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  1. Yes, that sounds good, if you make the changes to give him a different "power" than his molotovs, I'm good with it.
  2. For your reference while RPing or training your character's Weapon Score, here is a list of Sword Forms and their descriptions. The Flame and the Void Sheathing the Sword Apple Blossoms in the Wind Arc of the Moon Black Lance's Last Strike Black Pebbles on Snow The Boar Rushed Downhill The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain Bundling Straw Cat Crosses the Courtyard Cat Dances on the Wall Cat on Hot Sand The Courtier Taps His Fan The Creeper Embraces the Oak Cutting the Clouds The Cyclone Rages Dandelion in the Wind The Dove Takes Flight Eel Among the Lily Pads The Falcon Stoops The Falling Leaf Folding the Air Folding the Fan The Grapevine Twines The Heron Spreads Its Wings Heron Wading in the Rushes Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose Kingfisher Circles the Pond The Kingfisher Takes a Silverback Kissing the Adder Leaf on the Breeze Leopard in High Grass Leopard in the Tree Leopard's Caress Lightning of Three Prongs Lion on the Hill The Lion Springs Lizard in the Thornbush Lotus Closes Its Blossom Low Wind Rising Moon on the Water The Moon Rises Over the Lakes The Moon Rises Over Water Oak Shakes Its Branches Parting the Silk Plucking the Low-Hanging Apple Rain in High Wind Rat Gnawing the Grain Reaping the Barley Red Hawk Takes a Dove Ribbon in the Air River of Light The River Undercuts the Bank The Rose Unfolds Shake Dew from the Branch Soft Rain at Sunset Stone Falls From the Mountain Stones Falling Down the Mountain Stones Falling from the Cliff Striking the Spark The Swallow Rides the Air The Swallow Takes Flight Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind Threading the Needle Tower of Morning Twisting the Wind Two Hares Leaping Unfolding the Fan The Viper Flicks Its Tongue Water Flows Downhill Watered Silk Whirlwind on the Mountain Wind and Rain The Wind Blows Over the Wall The Wood Grouse Dances
  3. A few questions: who were the "rich" friends of his mom and why were they so mean for seemingly no reason? If they were darkfriends, (as seems likely by them killing a family over one of them being punched), that needs to be CCed by Liitha, I'd think. I'm concerned about the molotov cocktail thing, as I find it really unlikely. There were no petroleum products in WoT, so the only flammable liquids I can think of would be lamp oil and hard liquor, which are both expensive and rather dear. To waste either one by lighting it on fire and throwing it at someone seems a stretch.
  4. Hi there! I'm Claire, 29 (almost the big 3-0). I'm married with a 4 year old daughter, and 3 cats (Max, Ruby and Mr. Fister-- my husband named that last one). I work from home as a graphic and web designer full time. I like watching history shows like Ken Burns documentaries, nature shows, and those silly ghost hunting shows. I was a voice major in college, and I recently decided to join a band-- singing traditional, Irish and folk music mostly. Welcome!
  5. Sure we can definitely do that; 4 posts is the minimum, but we can do as many threads as you like :) I'm about to head to bed, but if you start a new thread for it, I'll be ready to play Roudal for you tomorrow!
  6. OOC: Arath, can we finish this one after your LoA?
  7. Evelyn had scarcely begun her meal when one of the Recruits approached her table. She looked up to behold a tall and somewhat handsome young man, with coal-black hair and eyes the color of ice. He must be a bold one, to not be intimidated by a woman wearing the shepherd's crook and red bands of an Inquisitor. The boy took a seat across from her, and introduced himself. "Hello, I'm Kyle Kirnan, a new recruit." Evelyn put on what she thought was an amiable enough smile and replied, "Hello, Kyle Kirnan. I am Evelyn Shirale, an Inquisitor for the Hand of the Light. You may call me Inquisitor Shirale. How are you enjoying your stay at the Fortress so far?" Before the boy could reply, Evelyn noticed movement approaching their table once more. This time it was Arbiter Eoghann, one of her trainees in the Hand of the Light. He was an awkward sort around strangers, but it impressed Evelyn that he was making an effort to be sociable by joining them. The man took a seat next to Kyle, the bells in his long red braids tinkling faintly as he seated himself on the bench. "Inquisitor Evelyn, the Light shine on you," he said, the words slightly difficult to understand if you were not used to his manner of speaking. The Arbiter then turned to regard the new Recruit, and after a pause he added, "Hello...I am Arbiter Eoghann. Your name?" Again, before the boy could reply, Evelyn caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and all three turned to see who was approaching. If Evelyn didn't know better, she'd name the man approaching as the father or at least a relative of Kyle-- the grizzled soldier had the same raven hair and ice blue eyes as the new Recruit, although Captain Shinin's face was careworn and marked by the hazards of war; he had a puckered scar edging down the left side of his face. Evelyn knew who the Captain was, through his reputation, although she didn't believe they had met before. Damon slowed as he neared them, and said to Evelyn, “Greetings Inquisitor, may I join your table?” Evelyn burst out laughing, the absurdity of the situation hitting her suddenly. The Recruit across from her had a bemused look on his face-- he'd been engaged in conversation at least two different