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New Images Released!


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2 hours ago, DaddyFinn said:

More pics from twitter. This is Amazon Prime Netherlands poster




Edit. Didn't realise this was basically the same as the wide shot above

Is that Narg getting a poster spot? On the right of the Myrdraal.


I was kind of kidding, but now I'm  wondering if we will see a Trolloc "leader"/persistent antagonist, kind of like what we saw for some Orcs in LotR.

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  • Community Administrator
4 minutes ago, DaddyFinn said:

That would be weird and wrong. Trollocs are not suitable for leading

Trollocs have Clans & Fists, so there's some leadership.
But a hunting party, lead by a specific Trolloc hunting a specific set of Targets? That's probably to focused for them... which is where the Myrddraal comes in.

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14 minutes ago, Agitel said:

I don't mean a military commander or anything. Just a persistent face to follow, maybe a more brutish/intelligent trolloc. Kind of like how in Fellowship of the Ring they gave some focus to one uruk'hai.

I don't like that idea but it wouldn't ruin anything for me.


13 minutes ago, SinisterDeath said:

About as much as a pack of wolves. ? 

Oh no you didn't!

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On 10/8/2021 at 10:53 AM, DaddyFinn said:

Not every noseless guy is Voldemort, but every Voldemort is noseless. ?

Young Voldemort had a nose. 


That was a Voldemort. 


I refute your argument ?


(also horcrux memory voldy and movie one horrible back-head cgi voldy had noses too :p)


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Guest Wolfbrother31

I agree with much of the current sentiment...


I like the colors. 

I like how natural Lan looks with a sword. 

I like the Trolloc head.

I like the chemistry with Egwene & Rand. 

I like the costuming. 


The pics & posters look good. 

Didn't love the clip... But that's another topic. 

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17 hours ago, DaddyFinn said:



Had some minor concerns over the look of the various elements of the one power and the monochrome look in the teaser.  Seems to be some threads in the lower right of this poster all of different colors.  Subtle but there is color there.  Hopefully that is going to carry over to the show.

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1 minute ago, Rose said:


Pretty sure the trolloc is dead and she's carrying its head ??

Agreed, trolloc is dead.  But she would not want its sweat/stink, much less blood, on her dress.  And why would she be carrying a trolloc head?  If the Emond's Fielders had been giving her a hard time about children's tales - Winternight has already happened, they know.


Realize you were just joking.  But the poster doesn't make sense to me.

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