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  1. Hi I was with you until you said "Nynaeve is my favorite" 🙂 Unfortunately, she is the one I like the least out of ANY female character mentioned in the entire series. As for your theory, I never looked at it that way. I'm from the generation that expected men to be strong and challenge forcefully while women worked behind the scenes and actually got things done (for very little credit I might add). Like you, I read one book at a time as it came out. I refused to reread the previous books every time a new book in the series came out so I'm guessing I missed a lot. (Not t
  2. Any of Tolkien's books. Just the way he wrote was boring (and this from someone who loves Shakespeare). Also anything that Ursula LaGuin(sp) wrote. Lost interest in the Twilight novels real quick (but that might be because I'm 57 years old and young love seems silly to me now. Also because Edward seemed like a pedophile...he was at least a hundred years old and he was flirting with a 16 year old?)
  3. Hi You noticed that too huh? Just take the characters and put different names on them and you have the same series of books! Which is a shame cause I really liked David Eddings Belgariad series!
  4. HI You could almost be my twin! I loved Moraine from the first get go and after I met other Aes Sadai (especially the Wonder Brats)...I realized how much more I loved her than any of them except for Siaun(sp). :)
  5. Hi No not me. I never really liked him. I realize he was a teenager and didn't want to do anything he was told to do but he always came off as a really spoiled brat to me! My favs are: Siaun(sp) Moraine Lan before he got with Nynaeve! Loial
  6. Nynaeve! I have hated her since the day 1 of the first book!!!! With her gone...Moraine could come back and she and Lan can be together again like I always thought they should be! ;D
  7. HI I would say it's like my perception of "The Great Gatsby". When I had to read it in 9th grade the book sucked and was boring as hell. I hated it. Then I had to read it again 30 years later for college...and I was amazed. What seemed so dull and boring when I was just a kid now seemed interesting and normal now that I was a lot older. I think the WOT series is the same way. It's been a long time since we started out with the first book and I'm sure those of us who read book 1 when it first came out on the shelves...are a whole lot older now! Our perceptions have changed with our years
  8. HI The Gathering Storm in my favorite because(and I'm not being disloyal to Robert Jordan) but it flowed along and was paced really well. It could actually stand on it's own as a stand alone book if someone didn't want to read all the 11 books beforehand or forgot a lot of stuff from the previous books. Robert Jordan put so much detail into his writings that sometimes the story itself...at least for me...fot lost. The last book was completely different in the style of writing and I read it very easily and didn't have to go back to make sure I missed something that happened or some character.
  9. Oh I so do agree with your last sentence!!!! Egwene needs to eat a LOT of humble pies starting with one that Moraine bakes for her. And so does Naeve(sp)!!!!
  10. Oh I hope so! The thought of her having no power is unbelievable to me. I want her to have more power so that those "upstarts" realize they still have things to learn. Yes I am an older woman and I hate the fact that those young kids have more power in their little finger than the older Aes Sedai! :'(
  11. Me too! She was and is my favorite character in the books. In fact, when she disappeared ...I almost quit reading the rest of the books!
  12. HI I just want Moraine back...that's all I've asked for since she disappeared! :) She was/is my favorite character!
  13. HI The worse two: Nynaeve Al'Meara and Elaida! Elaida is obvious but I hated Nynaeve since the first time she showed up in the first book! Maybe it's because I'm over 5 decades old but I do not like to see YOUNGSTERS thinking they're wiser or better than those who have life experiences to back them up. Nynaeve just seems like such a know it all. Plus Moraine is my fav character...and I feel like Nynaeve took all the focus off my Moraine!
  14. HI She was/is my favorite character in the books so when she was "killed" and virtually ignored in the rest of the books until the last one...I was one very disappointed reader! I hope RJ decides to write a book about the trials and travails that Moraine endured while she was "dead"! That would make this reader very very happy. I also like Siuan and Morgase(I think that's elayne's mother...). And Loial!
  15. HI I turned 50 in January! My brother turned me on to Fantasy with the Piers Antony Xanth novels...though I had read Madeleine L'engle's books and The Wizard of Oz books when I was quite young! I was a huge devourer of SCIENCE FICTION...but hadn't really read a LOT of fantasy...of course back in the day there really wasn't a lot of fantasy! :) So Xanth and the Terry Pratchett books opened up a whole new world for me when I was in my teens! (Gosh has it been that long?) Now I devour everything by Terry Goodkind, PA, RJ, TP and a multitude of others! :)
  16. HI I was a member and was getting the newsletters but then all of a sudden they stopped and when I came to log in...I couldn't! I've been reading the WOT books since the first one came out! Can't say as I'm truly up on everything...cause I'm sure I've forgotten a lot since the first one came out followed by all the others! Anyway...I am so glad it looks like my FAVORITE character...Moraine ...may be coming back in the next book! After she "died" I sort of lost a lot of interest in the books...though I bought them all and faithfully read them. Helen
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