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  1. Venca walked into the classroom for the second class and was a s surprised as anyone to find that was actually early. The only people in the room o far was Elli, the Accepted, and two other Novices that had been in the first class. Walking to her normal seat in the back of the room next to her roommate and friend, Venca let a smile play on her face as she relived for a moment the feelings she felt yesterday. She had felt truly happy for first time since she had came to the Tower and it was all thanks to Saidar. Suddenly it was all worth it, the chores, the endless hours of work with no sleep. It all paled into insignificance when she thought about how she felt just touching Saidar. She couldn't even begin to imagine what it was going to feel like to actually be able to do things with it! Taking her seat, she noticed for the first time the names on the board behind the Accepted. Remembering the last class, Venca pulled out her parchment and pen she had brought with her and prepared herself just in case they were going to be instructed to write down everything on the board again today. Hearing noises out in the hallway, Venca looked up to see the rest of the class entering the room, most of whom were giving Elli looks that could kill. Looking over at her friend Venca rolled her eyes, the woman actually seemed to be enjoying herself and how that was possible Venca could never understand. Shaking her head Venca was about to turn back to the front of the room when Elli's pale face flushed with anger and eyes narrowed considerably. Curious Venca turned in time to see a yellow haired Novice sneering at her. Venca sighed, but having resigned herself to acquiring some enemies due to her friendship with Elli, she didn't really care. Intending to try and diffuse the situation before any more attention could be called to her, Venca leaned closer to Elli only to see a small projectile fly out the woman's sleeve directly into the back of the Novice's head. Hearing the Novice squeal Venca started to burst into laughter, catching herself at the last moment she turned it into a 'coughing fit' all the while trying to hide the grin on her face as the yellow haired Novice looked around with anger plainly written on her face. Getting herself under control Venca looked at her friend and with a smile she hoped the 'thank you' was understood by the other woman. Not many people in Venca's life had ever taken up for her, well really only one, but it was still a touchy subject to think about and she wanted to happy for this class. When it seemed everyone that was going to show up had made it to the classroom, the Accepted turned to face the class. Taking a breath to begin the class the woman was about to start talking when two white clad Novices rushed into the room. Red faced and obviously trying to hide giggles, Venca was just glad she wasn't the one everyone was staring at today! Not to mention the glare from their Accepted would have caused her die from embarrassment, yet again, had it been directed at her. After the newest arrivals had found their seats the Accepted truly began the class with a short review of the previous class. Having finished with the she turned and motioned with her arm the board. "I have a question for you all. Whose names are these? Why are they all written onto the board?" having noticed the names when she first sat down Venca picked up her pen figuring someone would know what the Accepted was talking about, and she wanted to be ready to write it down. Looking around the room Venca noticed that everyone else seemed to be just a s confused as she was about the names and no one even made an attempt to answer. The Accepted walked to the other side of the board and after the silenced had stretched on for a few moments she began talking again. "Every single one of these names represents an initiate of the White Tower who burned themselves out, never able to touch Saidar again, the ability forever taken away by their own foolishness." The silence in the room after the Accepted finished talking was so think it could have been cut with a knife. Venca looked at the list of names in an entirely light now. She could not even imagine what it would be like to never be able to experience the happiness Saidar made her feel again, it was unthinkable. Still reeling from what the Accepted had said Venca pulled out of her thoughts as the woman began talking again. " You may remember that I mentioned a novice should never channel without supervision. This list is the reason why. Some of you may be thinking that living without Saidar must not be that bad. You had lived without it all your life before coming here. If you are sent out of the Tower, you can find your own life. But many of these girls didn't survive the process of burning out." Again Venca was shocked that Saidar could kill you just because you were careless, but the ones that died... maybe they were the lucky ones. They didn't have live without Saidar and the wonderful happiness that it brought with it. "Now. Before we move on, I'd like you to copy down each name on the board. Keep them with you as a reminder of why the White Tower has such stringent rules." Copying the names down Venca wrote very slowly not wanting to make a mistake with any of the names. She wanted this reminder, she -never- wanted this to happen to her and anything she could do to make it less likely for it to happen to her she would. After everyone had finished writing and were once again focused on the Accepted she began to explain the reason for the class. “Today’s lesson is on control. When you channel, you must be in complete control of yourself and of Saidar.” With this she explained how we were to learn how to 'push and pull' Saidar while we were holding it. Embracing the Source this time was much easier than it was before and Venca smiled as the feeling of warmth and power once again flooded her senses. Venca sat there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of holding the Source before she closed her eyes and imagined a cloud passing between her and the sun that was Saidar. Suddenly finding herself no longer holding the source, Venca's eyes snapped open and she looked around to find that she wasn't the only one to have went to far and lost her grip. Closing her eyes once again she embraced Saidar again. This time when she imagined the cloud she made it thinner. More like a could on a mostly clear summer day, and less like a