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What events are you most anticipating for the remainder of aMoL?


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So. we all have finished reading the first third of A Memory of Light. clearly, a lot has happened in this first third of the book. so what are you most looking forward too for the remainder of the book? (couldnt figure out how to make a poll  :P sorry)   here are some options though.


rand vs demondred!!!!


identity of asmo's killer


elayne giving birth


what is "odd" about avi's babies


avi in ruidean


resolution in the black tower/ what happened too all of the sisters who went to find warders


anything too do with Fain


What Slayer's purpose is


perrin accepting what he is


mat and tuon's reunion


small matter of the Last Battle and rand vs the Dark One!


the list goes on. tell what you think!



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Logain vs Taim.

Concrete verification of Graendal's death.

Perrin vs Slayer, preferably after Faile's violent and graphic death at Slayer's hands

Mat vs Gholam

Nynaeve vs Cyndane and/or Moghedein

Bela vs Narg

Lan vs Shaidar Haran

Moiraine and Cadsuane exchanging words, or some other form of Cadsuane getting her comeuppance.

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As of now, I take making a poll is not yet able in this section.

Until they add the option, you might try making one in another section and ask in the opening post for a moderator/administrator to move it here.  That or just wait.



Rand vs Demandred, not sure if they would encounter each other.


Identity of Asmodean's killer; that was Graendal.  The books telling would depend if any of the other characters know.  (Most probable Dark One and/or other Forsaken)


Elayne giving birth, there might be a chance of that; it would most likely be a post-Tarmon-Gaidon event.  Also Aviendha would be nice.


The oddness; might be nice.  Most probable if Aviendha giving birth is shown.


Aviendha's Rhuidean trip would be nice.  Though there might be a chance that it would be off-screen.


The Black Tower events, those seem certain.  Partly because its events in the earlier books seem to be part of the build up to the upcoming main event.  Partly because Egwene's plot line in this book implies events there (mainly towards end of this book).


Fain, Sanderson promised that we would see him in Towers of Midnight.


Mat and Tuon's reunion, not sure if that would happen.


Rand vs the Dark One, that also seems certain since the entire series seems to build up to that event.


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Much more of Perrin's story, my favorite storyline.


Asmodean's killer (I have no idea who it could be)


Fortuona and Mat meeting up again


The Black Tower rent in fire and blood


The death of Cadsuane and her giving all her Ter'angreal to Nynaeve. 


Unmasking Mesaana


And every scrap of Tam Al Thor you can put in to the book!

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I think it's gonna be Mat vs. Demandred, I mean I figure he got the Medallion for killing a foresaken(wish he got to kill a blademaster


The reunion will be cool, if they do all meet; Three taveren should be interesting, Perrin and Matt don't seem to cause the havoc Rand does but maybe three together


Black Tower


Nyneave and whichever foresaken she's alotted


Gawyn dying violently


Bela vs. Narg I can live with, hope Narg wins

Moiraine, the b*tch is back, hopefully she'll get an angreal and ashot at a foresaken, I think Moghedien is the weakest but Moiraine doesnt fight fair, which is the best way to win and stay whole


Mat and Tuon will be together for awhile because in that prophecy pretty sure Fortune is her since the name change

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The following are things I would like to see and also things I believe we have a very good chance OF seeing:


1 Moiraine's Reunion with Thom, Lan, Rand.


2 Moiraine's Rescue from TOG and Mat's storyline INSIDE The TOG.


3 A Glimpse INSIDE of The Black Tower.


4 What it will mean that Mat has weighed 2 Aes Sedai on a Scale and Lost Half Light.


5 Galad and Berelain meeting.


6 More about Fain, Slayer/Luc, and Shadar Haran.


7 Mat commanding an army at TG.


8 The Identity of Demandred, Messana and Asmodean's Killer.


9 MAT and THE GHOLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 Seeing CANNONS Used!!!!!


11 Seein Rand, Perrin and Mat in the same room again!


Those are a few things that would DEFINTIELY Satisfy Me!!! :)







''Treasures. Dealings. Lots of things in books.''



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I am waiting to see how the Dragon Reborn vs Nae'blis plotline ends. It is fantastic. Ishamael is the best Wheel of Time bad guy by far in my opinion.


Im also waiting for proof that Demandred isnt worth the wait.


Also Im waiting for Rand to meet Shaidar. He knows who Moridin is know which is GREAT, I just want to see Moridin to show up with a Myrrdraal in tow.

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Tam.  Anything where he's on-screen.  I nearly cried when he met Rand, then cheered when he chewed out Cadsuane.  I seem to recall that that was the first time anyone actually stood up to Cadsuane, and there was the added bonus that she backed down.  Really it's the first time someone has stood up to any Aes Sedai like that.  Rand always plays the "I'm the Dragon" card, but still isn't effective at it, Mat just sits there and takes it, and Perrin gets someone else to persuade them.


The BT subplot.  Taim isn't even trying to hide that he's working directly under the Forsaken now, is he?  Look at the sigil when Pevara's party visit him.  Where have we seen that before? (Hint: the cart in TDR that captures Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene, and the back of Sammael's chair in TAR)


Mat, Perrin, and Rand meeting again.


Something bad happening to Elaida.  I don't care what it is, as long as it's painful, humiliating, and non-lethal.  I'm vindictive, what can I say?


Verin.  'nuff said.

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I think I am most interested in seeing Mat rescue Moiraine from Finnland with the aid of Thom and Noal/Jain, and moiraines subsequent reunion with Rand,...

Yes, I am chomping at the bit for the return of Moiraine! The Tower of Ghenjei has been foreshadowed since EotW, and I'm sure this won't disappoint.


I'm also looking forward to Messana being revealed, and the showdown with her.


I'm of the mind that we have not seen the last of Graendal.  Her character has been built up too much to be knocked out before the Last Battle.


I'd be surprised if Demandred's guise wasn't revealed in ToM, but hey I would never have predicted what transpired in Last that Could Be Done in tGS  :o


Very interested to see who confronts Taim-Logain or Rand? Regardless of who it is, this should be an epic battle.


also I am very interested in seeing Canada win a gold medal in hockey, oh wait that already happened,


Very nice ;) Congratulations Tayos, that was a great game yesterday.

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Why would Lan face Shaidar Haran? As badass as Lan is, The Hand of the Shadow would pretty much spank him squarely on the arse and not break a sweat. If Shaidar can man-handle the Forsaken, a warder won't prove much of a bother...Aginor played Spike-A-Noggin with him in just under 2 seconds.

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Why would Lan face Shaidar Haran? As badass as Lan is, The Hand of the Shadow would pretty much spank him squarely on the arse and not break a sweat. If Shaidar can man-handle the Forsaken, a warder won't prove much of a bother...Aginor played Spike-A-Noggin with him in just under 2 seconds.


He handled the Forsaken like he did because they couldn't channel and had literally no weapons training. Lan on the other hand is considered the best swordsman ALIVE. Shaidar Haran wouldn't be able to bully him around, and truth be told I think Lan would kick his super Myrdraal ass. Lan IS fearless.

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Walrus: Are you implying that the SuperFade is defenseless against a sweaty man with a sword? I seem to recall that SuperFade has powers of his own that have nothing to do with bullying channelers....I seem to recall him burning a spear he was holding to ash with a black fire that he called forth, or being able to summon orbs of blackish light on command. If this isn't the True Power, it has to be something like it.


Shaidar would pwn Lan without even changing his facial expression.


Fishman: Put down the crackpipe. Lan would whip Gawyn's arse almost as badly as Shaidar Haran would whip Lan's arse.

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