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  1. Welcome to DM!! :) I know how you feel.. I had to pick my jaw up more than once as I read it over and over. I was shocked to say the very least. You've come to a good place though. DM is full of great and wonderful people.. I came here for book discussions and found so many more reasons to stay!!! I hope you have fun here wherever you find yourself posting. If you need to ask questions for anything don't hesitate.. any of us will help where we can. Speaking of book discussions.. be careful if you've not read all of the books yet. Spoilers are numerous there.. I found that out the hard way, as I still have yet to read KoD. :P and is everyone else reading CoS too? I'm re-reading and it seems like I'm not anywhere near alone in that book! lol
  2. Welcome to DM! Hope you can find your way around soon.. it really doesn't take long to get used to. It looks like Rae has you all lined out at the moment. If you have any other questions though, just ask.. anyone will help however they can.
  3. Welcome to DM!! umm.. officially anyway.. it took you long enough, yes? I'm just teasing, of course. ;) Hope you have a great time here!! and I'm glad you stopped lurking too.. how else can you join in the fun?
  4. Welcome to DM!!! I'm sure you'll like it here too. There's a lot to do and great people to hang out and post with. So just look around at everything and find where ever you feel comfortable.. and jump right in.
  5. Yep, we are!! Welcome! I lurked for almost two years on and off before I joined also.. I kept wanting to add something to a topic, but just never joined. I was very happy I finally did. DM is a good place no matter what you do while you're here. The book discussions are great, but I tend to stay on the org side of things. Anyway, I hope you hav fun where ever you like to be here. Again, welcome.. we're glad you joined at last!! :)
  6. Greetings from the midwest also. lol.. Welcome to DM!! Hope you have fun here! There's a lot to do, so you should find something you like. If you go to the book discusion.. be careful! I have yet to read KoD also, I started my re-read late and got sidetracked as well.. I'm getting closer to it though!! Anyway, I had a spoiler or two in the book discusion, so just watch out. On a side note. I've been wanting to read "The Saga of Recluse" for a coupel years now.. I finally got the book a few days ago, as it's never at the book store and I didn't want to bother ordering it. It sounded good, but I wasn't sure.. and you're the first person I can remember hearing mention it.. as you also love the WoT, I'm sure now that I'll like it. and D&D? lol.. I haven't played that for a few years now.. Anyway.. welcome again!
  7. Welcome to DM! The circumstances are sad, but in that same way.. it's a great time to come here. We're all feeling the same and it's so nice to have other people to talk to. Hope you have fun here. There's lots to do, from Orgs to RP.. there's really something for everyone. So just jump in somewhere and have a good time! :)
  8. Thankies Sasika.. I'm not old enough in DM time to remember you, but thank you. You stickin around?? I'm sure I speak for everyone, new or old, when I say, we'd love to have you come back.
  9. You can't just stand in the doorway!!! Get in here already! ;D I'm SoB by the by, pleased to meet you! Welcome to DM, it's good to have you join us. It's too bad you found us for that reason, but at least you finally did. :D There's lots to do here, all kinds of orgs to join or RP, if you're into that. Or just book discussion and great people to hang out with. Hopefully you'll have a wonderful time here!!
  10. Welcome to DM Sorandha!!! We're happy you chose to join us. We do have quite a family community here and it souds like you'll fit in nicely ;) And don't worry about rambling.. I do it too and everyone still seems to like me.. lol.. just kidding, but seriously, it's nice to have you say so much about yourself right of the bat.. it helps us get to know you even better. Like Kath said, you should definitely check out the illuminators. Any org you want to join would welcome you though.. and you can join as many as you want! Like you said.. it's hard to get used to the boards, but it get easier, I promise. Just give it a little time and you'll know where everyhting is before you know it! Anyway, welcome again, and I hope you stay around and have some fun with us! If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask. You can post here.. in any org you have a question about or you can PM someone that you think can answer your question, just don't hesitate to ask.. we are all happy to help where we can.
  11. Yep, that we do! ;D Nice to meat you and Welcome to DM!! Have a good look around, after a little while you'll know where everything is.. I know it's a little confusing when you first get here. Just make yourself at home and if you have any questions, ask here, PM someone you think looks helpful, or whatever.. we're happy to answer what we can. Hope you have fun here!!
  12. Welcome to DM!!! Hope you stick around and join in the fun. I think we are all still a little out of sorts from this.. I know I'm finding it hard to get past. Sorry to hear about your friend.. I can imagine having that bond cut makes this even harder for you in a way. You can find a home here though, we're a very supportive bunch of people.. trust me, I've put that to the test.
  13. Welcome to DM.. glad to see you make it over to these boards with us. I think Talya covered most everything.. lol.. just have fun and jump in anywhere you like!
  14. Welcome to DM!! Hope you have a lot of fun here.. I think they covered most everything already. There's sure to be something you like.
  15. *knows it to be a fact* How could I ever have doubted?
  16. Welcome to DM! I blame lack of sleep.. it's always valid.
  17. Either way would be good I think.. 'cept then I'd have to buy another copy.
  18. *pulls out my copy* It's actually "The world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time" you should remeber to get it.. kinda like dry history, but very informative!
  19. Welcome to DM! quite right Kait.. a wonderful book!
  20. Wow.. she's really on top of the game, but she always is. Welcome to Dragonmount. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  21. Welcome to DM!! Hope you have fun here.. it is a great site!! I see how fast you move, already joining the Band.. lol Good to have you here!
  22. Yes, I think you're right. :mrgreen:
  23. lol.. Ata. Quick and to the point. Welcome to Dragonmount!! Hope you have a good time here.. it's a pretty cool place.
  24. Can't elsewhere? That's sad Saf.. I release it where ever I want. Do get some strange looks from time to time though.. lol Well.. I see our work here is already done.. Corki seems to have been well defended, and a good thing too!!! :evil: :evil: Anyway, welcome to DM Someshta.. a wonderful place it is. Oh.. like Myst said.. where are these fabled normal people you speak of Eg? Not sure I've met one yet. :lol:
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