cloud the belonged in a thunderstorm. Letting the new cloud drift over the sun Venca could feel Saidar retreating, but still having her grip on it. She allowed the cloud to stay over the sun for just a moment before letting move slowly away from her again letting the Source fill her nearly to the bursting, before letting it come back once again. “Very good, please release Saidar.” Hearing this Venca opened her eyes and released her grip on Saidar letting it flow away from her. Feeling much less alive she returned her attention to the Accepted. "Some of you are a bit faster than others, but don't let that discourage you. Just as we are all individuals, the One Power sees us as such, but that does not mean one is better than another. The speed in which you learn means nothing at this point, and has no correlation to your potential. Now. Let's try that one more time, to be sure everyone has it. Practice helps." Gladly Venca embraced Saidar and again danced with it. Pushing and pulling it to her limits, this time without losing the Source even once! By the time the Accepted asked them to release the Source again Venca felt very comfortable with the technique and with only a bit of regret allowed Saidar to once again flow away from her. "You all did wonderfully. If you have any questions or concerns, I will be here a few minutes after class. Now, this exercise is harder than the last one, so please get some rest. But don't let that rest be an excuse to miss your next chore or class. I will see you in the next lesson." Without the buffer of Saidar Venca could now feel the toll that working with the Source had taken on her body. Yawning she gathered up her belongings and smiled, life in the Tower might not be so bad after all. Falling into step beside Elli she couldn't help the grin that split her face. A good friend by her side and the comforting feeling of Saidar in the back of her mind, promising that feeling of life with each touch, yes she could live with that. Venca Konora Novice of the White Tower
  2. Feeling the awkward pat on her back, Venca gave Ellisha a look of a gratitude before finally braving looking around the room. The first thing she noticed was that all the hostile looks Ellisha had been getting were now pointed at the two of them. Sometime being friends with someone like Ellisha had its draw backs, no matter how much she tried to not get noticed somehow being near Ellisha seemed to get her more notice than ever! Sighing inwardly, Venca chanced a glance at Ellisha to see if she had noticed what had happened, but as usual she seemed to be oblivious to the things that were happening around her. The voice of the Accepted snapped Venca out of her thoughts as she began speaking again and Venca allowed all of her attention to become focused on the Accepted. Finally the reason she had come to this class was here at last. "Very good. Let's continue. Now, as some of you may know, the basics of any subject are always the most important. You must know how something works and what it can do before you can move forward to master it. Therefore, this class will be the most important one that you will ever take while at the Tower." She paused before she continued. "Now, this next part may be a bit hard for some of you to take, but please keep these warnings in mind. They may save your life one day." Hearing the warning Venca looked at Ellisha to see, of course, that her mind was already elsewhere and once again it was up to Venca to remember the warnings and keep Ellisha at least from killing herself. The woman, as good a friend as she was starting to become to Venca, had a habit of causing way to much attention to be called to the pair of them just because she didn't know how pay attention. Rolling her eyes Venca returned her attention the Accepted as she outlined the more specific things the power would do to you while you held it. Having already heard all of this from Ellisha, because of her trip to the Mistress of Novices the other day, Venca started to get impatient hearing the same information again. She was all for learning new things, but the same thing over and over again was annoying. When Aureli finally got to the bit where she asked them to repeat after her, Venca gladly said, "I will never channel unsupervised." Rolling her eyes once again in Ellisha's direction as she heard the tone with which she had used, Venca smiled a bit. Sometimes the woman being so cynical was entertaining... as long as no one noticed Venca by her side that is. "Well done. Please take out your pen and parchment. You will need to take notes now." Hearing the Accepted start speking again Venca froze. She had had to run directly from the kitchens to get here even remotely on time. She had no parchment or pen. Looking at Ellisha Venca seen her push her bag closer Venca with a nod in its direction. With a grateful smile Venca searched inside and found some extra ink, pen, and parchment before settling in to take notes. Having a pen and parchment in front of her again reminded Venca of all the hours spent with Lasher in his office painstakingly teaching her how to read and write. As he always said, "A messenger who couldn't read was like a merchant who couldn't count." Venca smiled to her self as she felt the sting of loss as she thought her dark haired employer. She tried to not think about him as much as possible since she had come here. The memories of him were so bittersweet and confusing for her. It was just better to not think about it. Their teacher moved towards the blackboard at the front of the classroom and retrieved a piece of chalk. She then drew a large circle with a single squiggly line down the middle separating it into two halves; colouring in one half completely with the white of her chalk. “The One Power is made up of two halves: Saidar and Saidin. Saidar is the female half.” She explained, pointing to the shaded bit of the circle. “We as women channelers embrace Saidar.” She then pointed to the non-shaded section. “Saidin is the male half. Men channel Saidin, and the emblem of that is the Dragon’s Fang.” Hearing a good half of the class gasp when the dragon fang was mentioned made Venca glad she had spent plenty of time in Tar Valon so that this particular message was not new to her. Living in Tar Valon one could not help but to pick up small bits of knowledge here and there of the One Power, espcially in her line of work. “Saidar and Saidin are two halves of a whole. They have two different natures, but neither of them