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  1. So I'm a grandwolf now huh?!

    1. beanie


      MENTOR!!!! :wub: :snugglehugtackles: Where have you been? :biggrin: Yes, yes, I got two pups in your absence :happy: Soon you're going to be so old you'll need a cane to walk :rolleyes::laugh: I can't wait till they get pups of their own and make you a great grandwolf xD

  2. Moose Aligi I picked cats and I didn't pick dogs because I'm very Very picky about the type of dog
  3. Happy to be getting my wolf name

  4. Wow that would be awesome I love his books so far
  5. you know I cant remember lol something to do with me searchng google for anime

  6. Moose I must ask...what is your awesome avatar a picture of?

  7. mmmm steak is good! lol but time for lunch for me
  8. Used!!! never saved and preserved in the back room just sitting there ready for use again ;)
  9. *dose a little dance........* we'll its a catchy song *fills more steins with my brew* hows everyone now?
  10. Yes! yes you may. it will be a Birthday like no other lol in like 76 years

  11. yeah another canadian dmer soon! hope everything works out good
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