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  1. Well .. would'ja take a gander at that. Some infant scrub what's never mucked a stall but is a professional latrine excavator has done took me outta' conteks' ... Some things never change! ?
  2. Many years ago in the old Pro Boards I posted a story about my father, who'd be 95 next June, and he not shuffled off this mortal coil 4 years ago. There was a Hall of Fame or sommat in the Infantry. I have no idea if it's still there or not, it could be in some archive or other. Any Road he was a teenaged Marine in WW2, injured on Iwo Jima, a 20-something tank commander/platoon leader in Korea, a tank battalion 1st Sgt. in Santo Domingo in the mid-sixties and a Sgt Maj to a Base Commander in Vietnam. I'm more impressed with 'Jolly Old's' way with Poppies, than I am with the incessant clap
  3. Himself (that'd be moi) would never consider ... oh nevermind ? . There is onliest one Regiment with the chutzpa to not be overwhelmed with the incredibleness that takes human form (more or less) in the person that stands here like the very picture of arrogance. That Regiment would without question be the Cavalry! Los caba'drin!!
  4. ^ What Liitha said. The absolute best way is with an entry level Audible account. One book a month for $15, which is a lot more than it was when I started 2 decades or more ago, but still a good deal
  5. Oooof! Well slap my face and call me Chingachgook ... I'd have expected at most a hearty handshake; not some dame launchin' herself at me like some runaway 'futbol' playin' scrub. You KNOW how over-excited I can get! :P I take exception to that futbol playing thing. We do rugby. Oh that's right. All those people visiting to watch 'soccer' all them years ago, must have confuzzled me. RUGBY... that's the one where a herd o'guys wearin' the same 2 costumes dash about and look like they're scuffling over a stolen pig... Sorry.. I'd totally forgot that one. OH! Speakin
  6. Oooof! Well slap my face and call me Chingachgook ... I'd have expected at most a hearty handshake; not some dame launchin' herself at me like some runaway 'futbol' playin' scrub.
  7. Taz are a bit of a bother. Horrid breath so I'm told. But these ... these can ruin an otherwise splendid outing.
  8. Happy Birthday your war shi.... errr... worship ... ummm... M'am ;)
  9. That's good to hear confirmed Lor, thank you. I had an image of her when I first saw the thing of her huddled up with two massive Hounds, wondering where Mr. Bill might be and sending out "Go Away, Go Away, Go Away" thoughts.
  10. One o'them teensy felines would make a fine addition t'the crew o'th Screamin' Catfish, patrollin' th'Bilge for evil, wicked, mean and nasty Rats, so it would.
  11. No Really! It was a Kraken! Well.... a picture of one ... on a bottle . ButIDidHaveToWrestleItIntoSubmission
  12. Staggers in looking like he's been drug through a knothole backwards then shoved back through again. He pulls off his trinket encrusted headscarf, which appears only held together by the pins of the trinkets, hangs his head guiltily and mutters ... "Aye beg pardon sisters, for bein' tardy ta' yer' soiree. I was on m'way though an' in a timely fashion, so I was. Then this ill mannered scrub of a Kraken rose up next ta' m'Quarterdeck and snatches the Trinket Encrusted Headscarf right off me coconut n'stuffs it in his bilge smellin' maw! Well! There was only one thing ta' do so there was. I p
  13. Brandon Sanderson Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light--the final book in The Wheel of Time--has been finished. Like a lot of those who commented on FB, my emotions ran amok on reading this post and earlier ones last night. I imagine Brandon's are as well. Joy, Relief, Sadness, Amazement. Wow .. what a job he's done, no matter the differing views on his style/skill v. RJ. He's brought to fruition a tale that many of you have grown up with. That is an incredible gift. As one who read for near on 20 years the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'brian only to have him pass aw
  14. Please Miss .... Put the WoT doorstop on the floor in front of you, kick it towards me and step away .... NOW!
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