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[INTRO] Welcome PineTree!

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Howdy! I'm 12th, silliest member on the cummunity side of DM! And this is me be utterly serious!


Welcome to the Band Of the Red Hand! And yes! If you check out our trip reviews section, you CAN see the world! If you look up some of the music from our reviews, you can HEAR it too! :)


Here, have a Battle Brew! The Band's official drink! :D Don't spill or the Band's RA's will be after you! (its against the law :wink: )


And I hope Some one will deliver our Official spiel... mayhap It'll be Corki (our Marshall-General) himself! :shock:



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Welcome Pinetree!


I'm the Senior RLO of the Infantry where you will be spending one week too and where I get the distinct pleasure of tortu... errr tasking you together with my colleague in crime... errr fun, Karaj!


Where are you from, if you're not belonging to 'them english speaking people'? Im not one of them, so you can tell me ;)


*Hands the Recruit a Guinny or 5* that's one of the Infantry brews, so careful. no spilling.


Looking forward to seeing you on our boards!



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And I see nobody has answered your question yet either !!


We use "welcome" in two different ways, Pine. The first is to greet someone which is what we are doing here.


Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand :) I'm Tay, very nice to meet you.


The second is to respond to a person. So if you thank me for the brew I'm about to give you, :wink: then I will say you are most welcome.


*hands over a brew*


Hope that helps a little. :D Take your time finding your way about and tell us if you have any problems with the language. We will try to help. I look forward to seeing you in the Infantry Barracks during your Recruit time.

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Don't worry about the language! Where abouts are you from? Once we know, we'll see if we can team you up with a fellow speaker (if we have one) to help you along. Any problems, just let us know and we'll sort it out.


Another question - why the name?


Anyway, spiel time. Hold on to your socks as you learn what the Band of the Red Hand is all about!


*official spiel*


Welcome Pine Tree! An email explaining important information about the Band is currently sitting in your inbox! Take a read! Also check your PMs too! ;)


Basically, the Band of the Red Hand is the Travel and Music ORG at DM! By signing up for the Band, you have joined the successful Raw Recruit Scheme. By signing up for the off board site, you will be able to experience the whole process to the maximum! The Executive Officer, F Horn of Valere, or I, will assign you to one of the three Regiments (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) for a week, where you will be given various tasks to perform, hoping that you will get a picture of what time in each Regiment is like. After a week with each Regiment, you will be asked to pick your final choice of a Regiment.


While being a Raw Recruit, there is nothing stopping you from earning points like any other Band member. Points lead to promotion within the Band. Below is a list of possible ways to earn points:


- writing reviews on places to visit/holidays you have been on

- writing reviews on music albums and gigs

- replying to other people's reviews and asking questions

- composing Jak O' the Shadow verses

- getting articles published in our monthly newsletter, The Hornsounder

- monthly roll call in the Band's private boards at DM

- any DM project we may have, which includes our Quote Project (speak to Amavia and Angyl)

- and much much more I cannot think of right now!


If you complete your time as a Raw Recruit within 3 to 4 weeks, you will get a special award (called the Raw Recruit Stripe) which you can add to your siggy as well!


While being a Raw Recruit, you get 3 free strikes. This enables you to break Band Law 3 times without being punished by the Redarms, the Band's own police force. If they see any Law breaking, they will either drag you up for a trial or give you a fun spot fine to do (usually 100 lines of something witty). Channeling is a major no-no in the Band. As is spilling Battle Brew, our beloved drink! Once you have used up your 3 strikes, or join the Band's ranks officially, you will face the full force of Band Law like any other Bander does!


Of course, we are not all about working 24/7, as we do let our hair down now and then! We are famous for our bar brawls, which happen frequently! Expect one soon! We also like jokes, tales, funny pictures - things that will make us laugh!


We also have many games - at DM, which can be found in the stickies, or the new Lottery set up on our new Dicing with Jak O' the Shadows board, which you will see once you sign up for the private boards here at DM. There are also several on the off board site as well! Also, take the lessons to learn our ORG Game, based on the luck of dice! You get the selected weapons of your division, and can fight anyone in the Band! It is currently being revised, but the ideas will all be the same! There are many staff members for the Game who will be willing to help you out.


