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  1. I appreciate your comments back. And to be fair, "Everything is worth what it's purchaser is willing to pay for it." So if people want WOT T-shirts, rings, etc. than that's on them to pay what they think is a fair price. I do think that once AMOL comes out, however, it won't be the end of Wheel of Time per se but you WILL see a huge slowdown, just as I'm sure you saw a spike when TGS was announced. It's only human nature. I guess I just hope that WoT does NOT become Star Wars, I see the Star Wars shelf at borders and my skin crawls a little.
  2. Gotta say I'm not thrilled with this, I think things like this, Ta'veren tees etc. are basically ways to milk the cow before it dies (i.e. AMOL). Mugglenet did the same thing in the run up to Deathly Hallows, they began trying to market a ton of HP merchandise because they know (rightly) their site would lose a lot of views as soon as a the series is complete. WOT is fun and a good read, but I'm a little concerned that the merchandising and the "premium memberships" (seriously, 40 dollars to post more on an online forum that has "cool stuff"? C'mon. If you're posting so much, so often you need the extra space you need to discover dating) are a step toward a Star Wars merchandising series. Heck, if TOR authorizes an author to do outriggers, another to do prequels, and then we begin a series set in the age of legends ... I admit that all of the fantasy/Sci fi giants have done this, so I guess RJ's estate might was well make some money, too. But somehow it just bothers me a little when artistic/literary stuff turns into cash grabs.
  3. Likely enough the Broken Wolf is Lan, his fall and the final fall of the Golden Crane would be a major triumph of the dark.
  4. I think you have to look at this from the prospective of the Shadow, what is the "ancient wrong." Is it the Aes Sedai, who watch the seals and have opposed the Dark One for Ages? If so, then the Seanchan coming to hammer the Aes Sedai and the shining walls makes a lot more sense. Or this way, if I'm shadow-side my biggest worries are probably the Dragon, Mat and Perrin, and the White Tower.
  5. I thought Verin too. But this makes me think otherwise. Perhaps during Amys' trips to Rhudiean she saw that Aviendha could save their future. It's not Verin or Amys. Verin wasn't hanging out in the waste hoping for a chance to spread a few cryptic musings on the off chance that Aviendha would use the Terangreal in a new and exciting way. Amys knows full well what Aviendha thinks and feels, she's watched and trained her for a long time. Amys doesn't need to play-act as someone else to hope that Aviendha takes her seriously and comes to deep conclusions, she'd just tell Aviendha what she (Amys) thought about the situation and be done with it. And she's not worried about unduly influencing Aviendha, Aviendha has shown she's willing to buck the Wise Ones' authority and stand on principle. So why the charade? Look at the other stuff like when Nakomi says "I am far from home, or rather it is far from me," and the sudden appearance of extra coals and things that Aviendha swore she didn't see a minute ago, the food prepared just the way Aviendha liked as a child, and you get the idea this was something other-worldly. It makes me think that Nakomi is Nakomi. I think the Jenn Aiel or Creator theories make more sense.
  6. Somehow, I think Nakomi something different, not a character we know in disguise. Like a Jenn Aiel who is somehow bound to the wheel, and Aviendha had found her way into TAR when the conversation took place and Nakomi visited her there and talked to her like Birgitte visited Nyneave. Something like that.
  7. Here's what's screwed up about Damane, and Tuon's acceptance. There are two rationale that the Seanchan use think leashing is okay. 1) they can do horrible things if they so choose, like murder people the the power, and 2) the ability to channel means you are sub-human, inherently, regardless of what you do with the power. There is no evidence that a girl who can channel is only leashed after she HAS channeled, rather it's the ability TO channel that makes them sub-human. If Tuon believes in rationale 1 there's a big problem: Sul'dam can do all of the same things with the power! They just use a damane to do it. If a Sul'dam wishes to murder with the power, the damane will do it, there not going to say "no" they've been beaten and conditioned to not question. So really, you're just substituting the will of a Damane to murder or steal with the will of a Sul'dam to murder and steal. Further, channeling makes Damane dangerous, but there is no Damane as dangerous in the Seanchan culture as Tuon herself. Tuon, because of a genetic fluke (being daughter of the Empress) can turn someone into property, have someone killed or raped, destroy a thriving household and lineage or even remove someone's name with three words. She only has this power because of a trick of her birth. Same as a damane, born with the ability to channel. Leashing them because they're a danger makes no sense. If Tuon believes in rationale 2, there's a bigger problem, Tuon knows she can channel! If the mere ability to channel, not what one does with it, is what determines if someone is subhuman then Tuon should see herself as unfit and subhuman. Instead she brushes it aside, saying that she chooses not to channel and that makes the difference. But when Seanchan girls are leashed they don't wait until the girls choose to channel, they just find the ability and leash them. Choice doesn't matter, they are inherently considered to be subhuman. Tuon has now learned she has that same ability, but rather than shattering her preconceived notions or at least seriously challenging them, she brushes it aside. It's ludicrous. It'd be like living in a society where everyone with red hair is a murderer, and one day waking up and realizing you have read hair. You'd either freak out because you'd be sure you'd turn into a murderer, or you'd start to question whether or not everyone with red air actually is murderer. It'd be a major obstacle. Bottom line is this, Tuon thinks people who can channel should be leashed except her, because leashing her is something she does not want to have happen.