is wholly evil or wholly good.” Nodding to herself Venca carefully wrote word for word as the the Accepted talked, thinking to herself that the same thing could be said of people in general. Continuing on with her explanation Venca was glad to hear some new information, like that the taint came from the when the male Aes Sedai tried to seal the Dark One. Honestly this was all very interesting to her. "Saidar is pure, without any taint. We do not fall prey to any madness when we use Saidar. We must surrender to Saidar to understand it and use it." She went to the board again. "The Five Powers of the One Power are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit." She wrote each of the Five Powers on the board as they were mentioned. "Women are usually strongest in Air or Water while men seem to have talents in Earth and Fire. Spirit is evenly split with no preference. Likely, you will find that you can channel one or two of the Powers more easily than others, but as your studies progress, you will be using more than one of the Powers in one weave." Finishing up with her notes, Venca re-read what she had written just to completely commit it to memory. Once again a trick she learned as a messenger when their... shall we say associates, thought it inconvenient to have something written down. "Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. Please put your parchments away. We will now embrace Saidar." Venca's head snapped up at this and her heart rate increased slightly. She was excited about this part of the class after Ellisha had told her what it felt like, however briefly that it may have been. "Close your eyes" Had Venca not know that it was the same girl that had been teaching the entire class, she could have been fooled by the complete change in tone as she obeyed and closed her eyes. Imagining the rose bud was rather easy for her. She liked to spend some of her free time in the gardens, no one around there usually to notice her. Hearing the Accepted's now soothing voice, Venca imagined sunlight warming the rose bud slightly teasing it and causing the petals to slowly open, wanting more of the warmth. Suddenly Venca gasped and her eyes flew open as she felt the sweet power of Saidar flow into her. The whole world seemed to come alive around her, the smell of the soap she had been using in the kitchens, the feel of her dress resting on her skin. It really was like she had never been alive before! Looking over at Ellisha she could see the glow of Saidar around her roommate as well as the look of pure ecstasy she knew much be on her own face. Smiling she closed her eyes just enjoying the feeling of holding Saidar. After what Venca thought was a painfully short period of time, the Accepted broke into her thoughts. "Wonderful," she said. "Everyone did wonderfully today. Release Saidar now. We will continue in the next class. And just a reminder...remember, don't channel, even just reaching out to touch it without supervision from an Accepted or an Aes Sedai." Sighing Venca held onto the Source just a bit longer than strictly necessary before letting it flow out of her. The world returning to 'normal' was slightly depressing, but she knew she would feel that bliss again soon! Looking to speak to Ellisha as she came out of her thoughts, Venca realized she had let her thoughts wander and everyone had already left except the Accepted. Hurrying to get out of the room, she didn't even notice that Ellisha had waited on her until she stepped up next to her as she turned in the direction of the Novice quarters. Looking at Ellisha the depression she had felt after holding Saidar so briefly floated away as she started talking to her friend. "I know you told me that the feeling was wonderful and unlike anything you had ever experienced, but it was more than that." Falling silent as she tried to get the words she wanted to come to lips, Ellisha spoke into the silence. "One of these days you will start believing me when I say I can't really explain how good something is." Venca looked over to see a playful smile appear on Ellisha's face and they both laughed for a second Venca bumping her shoulder into Ellisha before saying. "Oh yea? One of these days you might actually pay attention to class!" Laughing again Venca was just glad to have found a friend with whom she could talk to. These types of relationships were rare for her. The only other friend she had had that she trusted had been Lasher. Sure there people she had been forced to trust and pretend to like to keep herself safe, but true friendship, that was rare. That is not to say she trusted Ellisha as much as she once did Lasher, but the start of friendship was definitely there. The friendly banter continued until at last they rounded the corner and found their room. Venca entered first and went to her bed, the one against wall as far away from the door as she could get it, and threw herself down. "My body hates me these days, I never feel like I get enough sleep, and then today when I had to run from one end of the Tower to the other." Pausing Venca sighed before continuing. "How is it that you always seem so rested all the time?" Closing her eyes, Venca heard Ellisha sit down on her own bed before responding. "You do realize what it means to grow up in the river trade right?" Venca allowed a small smirk to play on her face as she heard the sarcastic tone to her friends voice. "I was always up with the sun and worked until after dark with my brothers. Not getting sleep, I guess you could say it was a way of life for me." Rolling onto her side Venca opened her eyes and looked at the other woman. "Yea I understand that, I was always up early as well running all over the city. I guess I had been used to that and not the work I used to do." Venca fell silent and rolled onto her back. She hadn't talked to Elli about her time on the Farm yet. That was a subject she didn't want to get into and she had almost gone that that road accidentally. She was getting much to comfortable around her new roommate. "What work did you used to do?" Venca could hear the question in Elli's voice but she just rolled over to face the wall before answering. "Somethings Ellli i'm just not ready to talk about, and i'm tired I think that i will try to go to sleep." Venca felt bad about how she had handled that, but somethings were just to personal for her to talk about with anyone. She could feel the silence thicken and she closed her eyes yet again and tried to force herself to fall asleep.
