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  1. A lot of people have been posting similar opinions lately, especially after "the Dark One was not the enemy. He never had been." (Rand's revelation at the end of AMOL). However, doesn't this kind of turn good and evil on their heads? Evil is specifically that which should not be, that which leads to a bad world. If the DO is nessessary to make a person whole, that would make him good! Maybe not warm fuzzy good, maybe more a good like war or surgery (both of which have horrific costs, but can sometimes be nessessary), but still good. And Shai'tan is anything except good. It sounds to me
  2. So much that wasn't in the book. I loved it, I'm overjoyed we finally have the ending, but I can't help thinking that this book could have been much better if we knew a little more... The Wyld. Out of nowhere. We get it, Demandred pretended to be (or maybe actually was) a leader out of Sharan prophecy, but that's litterally all we know. What exactly is a Wyld? What was he prophesied to do? Why are the Sharans fighting alongside Shadowspawn completely unconcerned?
  3. Wow. Just, wow. Finished last night (well, early this morning ) after reading for twenty hours straight. There's so much that happened absolutely beautifully, either as I has expected or even better. There's also a lot that seemed as though it would be awesome with the proper build up, but we didn't get that (the Wyld, the Wild Hunt, Lanfear, Moridin, Shaisam...) I'm not certain what to make of this book. So much wonder, so many answers and incredible moments, but also some things coming out of utter left field, or not being explained at all. I've barely posted at all during the build
  4. I doubt RJ ever went through substance addiction-we probably would have heard at least something about it otherwise. However, I can report from personal experience that using Ritalin feels exactly like the description of holding saidin. (No I'm not addicted either-it was medically prescribed and I quit without any difficulty when it proved to be less useful than the doctor had hoped).
  5. Dude no way could it kill the Fades. They're too valuable to throw away like that. If that was the case only the absolute best of the best channellers would be taken and turned, not mid level toadies and Taim's sycophants. We don't know how many Fades there are. Someone was fine with sending hundreds of Fades after Rand at Algarin's Manor, and they had to know that it probably wasn't going to work. Even if he hadn't managed to defeat 100,000 shadowspawn, what's to stop him from Traveling to safety? Remember, Brandon has said that there are "an order of magnitude/orders of magnitude" (t
  6. The writing frequently alternates between painfully slow and epic, so it feels odd to choose an entire book when part of it might have been amazing and far too much of it feeling like filler. The Cleansing at the end of Winter's Heart, for example, is one of my favorite scenes, but I didn't like most of the rest of the book all that much. Overall though, I'd have to say The Great Hunt, The Shadow Rising, The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight in no particular order. The last two were faster paced and had a lot of pay off, but there was so much good storytelling in TGH and TSR that I hav
  7. One of the things that I've always wondered about in this series is the fact that just about everyone believes in the Wheel of Time. How would anyone know about it? If even the faintest memories of a given Age are long lost by the time it comes again, circular and linear time would look identical. How is it that the people of Randland know little of two Ages ago beyond garbled tales of the Cold War, and absolutely nothing of the Age before that, yet they are certain that seven Ages ago the world looked reasonably close to the present day? Was the Pattern itself examined in the Age of Legends a
  8. Not sure on Slayer. He certainly seems to have a surprising amount of compassion left, but I think his hatred of Perrin tells too strongly against that. I wonder if Slayer's seeming quasi-goodness is a Brandonism, or if RJ meant for him to be a slightly reluctant villain. There's certainly forshadowing that "no one can be so far in the Shadow that they cannot return to the Light", but it's unclear if that was just for Ingtar, or if another Darkfriend will turn.
  9. Probably Rand's memory of Light on Dragonmount. He was getting more and more depressed, to the point he almost did the Shadow's work for it. The Dark One wouldn't nesessarily want to interfere with that! We don't know exactly why they stopped trying to kill Rand in the first place, whether they felt he was more likely to throw his life (and the world's life!) away if he wasn't constantly fighting for it, or if a dead Dragon isn't actually a total victory for the Shadow, or what. However, that was almost certainly when the Shadow changed its mind.
  10. Very interesting points. I still think it might be a mistake though, since RJ explicitly cited Ishamael's Healing of Lews Therin as something that required the True Power. LTT had Taint insanity, so we know the "OP can't heal madness" quote applies to the Taint just as much as "normal" insanity. It would be fun to ask Brandon-it's no big deal if it is a mistake, but if RJ intended this that would be a very interesting twist.
  11. In Towers of Midnight we see Nynaeve healing Naeff of his madness, seeing the corruption as a "darkness" on his brain and pulling it off. Compare that with this RJ quote: "In the prologue of TEOTW we saw the True Power being used to heal insanity. The One Power cannot be used to heal insanity." (from an ACOS signing report; I looked it up an Theoryland.) Is this simply a mistake on Brandon's part, or something else? I'm inclined to call it a mistake, but what does everyone think?
  12. Or zemais (corn, also Aiel). Turns out an ancient real world term for corn was zea mais. Made my day when I found that! Not to mention the names-I keep meeting people with names that obviously served as the models for WoT names and thinking "wait, that's a name in real life too?" Or tiganza (a Tuatha'an dance) from German zigande (spelling? It's a little sad I know the WoT spelling of the word and can't quite remember the German one!)
