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  1. I cried at every single death, even Egwene's and I freaking hated Egwene. I think Gawyn's might have upset me the most though, mainly because Galad was there maybe? I dunno. I never even liked him either. Ughhhh. Help. I'm just so sad it ended though, you know? There will never be another WoT book. I dunno what's going to happen now; I can imagine, sure, but it's not the same really. Oh, but the Mashadar/Mat/Fain thing. I actually imagined that happening when I first read the series. Not exactly the same but I knew he'd be immune. I may or may not have literally fist pumped the air
  2. Why does the Creator want to create? Because it's in his nature. The Dark One is the opposite of the Creator, and therefore wants to Destory. It's to create a balance in the Wheel of Time. The Creator is 'good', the Dark One 'evil' and the Pattern 'neutral'. I don't believe there is an actual motivation behind the Dark One's actions, it's simply what he does because to do otherwise would be to go against nature. The Forsaken/Chosen are simply misguided, purposefully, to the intentions the Dark One has to a post-Tarmon Gai'don world: they believe they will be spared from the destruction as
  3. Egwene haters are nothing more rand al thor fanboys. Nothing more nothing less. Notice how they constantly moan about all thinsg aes sedai and the white tower and yet have no problems singing the praises of those sisters who are rand al thor lackeys. No matter how much they try to give pitiful reasons for their hate or try and justify it, deep down they know that's the main reason. And they will seldom admit it. But you dont have to take my word for it. Every single poster on this board with the egwene hate blinders is a confirmed al thor fanboy I don't know if you misunderstood
  4. I don't know why others hate Egwene so much, but I haven't liked her since I read the first book for the first time. It always bugged me how she just forced herself into the party leaving because she wanted adventure, and then became obsessed with becoming an Aes Sedai. There a few moments in the first few books where she's okay, like how she gets excited Rand could be her Warder (because I just think that little scene in the Blight is cute =3) and I feel sympathy for her when she's a damane because she didn't deserve that, and it wasn't nice to read how she was treated. The biggest proble
  5. The Path of Daggers - I love the character interactions in this book, from Rand and LTT to Egwene and Talmanes. I even like Elayne in this one because she's not being too OTT risky in it, and is doing some good (Bowl of Winds and all that). Also, 'A Cup of Sleep' is my favourite scene in the whole series... The Fires of Heaven - Mainly for Mat and his beginnings as a General. Plus Talmanes! I also love the Moghedien/Nynaeve plot in this book and the Rahvin fight at the end. Plus, I was never too big a fan of Moiraine, so I was kinda happy when she left the series, even if only temporary. A
  6. I really enjoyed The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. I think I read this immediately before WoT, and I think it's what really drew me towards Fantasy as a genre. I also really love the Dragonlance books, but I've only read the first 3. I was about 9 when I read them and began to read the fourth one but got confused with the shift of characters and stopped immediately. I've re-read those 3 many times though; they're really enjoyable. Outside of fantasy, I would have to say Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses series is an odd, but nice, read. Again, I read it when I was very youn
  7. Europe! I never get to call myself a European, I'm always a Brit or a UK citizen. It makes me happy =)
  8. I love snakes! I always wanted one when I was younger, but my parents wouldn't let me get one. Plus, you have to feed them rats and stuff and, despite my massive dislike for rats, my vegetarianism would not allow me to willingly feed one animal to another. Guess that's why I was never allowed one. We did have a tarantula though...
  9. Gotta be Talmanes. I like the fact he's pretty silent, but has a sense of humour underneath. It's a subtle quality which I find quite alluring. However odd it may be, ha. Although, my heart lies with Mat (and Beslan) but neither one of them is husband material... not in the way I'd like anyway.
  10. I doubt it'll ever happen, but I'd like to see a meeting of sorts with Mat going back to Emond's Field, specifically to see his parents. We never got to see him with either of them, nor his sisters, which I kind of wanted. It's a very minor point though, so, like I said, unlikely to happen. But I can dream =P
  11. I really like the scene with Rand, Nynaeve and Tuon talking about Mat in The Gathering Storm...until Rand got bored with it and decided to try and bully Tuon into an agreement. But I found that quite funny. The scene with Mat and Perrin in Towers of Midnight when Mat holds out the badger and asks if he wants to release it on the green, and then Perrin has to let the thing out after Mat sneaks through the gateway back to Caemlyn was nice because of how reminiscent of The Eye of the World it was. A Cup of Sleep will always be a favourite although it makes me bawl like a baby every time
  12. My least favourite character's Cadsuane. Has been since she arrived and will always be. I just find her overbearing and overly arrogant, and I don't think it's necessary. Plus, I didn't like the fact she was the one who figured out how to humiliate Semirhage...I thought that belittled Semirhage's character a little. I also dislike Egwene and Gareth Bryne. I think Egwene's annoying and too praised by everyone within the books and I never liked the way she behaved towards Rand. And Bryne is just dull I feel, which is a shame because I liked him when he was introduced and his earlier interact
  13. 16, Female. Favourite Characters: Mat, Birgitte, Logain, Moridin, Rand, Nynaeve, Lan, Beslan, Tuon, Perrin, Semirhage, Asmodean. Least Favourite Characters: Egwene, Fain, Elaida, Taim, Halima.