  3. The only sounds Venca could hear were the scratching sounds made by her brush as she scrubbed out all the pots in the kitchens again. Was it her fault that she kept getting sent to the kitchens? Well, probably but she couldn't help letting her mind wonder while she worked. Working on chores on the Farm Venca had found that the only way she could make it through the day was to focus completely on what she was doing and forget about the rest of the world until the job was done. Unfortunately, it seems that dirty dishes from this Aes Sedai, that Accepted, or light forbid the latest meal just keep flowing into the kitchens in a never ending cycle. The problem caused by this is that she had already missed two of her classes and a set of chores because she had lost track of time scrubbing away at the light blasted dirty dishes of the White Tower. One would think that missing classes due to a chore would give you some leniency in punishment... that is until you meet the Mistress of Novices. That woman is insufferable! So what if she missed a class or a chore it wasn't like in the years to come she wouldn't have plenty of time to retake the classes or get around to the chore she had missed. Take the class for example, she had another one scheduled for later in the day. Continuing with scrubbing the pots, suds and water up to her elbows and dark fly away curls falling out of her pony tail, she glanced at the clock in the back of the kitchens. Freezing she slowly raised her gaze back to the clock. Oh light please let me have seen that time wrong, it couldn't possibly be that late already, I only have five minuets to get to class! Studying the clock for a few seconds she burst into movement throwing her brush back into the hot water she was using and bolting from the kitchens. Dark hair streaming behind her Venca was running for all she worth trying to make the class on time. Passing the few Aes Sedai in the halls she could feel disapproving stares on her as she bolted past them without even offering to try to curtsy for them. She didn't have the time, and the only thing they could do to her would be send her to that awful woman, who she would end up seeing if she missed this class. Gasping for breath, she started up the last staircase before the classroom before finally she could see the door that she needed. Seeing no one outside her heart dropped a bit realizing she was late after all, sending up a silent prayer to the creator Venca opened the door and went in. "This is your first step to mastering Saidar and becoming Aes Sed-" Opening the door Venca stopped as the dark haired Accepted cut off mid sentence staring at her, and for the first time Venca took stock of how she must look to everyone. Soap suds still clinging her hands, her damp Novice dress clinging to her, and her unruly hair sticking out in every direction imaginable. Venca after a few seconds realized she was just standing there getting stared at, blushed causing her already red face to become so red and hot with embarrassment she was surprised to find her dress was even still damp! Making her way to the back of the classroom, to one of the only seats left in the class, she spotted Ellisha and taking the seat directly next to the brown haired woman who was her new roommate, and grudgingly, her friend. As she sat down the rest of the class turned around to once again focus on the Accepted teaching, allowing Venca a moment to sigh and collect herself. She hated being the center of attention, she preferred being in the background just watching as people went by. In her fantasy no on ever seemed to see her, but of course being late for class rather pulls the attention to ones self The Accepted cleared her throat pulling Venca out of her fantasy and back into the classroom as she started speaking again.“I will teach you about the nature of Saidar, how to embrace it, and just a sample of what you can do with it.” Out of the corner of her eye Venca seen Ellisha lean slightly closer to her and whispered. “What kept you?” she asked, “You were lucky she didn't call you out for being late again.” Venca kept her face calm with effort, and without even looking away from the Accepted she answered. “I lost track of time, that’s all.” Venca's eyes narrowed as she seen Ellisha smirk at her and begin talking again. “If only they made clocks which you could strap your wrist to.” Emerald eyes flashing Venca finally turned her head to pin Ellisha with a dagger like stare, the only thing she got for her trouble was the classic chuckle she had become -very- familiar with over the past week. Taking a breath to quietly berate her roommate, she didn't even get the first word out as Accepted began talking again. “Now, I’d like everyone to introduce themselves, and say a bit about themselves before we move on. This will be helpful for all of us.” Venca closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she realized she was going to have to talk to ll thee people she didn't know. To say this was going to be her least favorite part of the class would be a colossal understatement. Venca's eyes flew open as a black haired girl in the front of the class started to speak. “Hello everyone, I’m Ceridywn Taereth.” She began. “I’m from the foregate in Cairhien. My family runs an inn there, so needless to say, my knowledge of the one power is hmm, how to put this… somewhat limited.” Seeing the grin plastered on the silly girls face, Venca smirked and glanced at Ellisha in time to see the woman glare at Ceridywn before she started speaking again. “So if I’m struggling, be