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  1. Hunter processed the information, and compared it to the things she knew from her own personal experience. There weren't that many wolves in the middle of Fal Sion even if they were supposed to be a sign of good luck, but what Aislyn had mentioned about enhanced senses and perfect vision at night matched. As for the talking to wolves part... Well, unless she missed her guess she was going to be here for a while, so plenty of time to find out. It was the woman's turn to ask a question of her now, and she tilted her head, her red irises looking into Aislyn's golden ones with amusement at her rev
  2. OOC: Sorry, went inactive for a variety of reasons... IC: Mara frowned as Pia kept repeating for her not to be scared, and that she wasn't going to hurt her. In her experience, when people started telling her that it was a reason to be careful around them in the first place. Shifting a little uncomfortably in her seat, she tried to focus on the small stone while keeping an eye on Pia from the corner of her eyes for any suspicious movements. - "A silver penny..." As she concentrated, she mumbled what she believed the small stone would be worth -- or at least what she was wil
  3. Mara waited for the Aes Sedai to leave, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed as the white closed the door behind her. As Pia offered her a seat, she looked at the chair, then figured it couldn't hurt to take the woman up on her offer. She needed something from them after all, so starting off on the wrong foot might not be in her best interests. When she sat down however, she did so on one of the armrests rather than on the chair itself: Used to a ship rail, she felt more comfortable that way. - "Ah'm Mara. On'a'yer Aes Sedai said i's able ta channel, an' ah'm 'ere ta see if tha'
  4. As the sun rose over the Erinin river, a small trading ship could be seen heading for Tar Valon. Though this was no uncommon sight given the presence of the White Tower in the area, its current position meant that the small ship had most likely been sailing at night, which was far less common. Still, even that could have been explained due to the ship's waterline, hinting at an empty hull. With less depth, mudflats wouldn't be much of an issue, though the risk of getting stuck was of course still present. On the ship itself Timeon, the ship doctor and First Mate, walked to the captain, who was
  5. Hunter thought for a moment, in the meantime using her tongue to remove a piece of meat that had gotten stuck between her teeth. - "Hmm... About two, maybe three years i estimate? Technically one would consider a period of time before that when we weren't separated personalities yet, but opinions may differ as to when it first began." She frowned, thinking back further, bringing up memories Daciana preferred to keep hidden. She of course warned her sister in advance so she could go to sleep while she was discussing it, no use in frightening the poor girl unnecessarily. Tapping her ch
  6. - "Excellent." Martyn knelt in front of the Aes Sedai. It was fortunate that she was going to be the one holding the Bond, he still considered himself a married man after all, and had no intention of breaking his marriage vows on the off chance his wife may be dead. He smirked as the Bonding weave hit him, having a sudden mental image of Masura saying she'd be waiting on his return. Words fifty years old, and he could still find peace in them... It was strange, the way the mind worked. In the meantime, he could feel... something, a presence of sorts in the back of his mind. Focusing
  7. - "I see you have arrived. Come, you do not wish to know what happens to those that arrive late." And without a word, the Myrddraal known as Calaun Ontrix Seyr turned to walk towards the clearing, not even bothering to look back to see if the guests were following her. Her back itches incessantly the way it always did when there were people channeling in the area, and it was an effort not to take it out on some unfortunate forest animal. There would be time for that later, for now she had a job to do.
  8. OOC: Sorry, ended up getting sick for a few days :( IC: After a few seconds of silent contemplation on whether or not to release the Void, Martyn decided not to. Like Raslyn Sedai mentioned, it would be up to the two of them to give the right example, and he felt he could do that better without the memories of his wife surfacing now that he would be forced to kiss another woman. She'd likely have his hide for it, and silently he wished she would still be around to take it as he closed the final distance between Raslyn and himself. - "Very well. I must admit i know little of the
  9. After what seemed like an endless moment of studying and weighing, one of the Aes Sedai stepped forward. She had gray hair, which was a good thing as it spoke of age, and the cut of her clothes hinted at a personality that liked to go straight to the heart of the matter without dancing around the question. It suited him fine, to be honest, as it reminded him of the disciplined life of a soldier he had led so many years ago. Within the void, he could detect the urge to smirk flowing across the edges when he was called a 'young man'. He wondered whether she was aware of his true age -- one
  10. As Burrich explained to her what he wanted her to do, she simply raised an eyebrow at him. - "You want me to... smell herbs that make me fall asleep? Doesn't that sound a little odd to you?" While she had come to know Burrich over the past couple of months of training, controlling dreams sounded a bit far-fetched, though she did concede the point that she'd seen far stranger things so far. Talking to wolves for example, though she was still blocking them out. Taking a deep breath, she cast a wary glance at the large man that spoke of trouble if she woke up to find even a single hair
  11. Jerinia had been mostly out of view, pressing herself against the door to the Amyrlin's Room as the tension in the room increased to visible levels. The moment one of the Aes Sedai not only lost her composure, but even clocked an Asha'man in the jaw was the last straw for her, and she cracked the door open to flee from the room. She felt confident about her ability to channel Fire, but experience told her that she would likely end up setting the entire room on fire -- and the latter brought on memories of her Arches that she'd rather not think about. Jerinia Flee! ----- Mar
  12. Daciana nodded enthusiastically, and took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened them again, it would be clear to anyone that the person standing in front of them was far from the almost childlike woman that Aislyn and Lorelai had been talking to just a few seconds ago. Oh, outwardly there was no change in appearance of course, but looking into her eyes the two could not have been farther apart. - "According to my sister you wished to speak to me... From what i heard you wish to discuss our nature." Hunter glanced at the two of them, weighing them, their s
  13. (OOC: Heh, that makes two of us... But yeah, i'm still iunterested if you are :))
  14. Odd, she's had official OP scores and everything... Mara Novares: Strength - 23; Skill - 23 - Wilder - Blocked - Linked to her talent Fire: 3 Earth: 1 Air: 8 Water: 8 Spirit: 3 Anyway, it's because of her Talent, Listening to the Wind. It needs 2 Air and 2 Water to be used and that's the only reason she can channel, as it is she believes it's a sixth sense of keeping her crew out of trouble. Basically, her block is her Talent, and she loses the Talent should she ever learn to consciously channel (a.k.a. break her block).
