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  1. I cried at every single death, even Egwene's and I freaking hated Egwene. I think Gawyn's might have upset me the most though, mainly because Galad was there maybe? I dunno. I never even liked him either. Ughhhh. Help. I'm just so sad it ended though, you know? There will never be another WoT book. I dunno what's going to happen now; I can imagine, sure, but it's not the same really. Oh, but the Mashadar/Mat/Fain thing. I actually imagined that happening when I first read the series. Not exactly the same but I knew he'd be immune. I may or may not have literally fist pumped the air at that bit. Feel a little annoyed at the Rand/Moridin body swap but what can ya do? I knew I should never have read any of these forums, then I never would have seen it coming!! I feel emotionally drained. Going to go cry some more now and not sleep because I'm too sad.
  2. Why does the Creator want to create? Because it's in his nature. The Dark One is the opposite of the Creator, and therefore wants to Destory. It's to create a balance in the Wheel of Time. The Creator is 'good', the Dark One 'evil' and the Pattern 'neutral'. I don't believe there is an actual motivation behind the Dark One's actions, it's simply what he does because to do otherwise would be to go against nature. The Forsaken/Chosen are simply misguided, purposefully, to the intentions the Dark One has to a post-Tarmon Gai'don world: they believe they will be spared from the destruction as a reward for their loyalty and help. Ishamael/Moridin isn't quite as naive as his co-workers, as he is more nihilistically minded because he's realised that to carry on fighting the Dark One and imprisoning him every Age or two is cyclical and repetitive, whereas aiding the Dark One will lead to a definite conclusion.
  3. Egwene haters are nothing more rand al thor fanboys. Nothing more nothing less. Notice how they constantly moan about all thinsg aes sedai and the white tower and yet have no problems singing the praises of those sisters who are rand al thor lackeys. No matter how much they try to give pitiful reasons for their hate or try and justify it, deep down they know that's the main reason. And they will seldom admit it. But you dont have to take my word for it. Every single poster on this board with the egwene hate blinders is a confirmed al thor fanboy I don't know if you misunderstood what I was saying because of the first part of the first sentence, but I actually am an Egwene hater. Can't stand the character. But in regards to being a Rand fanboy or the like, I don't think that's true. To be quite honest, most of the time, I'm not too fond of Rand either. And many of the Aes Sedai I have issues with are the ones that are Rand's 'lackeys' as you put it: they either have no backbone or are too stubborn. At least there's a little more variety in the White Tower/Salidar lot.
  4. I don't know why others hate Egwene so much, but I haven't liked her since I read the first book for the first time. It always bugged me how she just forced herself into the party leaving because she wanted adventure, and then became obsessed with becoming an Aes Sedai. There a few moments in the first few books where she's okay, like how she gets excited Rand could be her Warder (because I just think that little scene in the Blight is cute =3) and I feel sympathy for her when she's a damane because she didn't deserve that, and it wasn't nice to read how she was treated. The biggest problem I have with her, though, is her pretentiousness. As soon as she finds out she can dream, she's a strong channeler, she begins to constantly argue with Nynaeve in tDR, she gets trained by the Wise Ones for reasons I never understood and then manages to deal with everything because she spent a few months with them. I dunno, her character just grates on me. I can't even like her when she's saving the White Tower from destruction in the Gathering Storm, because it's her who saves the day. Ugh. In fact, the only time I kind of like her in the latter part of the series is when she bests Elaida in so many ways during her captivity. But then she's just the lesser of two evils, so... =P
