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New White Tower Bio Checker


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I am sorry to announce that our beloved Quis needed to step down as Bio Checker, she did an amazing job for all of us and I know she will be missed in her position. In light of that we have promoted White Wolf to Bio Checker for the Division. If you have any questions about bios be sure to fill up his pm box. *winks*

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*Gives Q a humongous box of chocolates for the awesome work she did*  :D


Welcome aboard, White Wolf!


Jade, shouldn't we give people all his email addresses, IM contact addresses, phone numbers and residential address too? Just in case they miss him on PM, ya know ... *cackles and scuttles off*  ;D

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And the best only want to work with the best, let's not forget that part either. ;)


congratulations Wolfy! Q's got some big shoes to fill and I'm not at all surprised that only the best would do to replace her. :D


*hugtackles the fabulous Q* thanks for all your hard work, lady. You're a star! ;D

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WHAT!?! I applied and everything!!!  :'(


I loves the grunt work. Tis makes for fun times and getting involved. Cause the loves for the kiddies, it calls. But not dirty love, noes. Pure like crystalline waters! >.>


But seriously...I think Whitewolf is sleeping with the RP admin or something. Cause I'm getting it on with Jade... and I was still BRUTALLY rejected.


So this is how it's going to be, witches? CoTL aren't good enough for you? Fine. I guess I'll just keep my DL job for now. But the day will come when you WILL all regret crossing my path... or rather.... not crossing it and.... BAH, you know what I mean!  *shakes fist*


The day!





Over and out,





Wishing you all a pleasant time in hell fire

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Careful Rash. I was being very nice. :)


I just have not seen him as just a 'bio checker' since the days of his control of the WK. Course, i may be wrong but hey... :P Bio checking is fun. I liked it.

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Thank you all for the most generous welcome :)


Although, as has already been pointed out, it has been a while since i activly checked bios i think i can handle the stress ::) of the position 8)


Thank you for your past work Quis, i will do my best to live up to your standards and those before you


Cara Sedai


Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah


Bonded to Liitha

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I like seeing those 'high and mighty' types getting their hands dirty - it's nice to see them still in touch with us lil minions ;).


I have no doubt Owen will do a great job, even if he is over qualified. Oh, the new bios I could write to torture you with :D


And thanks for the hard work Quis! Bio checker is not always easy and is generally a thankless task, but your work has been appreciated :).

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