    • The FIres of Heaven
    • Lord of Chaos
    • A Crown of Swords
    • The Path of Daggers
    • Winter's Heart
    • Crossroads at Twilight
    • Knife of Dreams
    • The Gathering Storm
    • New Spring

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I really liked the early ones. The first three were my favorites, especially TGH. I still love the others but I liked those best. I also liked TGS a lot it got things really moving again, though it had already begun to pick up. I agree that no Mat for a whole book was no good, his is one of my favorite story lines, I also didn't like where right after the siege of the Two Rivers happened, we got no Perrin for a book.

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TEoTW-Come on first loves and all that or teenage love.

LoC- Enter Taim.

KoD- This is where the books got going again after CoT, okay when you re-read the series it ain't so bad, and WH was a good book: I like Perrin.

tSR- Some great events in this book and the bubbles of evil at the start.

tGH- Ingtar and the borderlanders and the horn of valere and Falme and the seanchan and the battle in the sky and portal stones and Lanfear and Fain!

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I have to say, I'm glad to see TSR finally taking its rightful place. It was lagging behind for quite some time now.

But I can't understand how TGS came to dominate the list. Maybe that's because it's last. Or maybe it's how everything's beginning to wrap up.

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Agree, they're all good, but my top 5 were:


New Spring - I liked the fact it was set before the boys and we saw from Lan's PoV. Plus, the Aes Sedai raising to the shawl was so nice to see.


The Shadow Rising - Perin's storyline back in the Two Rivers is my favourite in the series. Also, Rand and the Aiel and Mat and the Finns.


A Crown of Swords - Mat and Tylin  ;). Also the introduction of the gholam - loved it. I like the Sammael stuff too, I guess. Plus, Beslan's in it! <3


The Path of Daggers - Although no Mat :( Perin in Ghealdan with Masema! Rand and the Seanchan and then the stuff with the Asha'man at the end led by Dashiva. Just love it so much.


The Gathering Storm - I think I like this one because it's the latest one and the pacing of this one is so different to the rest. I also love Rand's storyline in it, not to mention Mat's drama in the pages! =)

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The Gathering Storm in my favorite because(and I'm not being disloyal to Robert Jordan) but it flowed along and was paced really well. It could actually stand on it's own as a stand alone book if someone didn't want to read all the 11 books beforehand or forgot a lot of stuff from the previous books. Robert Jordan put so much detail into his writings that sometimes the story itself...at least for me...fot lost. The last book was completely different in the style of writing and I read it very easily and didn't have to go back to make sure I missed something that happened or some character.


That's NOT to say that I didn't like all the other books that came before (though I almost quit reading them once Moraine disappeared)...it's just that this one flowed along better!


And I liked New Spring cause it was basically BEFORE the Wonder Brats showed up! :)

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Really? TGS? To be totally honest i didn't really like the way Brandon portrayed Matt.. sounded like a blabbering idiot :D JOKES. But yea he was a bit.. out of character? Like he was trying to hard to be "Matt". But anywho i think tDR was one of my favourites along with tCoS, tEotW, tSR and tGS just because we had to wait so long and it didnt dissapoint!

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I didn't notice anything different about Matt in TGS, since he didn't really make an appearance.  I'm assuming of course that you mean Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar, former king of Illian.  I'm interested in what happens to him now that Egwene is Amyrlin Seat actually.

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tDR - First Mat PoV's, Perrin (back in the day, when he was cool) Pulling Gaul down from his cage.

tEotW - The prologue.  Epic set up.  Elyas, Perrin, Egwene, and Bela running from ravens.  (I'm sure plenty of folks feel that is was too bad Perrin wasn't forced to his descision.)

tSR - Bubbles of Evil, 'Finnland adventures, Aiel History, 101, Loial and Gaul save the day.

tFoH - Mat leading accidentally, no Faile, Moiraine's letter :'( Far Daries Mai putting their foot down on Rand, the greatest "who-done-it?" ever.

KoD - The Golden Crane Flies for Tarmon Gai'don! :'( Mat becomes what he loathes, Perrin's Light forsaken emo plot twist nears its end.

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TGS-Awesome in that it moved the plot along so much (the nearer things get to TG, in many ways, the more interesting the story gets) and really well paced.  Also, I just loved so many of the scenes:  Rand talking with Moridin and actually noticing that the Wheel's mechanics seem set up for a DO auto-win (something that's been bothering me for Ages and no one in the story seemed to realize), Rand turning cuendillar, Egwene blasting the Seanchan, Verin being Verin  ;D, I could go on and on...


TGH-I wonder if RJ really got his pacing off (we know he origionally intended a much shorter story), because this book feels closer to the Last Battle than any other, even TGS (except perhaps the prologue with the storm).  The portal stones were truly epic and the Battle of Falme has to rank as one of the best scenes in the series.


LOC-Lots of fun plot twists.


TSR-Ditto, and the best glimpse into AoL history we ever really get.


Fifth place is harder-a toss up between TEOTW, TDR, TFOH or maybe WH (primarily for the Cleansing)

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