warned, I’m very likely to start trying to make conversations with those of you who are succeeding.” Venca settled back into her seat, readying herself to enjoy seeing Ellisha's reactions. The introductions continued around the room, all the while the well placed scowls and yawns from Ellisha was making it hard for Venca to pay much attention. Only enough to file away any information about these girls that might prove useful in the future. Finally it was Ellisha's turn and she had been so studiously ignoring the last few girls that she didn't even notice everyone stareing at her. Venca smirked as he seen Ellisha give a slight yawn, so small most people would have missed it had they not know what they were looking for, before she stood and addressed the class. “Name’s uhh – Ellisha.” Hearing the uncertainty in Ellisha's voice Venca looked around the room, noticing the unfriendly looks the other girls were giving her friend. In a flash her smirk vanished and was replaced by a stony face while she studied each of the girls as Ellisha continued. “Ellisha Falwein, I came from Aringill, and was daughtered to a river trading vessel before I was told I could channel. I came here to learn the One Power, and all the other things that make someone Aes Sedai. So I won’t bother starting idle chatter, and I’ll probably have to ignore you if you try.” Judging by the reactions from the rest of the class to Ellisha's rather pointed speech, she had just made quite a few enemies. Something else for Venca to watch out for in the halls of the Tower. After Ellisha sat down, Venca took a moment to gather herself inwardly before standing and addressing the class. "My name is Venca Konora. I was raised in Andor for most of my life before I started traveling and ended up in Tar Valon." As she began talking her speech speed up so much as to make it almost incoherent. Not to mention that her face was slowing returning to the crimson shade that it was at the start of class. Light but did she hate talking to groups of people, why couldn't she just watch! "Soon I found myself in the Tower being tested and here we are." After she finished Venca sat down so fast she almost missed her chair, causing her already crimson face to somehow get even darker with embarrassment as she sat there not even daring to look at anyone. Venca Konora Embarrassed to the point of death.
  4. Novice Quiz - [Complete] Arrival: Meet MoN -http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/26144-an-important-message-intro-attn-mon/?hl=%2Bvenca&do=findComment&comment=1143109 - [ 4 / 4 ] [Complete] One OP Related RP - URL - [ 2 / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete]* Class 1: -http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/77126-introduction-to-saidar-lesson-one/ - [ 1 / 1 ] [Complete] * Class 2: - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/77640-introduction-to-saidar-lesson-two/ - [ 1 / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 3: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 4: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] 2 Choice RPs:* [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] Three Arches - URL - Word Count - [Complete / Incomplete]
  5. Just needing some alone time after a rather harsh day Venca was walking the corridors as was her habit now when she was angry, or even when she just needed to think. This day had been in particularly bad for her in that she had been sent to the Mistress of Novices again. Like it was her fault that she had to curtsy for everyone she had seen and that had caused her to be later for a class. Even so one did not openly argue with Aes Sedai so here she was just walking around in the more out of the way parts of the Tower when to her surprise she hear soft hurried footsteps not far away. She had walked these particular corridors many time and hadn't seen anyone during those times so, she decided to investigate. Speeding up catch up with her prey it wasn't long before she started seeing a dress going around corners just ahead of her. Around the same time she started seeing the girl disappearing around the corner Venca started smelling a wonderful smell curiously like pie. With a watering mouth Venca approached the next corner when she heard a slight squeak and something hitting the floor. Walking around the corner a few moments later Venca nearly laughed when she seen the guilty looking Accepted with a pie in her lap, and a slightly amused Novice standing over her. Recognizing Melianna, Venca's smile got even bigger because this girl to her knowledge had never done anything wrong before and it was nice to know the girl had spirit about her. Stepping fully into their line of sight Venca smiled and said, "Well girls what kind of trouble have we gotten ourselves into now, because lets be honest, if an Aes Sedai walks up right now, we are all in trouble" Venca Konora Amused