Once you have signed up for the private boards, you will also be able to participate in our lottery game, which takes place in the Dicing With Jak O' the Shadows board. It is a lot of fun, and your winnings can buy you various goodies!


If I have left anything out (which I expect I have!), do not hesitate to ask questions! Someone will be able to answer them for you!


One last thing...


*hand Pine Tree a Marshal-General's Special Battle Brew*



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Wow, I was here for the Spiel.... Corki, that was.... That was amazing for me! Was it good for you?


Pine!!! How do you do? I'm Deathdealer. I'm also Mr. Pink, Footman, Footy, Grim, Foo Foo, and a hundred other names. Right now, I'm Blademaster Grim on the other site the Band has.


While 12th is the silliest person here, I'm the funniest person on the other site. Sadly, we are both Infantry. Us Infantry are a silly lot. So, come in, make yourself at home, enjoy the place, and have a drink or a dozen!


*Hands Pine a Combat Cognac*


Drink hardy!!



One more thing: RLO stands for Regimental Liason Officer. These are the people that will help you learn about each of the three regiments we have in the Band.

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Haaarrgh! What be all this then? Do ya speak pirate by any chance? Noooo? Hmmmm....


Welcome to the Band Pine Tree.... Never fear about English as a second language. Some of us here only have the one and barely know how to use it ourselves. Like my sister Tay! If what she speaks is English then I'm a Blue Nosed Gopher!! :wink:


I'm the CG of the Cavalry and I am looking forward to seeing you during your week as a recruit in our little family...

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heya hun!!! welcome to the best org at DM ;) and make sure you visit the best, cleanest, nicest and msot interesting regiment we have which is of course the archers! :D unless of course you really WANT to dig through mud with the infantry or shovel horse poop with the cavalry

*hands clothes peg*

and we have lots of games in our baords too ;)


oh, and donlt worry about the spiel! most of us forget the majority pretty quickly!! lol!!


*hands a flaming shot*

any help you need, email north_star307@hotmail.com, pm me here or in the off site baords when you get there!! ;)

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:lol: Don't you know what you get to do win all that mud later? :wink::wink: no? good... I'll have to demonstrate for my next spotty lol :P


But REALLY, the infantry dig through mud yes...That can be fun in itself! but afterwards is even more fun! 8)

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well if you call digging through latrines fun then you will get the shock of your life when you ACTUALLY have fun...but then you are an infant 12th :P infants are afterall children :P


archers are more sophisticated with their mud ;D as the regiment if predominetnly female, mud wrestling goes down a storm :D one more reason to join ;)

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Yes we archers sure know what to do with mud!!


Nice to have you here Pinetree!!

I am Amavia on of the Archers here at the band!

As Northie said if you have any questions just PM (or mail) any Band member!!



I hope youll have lots of fun and stick around for a very long time, and i hope to see you as a archer recruit very soon!!!

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:P Never dug a latrine have ya? :lol: Besides, ya'll make it sound bad... all you're doing is digging a hole! :roll: AND, so what if you dig ONE latrine? I never even did THAt! Most don't! And what's one latrine for being in the best regiment EVER?! 8)

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Thanks a lot for that most welcoming welcome!


My dad always told me to never accept a drink from a stranger but oh what the heck. You're not exactly strangers. I mean I sort of know your names and you know mine!


Thanks for that official spiel oh General Sir! It was magic!! Looking forward to my recruitment.

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*pokes 12th*

the infantry were the best regiment a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago :D but we caught up :D we rule! :P and ill go oen betetr than amavia and say that we hope to see you pine tree as our newest and most lovely memeber of the best regiment ever in the best org ever ;)

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yeah...thats why you live in mud... :P


lambikins...you were an ARCHER. in my midn you are STILL an archer. donlt make me remind you what i do to people who slander our reigment when they ahve been in it...wait your the first :D won't that be fun? says alot for the archer thouhg ;) we have even had...oh...3 memebrs of the cav leave to join us? shows we are sooooooo much better. and the infants...donlt really bere much thinking about. anyone can be a foot soldier...takes a special somethign which im sure you have to weild the longbow which won Agincourt and routed the french :D

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