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  1. Nothing wrong with the little apple seph-- I worked there for a long time, commuting from Lawrence every day. I thought it was a great little town. Hiya, Boopsy! <3
  2. Hi Seph! I need to update my sidebar, we live down in Texas now. But I will always consider Lawrence my home. RCJHGKU! I'm totally down for a battle of the Amyrlins. What shall we compete in? Chocolate pudding slip-and-slide?
  3. Heya boys and girls! Not a lot going on, just saw your post on FB about the reunion and thought I'd pop in and say hello!
  4. So I hear there's a reunion going on or something? ;)
  5. Yes, that sounds good, if you make the changes to give him a different "power" than his molotovs, I'm good with it.
  6. For your reference while RPing or training your character's Weapon Score, here is a list of Sword Forms and their descriptions. The Flame and the Void Sheathing the Sword Apple Blossoms in the Wind Arc of the Moon Black Lance's Last Strike Black Pebbles on Snow The Boar Rushed Downhill The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain Bundling Straw Cat Crosses the Courtyard Cat Dances on the Wall Cat on Hot Sand The Courtier Taps His Fan The Creeper Embraces the Oak Cutting the Clouds The Cyclone Rages Dandelion in the Wind The Dove Takes Flight Eel Among the Lily Pads The Falcon Stoops The Falling Leaf Fol
  7. A few questions: who were the "rich" friends of his mom and why were they so mean for seemingly no reason? If they were darkfriends, (as seems likely by them killing a family over one of them being punched), that needs to be CCed by Liitha, I'd think. I'm concerned about the molotov cocktail thing, as I find it really unlikely. There were no petroleum products in WoT, so the only flammable liquids I can think of would be lamp oil and hard liquor, which are both expensive and rather dear. To waste either one by lighting it on fire and throwing it at someone seems a stretch.
  8. Hi there! I'm Claire, 29 (almost the big 3-0). I'm married with a 4 year old daughter, and 3 cats (Max, Ruby and Mr. Fister-- my husband named that last one). I work from home as a graphic and web designer full time. I like watching history shows like Ken Burns documentaries, nature shows, and those silly ghost hunting shows. I was a voice major in college, and I recently decided to join a band-- singing traditional, Irish and folk music mostly. Welcome!
  9. Sure we can definitely do that; 4 posts is the minimum, but we can do as many threads as you like :) I'm about to head to bed, but if you start a new thread for it, I'll be ready to play Roudal for you tomorrow!
  10. OOC: Arath, can we finish this one after your LoA?
  11. Evelyn had scarcely begun her meal when one of the Recruits approached her table. She looked up to behold a tall and somewhat handsome young man, with coal-black hair and eyes the color of ice. He must be a bold one, to not be intimidated by a woman wearing the shepherd's crook and red bands of an Inquisitor. The boy took a seat across from her, and introduced himself. "Hello, I'm Kyle Kirnan, a new recruit." Evelyn put on what she thought was an amiable enough smile and replied, "Hello, Kyle Kirnan. I am Evelyn Shirale, an Inquisitor for the Hand of the Light. You may call me Inq
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