  6. “Hello Venca. My name is Nenen Kailadel. How are you finding life in the Tower so far?” Hearing this Venca’s eyes widened slightly as she wondered how this girl had known her name. Venca was a pretty quite person and she hadn’t really talked to anyone yet, but the girl was talking so Venca decided to be nice and try to talk back. Venca sat there for a few moments before beginning with a sigh. “Honestly all these rules are sooo annoying and having to curtsy and do whatever the Aes Sedai tell you. Plus if that isn’t bad enough we have to do what the Accepted tell us to do on top of all of our chores. It just makes me want to kill anyone not in a white dress.” Stopping for a moment Venca realized that she had vented all of her anger on Nenen and as she went to apologize another girl sat down at the table. With a glance at the new girl Venca began talking again. “Sorry about that sometimes I just need to vent and since I haven’t been here long I don’t have many people to talk too. It just makes me so mad sometimes that all an Aes Sedai has to do is look at us and we jump, I’m just ready to get out of the Tower for the day and be away from Aes Sedai.” Suddenly it hit Venca that going out of the Tower was forbidden for Novices and she had just told two girls she didn’t even know her plans of breaking one of rules of the Tower. Sitting back in her seat Venca just waited hoping that her ranting wasn’t going to get her in trouble on the one day she would be able to sneak out of the Tower
  7. OOC- have fun with it and i hope you like it Waking up with sunlight streaming through her window Venca yawned and stretched before pulling herself out of bed. Groggily she took off her sweat stained shift she had slept in and rummaged in her wardrobe for a fresh one, and a spotless bright white dress to match. Glancing inside the wardrobe Venca groaned as she realized that it was her last pair and that she would have to do laundry before the day was out. Exiting her room she made a vow to herself, she would find the food hall without help today. Still new to the Tower Venca lost more times than she could count and after being a messenger for almost two years, that was the worst thing about the Tower for Venca. Well, except for the rules, they got her in more trouble than she got into while she lived on the farm!! Walking through the almost identical corridors of the Tower was becoming easier for Venca these days other than the fact that the bloody Aes Sedai seemed to purposefully walk in front of her around every corner so she had to stop and curtsy to each and every one all the while covering the same amount of distance in double the time. Finally with a sigh of contentment the food hall was before her complete with its tantalizing smells that made her stomach grumble and miraculously her step even got faster. Entering the large chamber Venca smiled to herself after seeing that as usual she was one of the last Novices to make it to the food hall even on a freeday. Seeing the lack of line for food Venca was glad for her tardiness and had her food within moments and was headed to find a seat. When always later than the crowd finding a seat was hard to do but luck was with her today as she spotted a table with only one girl at it and headed over sit beside her. This girl Venca had seen many times in her short stay in the Tower and with her golden hair and prominent nose she was very hard to miss. Sitting down Venca just looked at the girl smiled and began to eat
  8. OOC- sorry it took so long mt life sucks right now... anyway hope you enjoy Watching her uniform burn made Venca realize more than anything her life as a messenger was over, she was really a Novice of the White Tower. That thought scared her the most. In her old life she knew where she stood, what her role was, but here everything was new and different nothing so far made much sense to her but when the Aes Sedai grabbed her elbow she allowed herself to be steered away from that black spot that represented all she had ever known and to her new life in the Tower. As they walked further into the tower the Sister continued to rattle off rules and things while Venca, trying to figure out where she was in the Tower, only heard every other sentence. Wishing the woman would just shut up already and leave her alone she slowed so she was walking just behind the woman until they cam upon a corridor that looked the same as the other only with the addition of doors spaced evenly down the wall. Finally they came to a stop before a door and the light forsaken woman was STILL talking! "This will be your room for the next few years. You are to keep it clean at all times. Apart from your studies, which we will discuss tomorrow, you will also do other chores, like scrubbing floors and working in the kitchens. You will have a free day every two weeks, when you may do as you like ... within limits, of course. Just remember that you are not allowed to leave the Tower Grounds, or anywhere near the Warders Yard unless sent there by an Aes Sedai." "You will have today to settle in and familiarize yourself with all the other rules. I will send one of the older novices to help you, but if there is anything you need, you can usually find me in my office. Welcome to the Tower, child." Seeing the woman smile Venca really just wanted to scream but instead she attempted to smile and said “ Thank you Aes Sedai” and then curtsying while watching the woman walk away before opening her new door and walking in to find a room very similar to what she had at Lasher’s shop. It was very bland with stark white walls, three beds evenly spaced through the room and the wardrobes which were also white. Everything was just the way Venca liked it, simple and functional and all round just perfect for her. Walking over to the first bed and saw long parchment filled with neat and concise writing almost to the very bottom. Upon Closer inspection she groaned because the parchment turned out to be the rules for the White Tower. Light all of these rules and I only have ONE day to memorize all of these! With a sigh Venca resigned herself to read the list but only managed to get about halfway down before she dosed off to sleep in her fist night in the Tower.
