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  1. As an observing foreigner and lawyer, it's nice to see the American legal system working and coming out with the right answer! Congratulations to all, good work by the legal teams and I hope all those getting married have a happy life together. Really cheered up my day that has.
  2. Daetirion - Der'Manshima - ??? Still Disc less for now
  3. You are indeed a Der, according to my records The question marks refer more to my current disc-less status, whilst i look for a home again.
  4. Daetirion - Der'Manshima - ??? Didn't participate as not around but sounds like a great idea
  5. Probably not no. Not active enough to keep up with it all Can pass Cuen info to whoever takes it though
  6. I'd cover the Cuen section of no.2 Unless you want someone to do all three discs? Could have a seperate compiler.
  7. As you say, so shall it be Mother I swear to uphold the honour and integrity of the White Tower Community and kick the ass of anyone who doesn’t. Tai’shar White Tower! I swear to respect all members of the WT Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Warders are brothers and sisters in battle, this Org is my online family and I will treat them as such. Tai’shar Gaidin! From this day forward, I am a true member of my Discipline and I swear to uphold the ideals of my Discipline even if life takes me away from the Community. Tai’shar Cuen'd'eren
  8. Congrats Cuen Comrade! \They don't know what they've let themselves in for :P
  9. Somewhat similar! Nice work folks, although its gonna take a while for me to remember where all the threads are. Might be a bit easier for me to navigate on my phone as well, which will be useful
  10. Awesome Stage 1 of the Cuen plan to take over the WT is in place.... I mean, well done Barm! I'm sure you'll do great... (Vemy, activate phase 2 >.>)
  11. Hehe some pretty huge boots to stomp around in now ... Mother Congrats
  12. Dammit >.< Silly plane delays meant i missed the chance to be remotely fooled by this
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