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  1. i know this is random, but i love the fact that your welcome thread is so long ;)
  2. welcome, welcome! i'd like to add that you're encouraged to start your own welcome thread in this forum, so we can all meet&greet you & answer any questions you may have. =)
  3. my mistake; i didn't notice that you'd already started your welcome thread.
  4. welcome to DM, RMosack! *big hug* ... i never thought to check for an online forum, either - even though i knew about dragonmount.com being the "official" fan site. i think i would have enjoyed the series even more had i been part of this group =) anyways, i hope you have a great time here & you find everything you're looking for. if you have the time, drop by & participate in the forum. it's a ton of fun & you get to meet simply amazing people =) also, if you decide to do that, you should probably start your own welcome thread. call it whatever you want; it'll be a place just
  5. welcome, zarine =) i second what corki said - don't forget us on the ORG side! lots of activity & people to meet, & you can get into some fun role playing with us, too.
  6. welcome! i hope you have lots of fun here & get to love it as much as we do. the guys hit it on the head - don't discount the Org side of things. the Illuminators are the creative arts Org, & most of the Orgs are based on role-playing. give us a shout here if you need any help or advice/info! & amethea, props again for staying on the welcome wagon.
  7. hey again, scoop =) nice to see you venturing out of the newbie zone already. i've never been up to prince george myself, but my dad used to take lots of runs up there back when he drove a truck for some company. at least he tells me he did. silver - BCIT is a great school. especially with the trade market so big. a part of me wants to go there, but most of me says i'd just end up hacking off my hand or something. i attend UBC atm. i'd reply to the rest of you, but my attention is on the tv atm. game four be underway. 8) GO CANUCKS! *waves little flag*
  8. i can swear to that ^ 8) careful grasping the Oath Rod. someone might take it for pre-initiation into the WT Org. i was just asking because it helps us know where to point you next. correct me if i'm wrong :) this server has three levels: administrator, moderator, & user (registered & unregistered). depending on how active you are over certain periods of time & in certain places, you can get promoted to expand how much control you have over different areas. it's really good to pay attention to what the forums on the main page have in their descriptions; those have under
  9. nice to meet you, kes. or probably rereremeet you. if you listen to what barm!essy say you're going to get yourself into a lot of trouble which you should know if you've been around for as long as someone thinks you've been around for.
  10. kait: missinginstereo ;)
  11. kait


    *reads back to kait's last post* got all of that already. kait is connected to WK via SC. she is connected to WT via BT. WhiteTowerMentorMentee: d----n
  12. hey TENSHIN! boo. rochester again. no. kait has 18 of those.
  13. that's right! [bLANK] is so much better than everything else!
  14. oh. you're asking me? mmmm. Fiddles. i'm 18 turning 19 in first year going to second. i was in arts one i'm going to english honours. blahblahblah. come fiddle.
  15. kait


    mod: she's a girl? kait doesn't bite girls. but since Footy told kait to ... BITESMAIDEN funny. you taste familiar, dear. anyways. let's see. what haven't you heard? ... oh. of course. you haven't heard anything because you were waiting for me! ahhh. the other mods will return to correct anything i miss. *waves at admin - no need to change anything* my plug: ORGanizations - RolePlayingGames WelcomeWagon - NEWBies! FiddleSticks - SPAMmies! BotRH - BANDies! SeanChan - SCies! WhiteTower - WTies! BlackTower - BTies! Illuminators - NightFloweries! *nods at Maiden*
  16. *nods* ... move it, empy. you made the 3rd.
  17. *sighs & looks at eggy* ... kait has no idea.
  18. *grins at jackdaw* ... course not, dear ... *tackles FR*...
  19. *laughs* well done =) but, Footy, we've been through this already. but since you can't understand anyways: jackdaw isn't mine.
  20. [silence] just'causetheadminisn'tsteppingindoesn'tmeanthemodsruncrazy.shush,footy.
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