times now, but each time before he could get a word in edgewise, someone else had interrupted the poor boy. She nodded at Damon through her laughter, wiping away the tears at the corner of her eyes and gesturing to the open seat next to her. "Of course, Captain Shinin, have a seat here next to me. I am not laughing at you, by the way-- but this poor Recruit across from me has not had a chance to even tell me more than his name yet as more people have joined our table. So let me save us all some time and introductions. I am Inquisitor Evelyn Shirale, of the Hand of the Light." She gestured to the young man seated across from her, who seemed embarrassed by the attention. "This is Kyle Kirnan, a new Recruit, although I have no idea how new, as we haven't had a chance to speak of it yet." Then she pointed to Eoghann, seated across from Damon. Eoghann shifted uncomfortably, likely not too pleased with the number of eyes regarding him. "This is Arbiter Eoghann, who is one of my trainees in the Hand. I misremember if the two of you have met before, Captain, so my apologies if you have." Evelyn turned her attention back to the pair seated across from herself and Damon. Pointing the Captain, she said, "And this is Captain Damon Shinin, who commands some of the best troops the Army of the Light has to offer." Looking the new Recruit in his ice blue eyes, she said, "Now, Kyle Kirnan, why don't you tell us a little about yourself and why you have come to join the Children? We will stuff our faces with food while you talk, so you won't be interrupted again," she added playfully. With that, Evelyn began to attack the bread on her plate, an ear tuned to the conversation. OOC: Your turn, finally, Wolfbrother! Edit: realized that Damon didn't know Evelyn, so edited a bit so it made more sense why she knew who he was.
  8. Orientation is now complete, you are free to do a Character Development RP, which can be anything you want, so long as it helps develop your character, either through their backstory or developing their personality somehow. Let me know if you need suggestions/ideas or a RP partner.
  9. As the Accepted dropped an almost-too-quick curtsy and scurried away, the Yellow turned her attention back to Gianna. "It would be preferred that you stay here, while you heal," Seheria said. "We would hate to see you having a relapse, when we are not around to help and having serious damage come of your decision to leave. This condition could be quiet serious, though the initial danger is done. Should you be open to having myself or another Yellow checking in on you periodically, and if you agree to come in at the first sign of any aches in your head, dizziness, confusion, forgetfulness, or any similar upsets, no matter how mild, I suppose there is no harm in letting you rest in your own rooms. It will free up this bed for more people with more immediate threats." Oh, thank the Light, I won't be forced to sneak out of the Infirmary. Now, how to get out of here with none the wiser tonight... Gianna cleared her throat slightly, wishing for that tea. "That would be acceptable to me, Seheria. You or any other Yellow may come check on me in my rooms whenever you like. After I eat, I would like to retire there promptly-- if that Accepted would be so kind as to assist me there." She stretched her arms above her head, in not completely feigned tiredness. "In fact, I would appreciate it if someone would check on me before I retire for the evening, although I am likely to be asleep well before then. Feel free to go ahead and enter my rooms if I do not answer your knock." Hopefully that would satisfy the Yellow, and Gianna would make a point to be there when the woman arrived this evening.
  10. Kerris listened intently to Fanten, resisting the urge to itch his arm again. The older man spoke quietly, but with authority. "Now, I assume you have little to no knowledge of Saidin. As such I will start from the beginning. I want you to close your eyes lad. 'tis always easier that way the first few times. Now feel yourself in the cave, all sound, all thought is swallowed by the darkness." Kerris did as the Dedicated asked, closing his eyes and imagining himself in the Braem Wood cave. Silence seemed to fill his ears, replacing the sound of the cold wind howling in the trees, and the distant shouts and conversation of the Farm. Satisfied that Kerris had reached the right frame of mind, Fanten continued his instruction. "Stretch out your awareness, feel the dark emptiness surrounding you. In this darkness you will sense a light. To some it dances like a flame just out of sight. To others, it is like the sun on your back. It will call to you. This is Saidin. Let me know once you can sense it lad. We will move on once you do." Kerris complied, sending his mind questing out into the dark depths of the cave. As he traveled ever deeper into his mind, he began to sense the light that Fanten spoke of. To him it appeared to be a flame as the Dedicated suggested, a fire burning brightly somewhere beyond him. Wary of going any closer to that heat, Kerris held fast where he was, like a person standing in the shadows just outside of a nighttime campfire. He spoke faintly, "I sense it, Fanten...it is glowing just beyond my reach, but I feel that if I moved deeper into the cave, I would be able to see it clearly-- even touch it if I wanted to." My only worry is that fire burns...and I sense that this fire could consume me whole if I let it. He waited to see what the Dedicated would instruct him to do next.
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