  13. Quote Edit: Re: War of Power: Remember that this was not like a world war. WW1-2 lasted what, 4-5 years. But these wars, neither side actually wanted to fight, as soon as a reasonable peace could be arranged, and their leaders subdued, they quickly made peace. With the Shadow, there is no peace. The Shadow would not stop short of total victory, so the Light had to fight tooth and nail to survive. Take World War two for example, it wasn't really a "world war", imagine the Nazi's with 10 times as much firepower, and how long it would take to conquer the entire world, nation by nation, while
  14. What would I give up? Nothing. Back when no one was sure if there would even be an ending I was actually kind of scared by how much I wanted AMOL, and how much I would have given for it. Now though? Knowing that it's coming out soon is enough. I'm incredibly glad that the end has been written, and that we'll get to see how it all plays out. Between now and then though there's plenty to read.
  15. My absolute favorite scene would have to be the history of the Aiel. The juxteposition of the modern Age of Legends and the primitive Third Age is incredibly well done. We're reading about spears and horses and then... "A hoverfly buzzed overhead on its patrol, a deadly black metal wasp containing two men"... "Strike on Shayol Ghul this morning... something is disrupting communications." Wow. Just wow. The anachronisms in this scene come hard and fast, but that's the point-we're seeing so far back in time that the out of place was normal then. I love the whole WoT, but nothing has ever q
  16. When I asked how much we know about mindtraps, I wanted to indicate that we don't, in fact, know a lot about them. fikkie summarises what we do know. I suggest that they may be more flexible that we have so far been told. The EncWoT ref says they give 'complete control' of the trapped person; exactly how complete is this control? Can it be taken to the edge of mindlessness but still allow the mind to survive, trapped and helpless? That's what a crushed mindtrap is said to do. Moghedian's thoughts on the matter: "The part of her that was her would be separated; she would still see with
  17. Wheel of Time-An Age of Legends Aes Sedai. It sounds far more exciting to say Rand or Mat, but all the adventures that make their lives so fun to read about would make their lives miserable to live. RJ himself said he really wouldn't want to live in this world and I can't blame him. Living at mideval tech levels under the constant threat of the last battle makes for a wonderful story, but I wouldn't want it in real life. On the other hand, the Age of Legends sounds like an even better place than real life (plus I'd finally get the answers to all those questions about vacuole experiments, s
  18. Lol, when I saw "Update on Taim, Intense Revelation-last post Barid Bel Medar", my first thought was "hey, I thought Taimandred was wrong, but Demandred's showing up to confirm it!"
  19. The thing about reading WoT is that it has a lot of padding, intersperced with truly epic scenes. If you're on TFoH, there's good news and bad news: it gets even slower, particularly once you hit TPoD, and CoT is an entire book of build up that doesn't pay off until KoD. However, there is plenty to make books worthwhile, and as Tarmon Gai'don approaches, the world really does fall apart. The plot is incredible (IMO, at least, keep in mind that this is a fansite after all), and while some parts are a slog, others are some of the best writing I've ever read. Once you hit the Sanderson book
  20. Thanks! I could see that happening too. It would be fitting-they couldn't stand each other, but they have to work together to save the world.
  21. I've been a long-time lurker and occasional poster on Dragonmount, but I haven't done much theorizing. This is something I've been wondering about for a while though: Lanfear is clearly set up as someone very significant. Lews Therin's former lover, as strong as a woman can be, and with a very ominous prophecy about her. Yet so far, she's been a bit of a disappointment. She has a great introduction, tries to seduce Rand and gives him Asmodean as a teacher... and then is tackled into Finnland by Moiraine and killed by the Eelfinn. Cyndane is her "Last Chance", but so far we've seen her
  22. I'd like to keep all of the plot as such, but a lot of it could be told much faster than it actually was. Books 1-3 could be short or medium length books rather than long ones, 4-5 might be able to be combined, 6 and part of 7 could be combined, and after that the possible abridging gets even greater. All this is just my opinion obviously, some people love every word. On the other hand, TGS and TOM I'd say were nearly perfect in length. I never felt the story was dragging in the Sanderson books.
  23. That's a great theory, but RJ debunked it. He said that Asmodean couldn't be brought back by the Dark One because of "how he was killed, and where he was killed. Not either one, but both together." If it was due to Asmo turning to the Light, neither place nor means of death would have been the cause. Sadly, we don't know what he meant by that, and it probably wasn't in the notes either, since Brandon said he didn't know how Asmodean died, but he'd always imagined it as balefire. Thing is though, balefire would prevent Asmo's resurrection regardless of where in the world he got hit.
  24. Rand a Marty Stu? That really depends on how you define Marty Stu. He's incredibly powerful, but spends most of the series in situations where that power really doesn't help him as much as you might think... He can win nearly any battle toe-to-toe, but ends up facing Darkfriends that he can't tell apart from innocents and thus can't fight. He had the power to destroy the Seanchan with the Choedan Kal, but he needs them. Annihilating the Empire would be a victory for the Dark One, possibly a decisive one. Few dare to defy him openly, but few follow his orders without trying to twist th
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