  14. Have to agree with the majority; unless we don't know everything there is to know about this letter quite yet (and I find that hard to believe) then Verin screwed up on telling Mat what she did. Even if she didn't know him very well, I'm pretty sure she knows that Two Rivers men are stubborn and don't like being told what to do, and from her time there in tSR, surely she would've picked up some things about Mat from his father or someone there - by the end of it they were talking to them more, right? I seriously don't get why she didn't just say 'I hope you heed what is written in the lett
  15. Well, I'm an odd person, so I'm gonna have 2 sections for this: Physically Imagine taking Lanfear's skin colour (very pale) and then Nynaeve's hair and eye colour mixed with Aviendha's height of 5"9. Then add in Mili Skane's (aka. Lady Shiaine's) freckles and Elayne's face and body shape (when she's not pregnant xD) and you have me! Personality Talmanes - Well, I think Talmanes can be quite sarcastic, but in a slightly subtle way, and I think I can be quite like this sometimes (if not always so subtely), and he does like to mock Mat quite a bit, and I do like to mock my friend
  16. Agree, they're all good, but my top 5 were: New Spring - I liked the fact it was set before the boys and we saw from Lan's PoV. Plus, the Aes Sedai raising to the shawl was so nice to see. The Shadow Rising - Perin's storyline back in the Two Rivers is my favourite in the series. Also, Rand and the Aiel and Mat and the Finns. A Crown of Swords - Mat and Tylin ;). Also the introduction of the gholam - loved it. I like the Sammael stuff too, I guess. Plus, Beslan's in it! <3 The Path of Daggers - Although no Mat :( Perin in Ghealdan with Masema! Rand and the Seanchan and
  17. Urm, jeez I wouldn't kill off any of those. Ever. :D Out of anyone in 'Randland' - Padan Fain. Never liked him, know we're not meant to, but he just bugs me. I don't like reading about him, his PoV, his dialogue. Just - grr, I don't know what it is, but boy is it annoying?! Although from the good guys, I would choose: Gawyn. Liked him at the start, but in book 4 I just hated him. So yeah, him. Am hoping he'll get his sense back soon though and go back to the old Gawyn. =)
  18. Well, when my initial shock of flicking through the book and realising that there was no Mat eventually faded and I read tPoD, I loved it. I think it's my second favourite after tSR. And they're both my favourites because of Perin, which is slightly surprising as he's not my favourite character by far, but his storylines in those two books I think are very good and interesting to read. The only one I had problems reading was CoT because it was a slower pace, and I was only 13 when I read it, so got impatient quite quickly. When I did my second read of the series, I actually skipped the bo
  19. I didn't actually think of it like that. :) Either way, I don't think there's any way to find out a solid answer because I doubt any of the ta'veren will turn to the Darkside. ;)
  20. I always assumed, that although they are melded, they're still 2 separate identities within one physical being, so I don't think that Lan and Rand would be technically related in any way... I agree with this...it's all very odd! :D
  21. The luck thing is because people associate his luck with him being a ta'veren, and I think the general idea is that if Mat was to fight against the light (Great Captains) the Pattern would stop him being a ta'veren and, therefore, his luck would disappear. I suppose that it depends on where you think the luck comes from - if you go by your idea (it came from the dagger) I don't think that anybody would be saying his luck would disappear. It's just an argument of opinion, I suppose.
  22. i have stated already which you very very conveniently ignored. The great captains serve the light, if Mat ever fights against them, he will LOSE his luck IMMEDIATELY. so stop bringing this nonsense about luck, because it is only with the pattern's permission that he is winning anything. if he decides to be a hooligen, he always get caught. First of all, sorry I had forgotten when I wrote that that you had already said that about the luck. I didn't mean to ignore anything, and I apologise for that. Secondly, I agree that it is only with the Pattern's permission that he is wi
  23. I suppose so. It would be odd for Thom to die in there though after all he went through to get Moiraine out. If Olver went in and died, it could be a little disturbing as he's only 11 years old...However, it does seem possible that more than one could die, especially when considering what her letter says in KoD: I think if they all survived the trip it could possibly seem too good to be true. In essence, I'm basically just saying I agree with you... :D
  24. I like this theory. Makes sense to me, anyways :D If that was to happen, along with the other rule breaking with the fire, music and iron, do you think the Aelfinn and Eelfinn would let all 5 people out again, even if they do take Mat's eye like people think? I've always had this nagging feeling that Noal will be left in the Tower of Ghenjei after the others leave, as like, punishment for breaking so many rules. Probably just me being crazy... :-\
  25. Who would I want commanding MY army in the Last Battle? A general answer: Mat. Out of all the charcaters in 'Randland' I think he is, overall, the best General and Battle Commander that there is. Even if you don't count the luck and past memories of battle, he has the intuition and tactical skill to lead an army successfully, and adapt to situations. Admittedly, if he did not have the luck or battle memories, I would possibly choose, because of his experience in battles, Rodel Ituralde, however that is not the case. ;) However, saying that, I do not believe that Mat would be the best cho
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