  8. Yeah, I never understand the Perrin hate. Dude's whole family is slaughter, his wife is taken from him, possibly being raped and tortured (and he was right about one of those) and he's not supposed to angst and have it affect him? The Faile arc really only goes three books, and in one books he's fixing it (KoD) and in CoT you have the Hammer vs. Axe thing resolved. TGS doesn't count, he had one chapter and clearly it was just to give Perrin fans something to read after years of no book. It's really only Winter's Heart and a chunk of CoT where he's being arguably emo. People act like Perrin's done nothing since LoC but mope about Faile.
  9. Perrin's weapon is almost and extension of himself. Now if Elayne will give him a couple of Mat's Terangreal I think he'll be all set.
  10. I think Perrin will set her straight. Egwene is determined to stop Rand, and Rand still has one more time where he will be hurt by women who could channel and will need Perrin's help. Perrin is still the deepest rooted in Emond's Field, as seen in ToM when he thinks "Egwene is Aes Sedai, good for her, she deserves it!" and his talking with Mat. He still thinks of them all as his neighbors and friends. I think Egwene will try to use the power to stop and force Rand to do what she thinks, and Perrin will call her down for it. I imagine something like him referencing when he and Egwene were alone in TEOTW and she made him promise to dance with her on Sunday. Something to remind her of her roots and her love of Rand, something her dreams in TAR seem to indicate she needs to remember. I think Egwene will realize what she's been doing and be ashamed of her arrogance. Isn't amazing how the only Aes Sedai who really gets it is Nynaeve? She's the only one who 1) still loves and cares about others more than her duties or dignities and 2) understands it's about Rand, not the Tower. I used to not like her but now I she's my favorite: she loves everyone, especially children, and that's whey she wants to heal them so badly and gets so angry when they act stupidly: she's afraid for them. She wants to take care of even Egwene and Elayne, even when they don't want it.
  11. Okay, the Romanda/Lelaine scene was hilarious.
  12. My favorite memory of Lan: When Lan hears Rand confess to Min, Elayne and Aviendha that he loves and wants all three. He actually snatches the pipe from his mouth and then as they respond he begins "an intense study" of his pipe's contents. One of the few truly human moments from the man. Favourite memory of Moiraine: When she tells Mat that she can "See why the Seanchan Empress couldn't resist him" when Mat totally ruins Thom and her from having a tender moment after the Tower of Ghenjei.
  13. Demandred sighting, anyone? From Chapter 46 of TOM, Working Leather: "Something is strange about Nensen," Nalaam repeated. "And that Kash. Where did he even come from, and how did he grow so powerful so quickly? As to what he's doing that makes him a big bad, I think Demandred is calling the shots through his puppet Taim, and has corrupted the Black Tower, is behind the 13/13 turning of the Aes Sedai, and this is his first reveal on screen. I also think that Alanna is in his grasp, and that he will kill her in front of Rand. I also think he's behind the invasion of Caemlyn and wants to seize the dragons for his own. His last bit of badness is the Dark One wants him to use Balefire on his behalf (LOC Prologue). I was thinking that since Balefire basically rips up the pattern that Demandred has been repeatedly using it and thus weakening the pattern, causing bubbles of evil and shifts in reality (like Hinderstrap, etc.).
  14. Gawyn's skill with dueling is the only thing about him that does make sense. He as a noble, and "First Prince of the Sword," so he would have been training a lot from his youth. Bryne said Gawyn was a natural talent as well. Then at the WT all he's done is mope and duel. While the Wondergirls were gone having adventures he just dueled in all of his free time. It's no wonder he's excellent.
  15. I'd say she's planning on spanking him. It's the Aes Sedai thing to do, after all. -- dwn Seriously, what's up with that? We spank and spank and spank and spank, until we like it ...
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