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  1. Not true. Ishy's soul for one is often linked with the Dragon soul in that they are spun out much like Birgitte and Gaidal. Has this been confirmed by Jordon or his collaborators? I know that Ishamael believed that he had forever been involved in the confrontation with the Dragon. But I always read that as being a sign of his madness (which I believe he was driven too by his own dispair and use of the True Power), and arrogance. Rand said that the Dark One would never let his soul go, not him, his favoured champion, but I wonder what control the Dark One can have over souls now t
  2. Egwene's death didn't quite make u quits. It's only that she suffered Gawyn's death beforehand that I'll call it even with her after the horrible and disgusting thing she did to Nyn'.
  3. I've never been a fan of the use of the True Power in sealing away the Dark One. It has never made any logical sense to me. I've already dissented from Rand's decision not to kill the Dark One. I'm open to being convinced but I really doubt I will be. But I have been thinking about the True Power and these are my (unstructured) thoughts. I do not believe the Dark One is greater than the Pattern. He can royally screw it up, recreate it in his own vision, etc. But he can't make it simply cease to exisit. The Pattern is inifite. It's weave can vary though. And you don't want th
  4. Lews Therin didn't inspire any one to open the Bore. He had nothing to do with Lanfear's project. And nor was he a destroyer. He preserved to the best of his abilities.
  5. I did not find Demandred to be entirely "off". The man once captured two cities-cities of the Age of Legends mind you!-and fed every inhabitant, man, woman and child, to the trollocs. Because he felt they had slighted him... Can you think of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, that died? Because some guy probably bumped into him in the street and didn't say sorry? Demandred has always been a stark-mad lunatic. And his personally wanting to crush Lews Therin isn't new. He was always out on the field in the first War and rarely governed because he wanted to beat Lews Therin
  6. But the Dark One is no longer touching the Pattern. The Wheel still spins, the Pattern still weaves. There is both good and evil in their world. Free will and choice remain. Yet the Dark One does not. Rand's just doomed the world to another cycle and another battle.
  7. I need to agree with Karistina. I didn't really understand this part. The Dark One exists outside of the Pattern. But the Pattern is not inherently good is it? It's neither good nor evil. It just is. Without the Dark One why would everyone become these lifeless "Light-bots"? The Dark One is locked away now and cannot touch the pattern. Evil still exists in their world. Rand blew it. He should be destroyed him utterly.
  8. I'm tempted to re-read. We've only got a month left... I have other time commitments such as college and a girlfriend... but I think I'll give it ago. At least for the early books.
  9. Jon Paul


    I found it went to a nice pace. Warbreaker was a lot slower in my opinion.
  10. I finished the Dragonbone Chair. Really picks up after they leave Geloe's place. Will start the beginning the Stone of Farewell tonight.
  11. Shogun doesn't very well on my laptop. I prefer Medieval II any way,
  12. I'm just over half-way through the Dragonbone Chair. It's quite ponderous. I think the actual story is all right and might end up being great... but I'm just not feeling how he's telling it. I wont be defeated I'll plough on but a lot of the time I find my self not paying attention as I'm reading! One thing that has actually pissed me off is the names. Why do authors thinking throwing a bunch of random consonants and vowels together will give you an interesting or fun name? Please just use James, Elisabeth, Ryan, and Patrick, or minor variations of it. And the same goes for country n
  13. I'm reading book one of Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. I'm just over 250 pages in. I'm enjoying it enough.. but chapter thirteen and a bit of fourteen are quite possibly the most mind-numbingly boring pieces of fiction I have ever read. I'd rather read about Elayne having a bath again. But I'll plough through.
  14. Dude I miss your posts on this subject. Honestly the Egwene-bashing threads just aren't any fun without your participation. I'm not joking when I say that any thread I open here I always press ctrl + f and search for your name.
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