  15. Selling the Spoils of War [attn: Jagaea] (first of the series) Is That the Best You Can Do? (Sword Training: Jehaine) Interesting Weapon... I Shall Beat You Up Now (Attn: Mara) Starting WS was 4, never got around to claiming gains for her... ...Also, she's a Wilder, but has received permission to get to WS 15 since her block is her Talent. Should she learn to actively channel she loses the Talent and her WS (if higher than the cap) will be lowered accordingly. As it is, she can only channel for the purposes of the Talent.
  16. Arienna walked to the clearing she was supposed to be, her face as clear of emotions as it had been the day she arrived. The physical training had added a little more muscle to her frame, though her clothing concealed it nicely. In terms of her progress as a Wolfkin however she was pretty much where she had left off; she still kept the wolves firmly shut out of her mind, as well as anybody else for that matter. And so, the time had come for something Burrich had called 'Dream walking'. She was still a little in the dark about what the large man had meant by that, but decided she should gi
  17. After darting back and forth between the Hall and the storeroom next to it with a couple of handfuls of chairs, Jerinia would be clearly visible with her height of an even six feet, and red hair that made her stand out even further. After a couple of trips the door opened again, and she leaned against the door leading towards the antechamber of the Amyrlin Seat where negotiations were currently in progress. While from the look of things the Accepted would have be acting as a guard to ensure no one entered the room unannounced at this point, it didn't take much to realize that the girl wa
  18. Daciana thought on the question for a moment, trying to figure out if that would be the right way of putting it. After a while, she replied. - "Well... Not really, we take turns. She's awake though, wanna talk to her?" She grinned cheerfully at Aislyn, folding her hands behind her back as she waited for the answer. This sounded like something Hunter would be able to talk about, and she would make sure to give her an easy explanation later on. Daciana Wanna see?
  19. Rebecca thought on Dahvid's answer for a while. Though she preferred to view herself as having a decently high rank amongst the Dreadlords, it was still a far cry from knowing about the plots her 'colleagues' devised to work themselves up the ladder. At times, she suspected not even the Chosen themselves were aware of all of these plans, and it could very well be that this boy's suspicions were true. He was a little too proficient in Dreamwalking for her to dismiss his claims as the illusions of a drunkard. - "A bold claim to make, surely. Still, i do not quite see how that would have led
  20. Sharina made her way towards the Sundown Inn, wearing pretty much the same clothes she had worn when she had first arrived at the fortress. A suit of leather armor and matching bracers, worn over a white robe with an assortment of belts whose purpose appeared to be holding vials and herbs under other circumstances. She wore a white short travel cloak over her shoulders as well which, although resembling a modified one of the Children, lacked the trademark sunburst. Though she believed it unusual that a Child of the Light would not be wearing their uniform, there was a time for everything, and
  21. Daciana grinned as she looked at the other two Wolfkin. - "She's my big sis! She looks after me an' i'm learning, but i'm not that good at stuff yet." She tilted her head looking at Lorelai and Aislyn, waiting to see if they had more questions. In the meantime though, she fished a piece of beef from the stew and, after burning her fingers on it, blew at the tips to make them cool off. Daciana Hot stew is hot!
  22. Martyn turned at being offered a drink, and gently took the cup without hesitation after making sure his sleeve wouldn't end up dipping into the other cups. While normally it wouldn't have been necessary, the cups' small size meant they could only be taken off the tray from above as opposed to from the side like with more standard glasses. Still, it didn't matter much, they had the right as hosts to pick what would be served to them. Murmuring a thanks, he sipped the liquid, quirking an eyebrow at the strength of it. Though he had expected it at seeing the size of the glasses, he found hi
  23. Daciana nodded without hesitation as Aislyn mentioned her being kept in a dungeon, making a face at the memory of it. She liked her own soft pile of cloaks better than the stone floor, and judging by breakfast she wondered if eating the rats was considered more healthy. - "Yeah, was blamed for... what's the word again... poaching? Hunter does that stuff, says i still need more training." She pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest in disagreement. That changed though as her eyes fell on the food Auslyn had mentioned a moment ago. Her initial discomfort all but forgotten walke
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