  9. When the sister began to speak Venca only half listened to what she was saying and took the new white robes without question. Her mind was numb, everything she had ever wanted she had found with the message service. She had had friends, people she could confide in, a way of life and a sense of meaning in the world. Now though, that was all gone, everything Lasher had given her and helped her accomplish he had ripped away from her without even an explanation not even a goodbye! Feeling herself about to cry, Venca berated herself, smoothed the white robe down, and arranged her hair ready to step out of this room to face the rest of her life. Venca opened the door stepped out and handed the sister her old clothes "Before we get you settled in, there is just one more thing to take care of. Please follow me." Walking behind the sister, Venca actually started to look around and noticed that despite the glamour displayed in the Tower, every hall seemed to look the same even to her! The farther they walked the more lost Venca became until the sister stopped suddenly in a courtyard beautifully decorated with statues in each corner, each the same pure white of the Tower, a garden so colorful on one side of the courtyard that she even had trouble distinguishing where one color ended and another began. While the other half of the courtyard was taken up by walkways and benches arranged like a maze without walls. Setting the bundle of Venca’s clothes down the Sister turned and looked at her. “What I am about to do is a symbolic gesture of the end of your old life. Once this is done, you enter a new life, breaking all bonds with the past. The White Tower is your life, your future.” Wondering what was going to happen, Venca jumped slightly when the clothes burst into flame and she stood there watching as her old life burned away, though her new life begun yet.
  10. ” Come in and sit down, child,” Hearing the Sister begin to talk, Venca tried to pay more attention and put her swirling thoughts away for now. Composing herself, Venca sat and prepared herself for the coming conversation. “Meira Sedai tells me she tested you and you are one of the very few who can learn to channel. Give me your full name, age and place of birth, and then tell me what you know about Aes Sedai.” As was habit when she was on assignment and asked to wait for the recipient, Venca studied her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the big wooden desk with neatly arranged papers covering most of the surface, except for the space that was taken up by a large, ancient book opened in front of the sister. To the right of this was a wardrobe, equally as old as the desk and book, that was faded and non-descript. Realizing that she had been sitting there for some time, and had let her thoughts wander, Venca berated herself while returning her gaze to the sister. Taking a deep breath Venca tried to pretend that she was delivering just another message for Lasher as she began to speak. “My name is Venca Konora, I am 16 years old and my home town is Four Kings in Andor.” By this point Venca had settled into her rhythm and just kept right on going. “Though I don’t know much about Aes Sedai, even after living in this city for two years, I find that most people who have had dealings with them say they are meddlesome and that they are living in a time where no one wants them around. I have found though, that in most places in and around Andor Aes Sedai are revered and respected.” After finishing her speech Venca just sat there and waited for the sister to continue and returned her attention to her surroundings…
  11. Walking down the hall in her new white dress Venca was getting frustrated. The bright white uniform walls of the Tower she had first thought beautiful, was making getting where she wanted very hard indeed. As she had been a messenger only a few days ago and could always find her way, being lost was the worst thing ever, and it was going to make her late if she didn’t get help soon. Seeing a white dress disappear around a corner ahead of her Venca hurried to catch up with the other girl. Following behind the girl Venca finally recognized the area to be where she needed, the lecture halls. Studying the other girl she seemed a bit uncertain also so when she went into a room Venca followed hoping it was the right one. Upon entering the room her first sight was of the Mistress of Novices in a red dress and a look on face that said “Don’t mess with me I mean business”. Dropping a quick curtsy and noticing there were only two other girls present, Venca found a seat close to them; no way did she want that stare on her alone! Slowly the room filled and Larindhra Sedai started the lesson. Realizing she had no supplies out Venca quickly pulled out her parchment and ink to take notes. The tone Larindhra was using was so different from their first meeting that Venca had to keep looking at the woman to make sure it really was her. She could understand the reason for it though, she had met the poor girl yesterday, and devastated Venca had wished she could do something for her but everyone said nothing was to be done. Continuing with the lesson she was intrigued to find out that there were five different powers. She had assumed it was all the same. This was all so weird to her and slightly confusing. Venca listened intently and when Larindhra handed out the parchment with the stilled sister’s names on it she made a mental note to ask where the library was and possibly go with someone so as to keep from getting lost again. Looking around she noticed class was over and went with crowd to the door catching up with the girl she had followed in to ask if she knew where to find the library. She really was not looking forward to learning about stilling if it made you like Naruschka, but she felt it was needed to at least know what kind of crimes would get you that punishment. Channeling tomorrow and Venca could not wait to experience it for herself!
