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Mafia in the White Tower *Closed

Guest dragonsworn1991

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Guest dragonsworn1991

There is dissension amongst the ajahs. Aes Sedai seldom venture beyond their respective ajah halls. Sisters look at each other sideways and are at each other's throats. The tension has almost came to blows. Thats where you come in. Which ajah will reign supreme, Who will dominate the White Tower, that is for you to decide.


I am looking for either 16 or 24 people to play this game.


Sign ups are now Open.


You can sign up on this thread/


This game will start after my current game, and as soon as the sign ups are complete.

1. Mystica

2. Lily

3. Ludmian

4. Charis

5. Ain

6. Crystal

7. Torrie

8. Narina

9. Zania

10. Talya

11. Elgee

12. Jaydena

13. Mirshann

14. Bursius

15. Moose

16. Daetirion

17. Meesh

18. Illiara

19. APTL

20. Minuet

21. Verbal32

22. Damon Devilkin

23. Tynaal

24. Vanion

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Guest dragonsworn1991

We need at least three, but for really interesting fun we need eleven


Also, if you are new, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT read any outline for mafia games.


This will be really different, and might confuse you if you read it.

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