  5. The Path of Daggers - I love the character interactions in this book, from Rand and LTT to Egwene and Talmanes. I even like Elayne in this one because she's not being too OTT risky in it, and is doing some good (Bowl of Winds and all that). Also, 'A Cup of Sleep' is my favourite scene in the whole series... The Fires of Heaven - Mainly for Mat and his beginnings as a General. Plus Talmanes! I also love the Moghedien/Nynaeve plot in this book and the Rahvin fight at the end. Plus, I was never too big a fan of Moiraine, so I was kinda happy when she left the series, even if only temporary. A Crown of Swords - There's a lot of Mat so I'm not complaining, and there's some Beslan too, so win win! I don't remember a lot of the Rand stuff in this book but I think it's where he gets stabbed by Fain and does some deals with the Sea Folk, right? I quite enjoyed that, and the beginnings of Rand/Min relationship - it's a good book, in my opinion. The Gathering Storm - I love this book for Rand. Especially after the Semirhage moment when he turns even colder. I thought it was interesting to read. Not a fan of the Cadsuane besting Semirhage bit though, and nor for Egwene. Perrin finally calms down as well, which is good because I like the Perrin/Faile relationship overall, but the chasing storyline was a bit too long, even for me. The Great Hunt - Again, Rand is my main reason for loving this book. I didn't like it so much when I first read it, but on re-reads it always strikes me how much Rand has changed in this book what with the denying he's a Lord all the time and stuff. On the other hand, I really dislike the Nynaeve/Elayne/Egwene/Min parts of the book and struggle to read them every time I read the book. Winter's Heart - Character interactions. Purely that. And Rand finally faces up to Elayne, Min and Aviendha which is a good scene. We also finally meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons, and that's a good storyline too. I don't have any major issues with this book, apart from the Egwene bits. But that's in every book, so... The Shadow Rising - This was my favourite book the first 3 reads I did of the series, but since then I think I've lost interest in all the action scenes. I do enjoy reading it though, about the Aiel and Perrin's story is amazing in it, and going back to the Two Rivers is wonderful. The Eye of the World - It's the beginning of the series, so it's amazing. No issues, but books later on are better, I think. Towers of Midnight - I didn't know where to place this one. I like Towers of Midnight, but I've only read it twice and I can't remember it all completely. I remember enjoying the Rand bits and the Perrin bits, but also being disappointed by the Perrin and Mat reunion. It actually bugged me how played down the announcement of Mat being married to the (then thought) Daughter of the Empress was, and how Elayne didn't even react to the news he was married. Ugh, just ugh. Knife of Dreams - Tuon and Mat bits are good. Not a lot of Rand and too much Perrin. And too much Egwene, but there ya go. The Lord of Chaos - This book confuses me, because so many people like it, and I always found it a bit dull. There are a few moments I remember liking, such as Rand meeting the Two Rivers girls, Mat meeting Olver, Naelson, Talmanes, but the majority of it I don't remember sticking out as amazing, so... The Dragon Reborn - I don't like this book. I only like the Mat bits and I like the fact we finally get his PoV in this, but other than that the rest of it... just Rand being a bit self-pitying which I didn't like reading about, and Egwene learning she can dream. Meh. Crosswords of Twilight - The majority of the book is Egwene, so I can't read it without almost crying all the time. That and Perrin moping is just too much. I've only read through the whole thing twice and that's enough for me.
  6. I really enjoyed The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. I think I read this immediately before WoT, and I think it's what really drew me towards Fantasy as a genre. I also really love the Dragonlance books, but I've only read the first 3. I was about 9 when I read them and began to read the fourth one but got confused with the shift of characters and stopped immediately. I've re-read those 3 many times though; they're really enjoyable. Outside of fantasy, I would have to say Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses series is an odd, but nice, read. Again, I read it when I was very young but I contiinue to read them still.
  7. Europe! I never get to call myself a European, I'm always a Brit or a UK citizen. It makes me happy =)
  8. I love snakes! I always wanted one when I was younger, but my parents wouldn't let me get one. Plus, you have to feed them rats and stuff and, despite my massive dislike for rats, my vegetarianism would not allow me to willingly feed one animal to another. Guess that's why I was never allowed one. We did have a tarantula though...
  9. Gotta be Talmanes. I like the fact he's pretty silent, but has a sense of humour underneath. It's a subtle quality which I find quite alluring. However odd it may be, ha. Although, my heart lies with Mat (and Beslan) but neither one of them is husband material... not in the way I'd like anyway.
