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  1. We got very little in the way of hints about Nakomi in AMoL, but their location make this thread full-spoilers by necessity. So, let's have it. Did anyone glean anything about Nakomi that we didn't know before AMoL? PS If you want another poll-option, let me know.
  2. It is, as well as having a genetic component. However, there are entire Ages where access to the True Source is denied to all, in which a 'channeling' soul can be reborn and never touch it.
  3. They didn't actually miss that possibility. Cyndane used air to behead a DF when she felt Nynaeve draw on saidar through the CK, and Asmodean used a trap made of air wires just inside Rhuidean when Rand chased him there.
  4. Not before AMoL, and we can't discuss more than that here.
  5. Cadsuane went above and beyond, but all male channelers are to be taken to the Tower, tried and Gentled there, and then be cared after until they pass. Moiraine told Thom that the Reds who Gentled Owyn shouldn't have done what they did.
  6. This thread is meant as a place where you can post a review of AMoL. Read the book? Have a lot to say about it? Well, this is where you can say it all in one (preferably coherent) big post. To allow this post to serve its purpose, we encourage you to ask questions regarding another's review, but please don't debate any one review in depth, so as to drown the discussion of others. If a controversial point arises, we ask that you take the discussion to the quality or errata threads, or ask for a new one if none exists. This topic will be full spoilers, so if you haven't read through the book yet, continue at your own risk. That's it, go for it.
  7. Audiobooks are counted as HC and ebooks are counted separately. NYT now put the combined list on top, but they still have the separate lists.
  8. Indeed, Tamra's murder was directly performed by Black sisters in a sanctioned operation. The Vileness refers to events beginning at that time, where the Black has influenced the Red to unknowingly assist in the effort to hunt down and either kill or Gentle the Dragon Reborn. Events became so tangled that when they eventually did see light, all three Red Sitters were exiled (of the three, I recall Tsutama, the Highest, and Toveine). I'm not sure about this next thing, but I believe Sierin's murder at the hands of non-Black Reds was also set in motion as part of this scheme. Someone should probably remark further on it.
  9. I understand your frustration, but are we to assume they offered you a refund in another correspondence? That's implied by your last reply, but isn't supported by previous letters. Mistakes happen. It's unfortunate, and you could sue for damages (the lost opportunity to acquire said edition via a different venue), but if they did offer a refund, I'd say leave it at that. They expected Tor to deliver, but for whatever reason got their wires crossed. I'm sure they regret loosing your business, too.
  10. iI think we'd have known if Emarin was alive. Other than that, Logain?
  11. Late reaction, but I never considered that it was any particular failing in Paul Atreides that caused the Jihad. It was either death (in the desert, or at the point of a crysknife) or being pushed into a position of authority among the Fremen for him. What was he to do, refuse to teach his fellows the 'wizarding ways', in so doing tipping the scales of their struggle against their Harkonnen overlords? Therefore, while I do see this as a Dune reference, I don't read any judgment into it. It's merely a parallel (if reversed), one among many (they are truly too numerous to count).
  12. Because it's only fitting against individuals, and that only matters if you're in a duel or fighting enemy channelers? We haven't seen many times were the Ever Victorious Army faced that sort of thing (the wondergirls' escape from Falme and Ebou Dar are the only instances I can think of, prior to TGS). PS So it wasn't even Seta. I guess I should reread CoT.
  13. I meant, Siuan and Leane. They were severed, so I think the term holds as an adjective even though they're Healed.
  14. Sutt, it severely lacked in power, which would explain the lack of other symptoms, and the tingling lights are similar. The downside is you'd expect us to see it when the Seanchan attacked the WT, but we didn't. However, TGS is hardly a viable litmus test for continuity issues.
  15. But the Tower is well apprised on Sashalle's Healing. Sooner or later, Severed sisters are bound to learn of it.
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