  12. Walking around the corner, Venca saw Lasher’s store and picked up her steps. Even though she had already delivered a lot of messages today it was still early, and she was Lasher’s favorite. Walking into the building, Venca looked around at the familiar room with its plastered walls and poor attempts at decoration, she hadn’t had the heart to tell Lasher looked horrible, and saw the tall dark haired Lasher standing at the bar waiting for her. He was being his handsome self with his flowing brown hair and his to die for brown eyes, but he was the employer even if he was only a few years older than her. “Ah Venca you are back with record time I see. Very well I have an important message for you to deliver.” Intrigued Venca walked forward to better hear what he was saying, Lasher thought all of his messages were important, and so never felt the need to voice that thought aloud anymore. “I need you to go to the White Tower and take this with you, they will be expecting you.” At the mention of the White Tower her heart skipped a beat, and then it sped up, beating so hard she was sure Lasher could hear. Calming herself she took the message and with a quick farewell headed out the door to the White Tower, the one place in Tar Valon she had not been in her two years there. Even though she had never been there, Venca could hardly be a good messenger and not know the way to the biggest attraction in the city. She knew the route so well, in fact that the scenery went by without her noticing it, so excited she was to finally have a reason to go to the White Tower. Sooner than she would have thought possible, she found herself at the base of Tower slowly walking up the steps to the front door. Stepping into the first room, she was overwhelmed by the display of beauty and decorations that put Lasher’s décor to shame. Beautiful tapestries were seen in every direction, along with torches and stately statues to complete the vision of perfect beauty. Snapping out of her daydream, she noticed a girl in a white dress making her way over to her. “Hello miss, how may I be of assistance?” Unable to find words, Venca wordlessly handed over the message. The girl studied the name on the parchment for a moment before telling Venca to follow her, and away they went through the tower. Venca didn’t pay any attention to where they were going, only to continued displays of wealth and power brought forth by the Tower, as she was led to a small door. The girl in white knocked and waited for a moment until a woman opened the door, a woman that Venca knew by the way she carried herself, and most importantly by her face, was an Aes Sedai. Taking the message from the girl, the Sister read for a few moments and dismissed the girl to be on her way. Turning to Venca, the Woman pulled out stone and told Venca to focus on the stone. After a LONG while, she thought, Venca saw a light in the stone and was so startled that she jumped. The sister lowered the stone and asked, “Do you know what that message said?” Venca shook her head and the sister continued, “A contact of mine, whom I’m sure you know, wanted me to test you for the ability to channel he said he wanted a better life for you than he could give you. Lasher is right you are a special girl and you passed you have the ability to channel in you, you need only to be taught.” Due to the impact the Tower was having on her, Venca did not at first realize what this woman had said to her. She could channel! She, a peasant a nobody a lowly messenger girl, no there must be some mistake. Her mind sped up even more before she remembered something else about Aes Sedai, they couldn’t lie. That means she really could channel, but what was going to happen, how do you even teach one to channel? What does that even mean? A million questions were going thru her mind, but years of suppression made Venca silent and meek as always. The only person in her whole life she had ever been able to be herself with was Lasher. He alone made her feel safe, like the whole world could turn against her and he would save her. Suddenly she saw that the woman had started to walk and quickly sped up. The woman lead Venca even further into the Tower in silence leaving Venca to her thoughts. Lasher wanted me to have a better life? I like my life the way it is, does he hate me? Why would he want to get rid of me! I’m his favorite! Deep in thought Venca hardly noticed she was moving, much less where they were going, and soon they were at another wooden door and again knocking. Entering before Venca, the sister had a quick conversation with someone she couldn’t see and returned, motioning Venca in before heading down the hall. Walking tentatively into the room Venca saw yet another woman sitting behind a rather large desk. Nervously standing there Venca waited for the woman to begin speaking.
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