  10. I doubt it'll ever happen, but I'd like to see a meeting of sorts with Mat going back to Emond's Field, specifically to see his parents. We never got to see him with either of them, nor his sisters, which I kind of wanted. It's a very minor point though, so, like I said, unlikely to happen. But I can dream =P
  11. I really like the scene with Rand, Nynaeve and Tuon talking about Mat in The Gathering Storm...until Rand got bored with it and decided to try and bully Tuon into an agreement. But I found that quite funny. The scene with Mat and Perrin in Towers of Midnight when Mat holds out the badger and asks if he wants to release it on the green, and then Perrin has to let the thing out after Mat sneaks through the gateway back to Caemlyn was nice because of how reminiscent of The Eye of the World it was. A Cup of Sleep will always be a favourite although it makes me bawl like a baby every time I read it. It's the reason that A Path of Daggers will always be my favourite book, despite their being no Mat in it. Oh, and whilst we're on A Path of Daggers: Perrin and Masema's talk near the end and Talmanes' and Egwene's talk when they're at the meeting with the nobles. It's the only Egwene scene I've ever liked, haha! Lastly, I think it'd have to be in The Gathering Storm again, although it's not entirely "quiet", it's in the middle of the Hinderstap fiasco when the boys are running to the Aes Sedai's inn and Talmanes and Mat have that little moment where Mat has to assure Talmanes that Joline is not a woman, but an Aes Sedai. Made me giggle anyway! =P
  12. My least favourite character's Cadsuane. Has been since she arrived and will always be. I just find her overbearing and overly arrogant, and I don't think it's necessary. Plus, I didn't like the fact she was the one who figured out how to humiliate Semirhage...I thought that belittled Semirhage's character a little. I also dislike Egwene and Gareth Bryne. I think Egwene's annoying and too praised by everyone within the books and I never liked the way she behaved towards Rand. And Bryne is just dull I feel, which is a shame because I liked him when he was introduced and his earlier interactions with Siuan were interesting. Oh well!
  13. 16, Female. Favourite Characters: Mat, Birgitte, Logain, Moridin, Rand, Nynaeve, Lan, Beslan, Tuon, Perrin, Semirhage, Asmodean. Least Favourite Characters: Egwene, Fain, Elaida, Taim, Halima.
  14. Have to agree with the majority; unless we don't know everything there is to know about this letter quite yet (and I find that hard to believe) then Verin screwed up on telling Mat what she did. Even if she didn't know him very well, I'm pretty sure she knows that Two Rivers men are stubborn and don't like being told what to do, and from her time there in tSR, surely she would've picked up some things about Mat from his father or someone there - by the end of it they were talking to them more, right? I seriously don't get why she didn't just say 'I hope you heed what is written in the letter, but it is for you to decide how to act when it comes down to it. It would be best to read it imminent to your arrival in Caemlyn, but so long as it is before 20 days after you arrive, everything will be fine. I want your oath that you will read it within 20 days.' Done and done. (okay, there is probably a loop hole in there, but Branderson could've figured it out) Plus, I feel bad for Olver having to have been the one to read it first and then going outside and seeing Caemlyn burning. *shakes head* If he dies in Caemlyn I'm putting the book down straight away. That small baby dying during Avi's visit in Rhuidean almost killed me as it is Olver would just not be fair!
  15. Well, I'm an odd person, so I'm gonna have 2 sections for this: Physically Imagine taking Lanfear's skin colour (very pale) and then Nynaeve's hair and eye colour mixed with Aviendha's height of 5"9. Then add in Mili Skane's (aka. Lady Shiaine's) freckles and Elayne's face and body shape (when she's not pregnant xD) and you have me! Personality Talmanes - Well, I think Talmanes can be quite sarcastic, but in a slightly subtle way, and I think I can be quite like this sometimes (if not always so subtely), and he does like to mock Mat quite a bit, and I do like to mock my friends, possibly more than I should. Galad - Galad doesn't like to do anything wrong, and nor do I. I don't remember ever breaking any rules. I don't tell-tale as much as he seemed to though. Rand/Perrin - Mainly for their blushing in the first few books. They don't seem to go a page without blushing, and I don't seem to go an hour without doing so. Quite similar, me thinks. Faile - Never met anyone as jealous as me until I read about Faile. Not quite as bad, but I can be proper annoying when I'm jealous of someone/thing. Also, I like to shout sometimes. Guess there's some Nynaeve there too, then. Bodewhin - My friend said I'm like Bode. Apparently she's shy around new people, and I definitely am...not sure what else there is we know of Bode though. Maybe I missed something. Narishma - I think Narishma is more of a thinker than a sayer, and I'm definitely this. He's also loyal, and I like to think I am this too. Lan - Also quiet but has a lot of layers. I believe that there's more to me than people see. Loial - Mainly because he likes to read and write. He also gets angry if someone mocks something he cares about..same here.
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