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  1. erm..sweetie i really dont think this was the time or place for that. it is tragic that it has happened and lets hope something like this never happens again
  2. there is a short answer to this: yes they are slow. they get very much slower. it took me 3 months to read either book 7 or book 8. nia wouldn;t even lend me book 10 as its SO SLOW she knows she would never get it back yes its detailed...its certainly an epic...but does the detail really need to be there? no in my opinion. i think RJ could have done the entire 13 book series in about 5 books and then they would have been awesome instead of "ok, the story is ok, but its so slow im gouging my eyes out" ;)
  3. congratsies!! can alwaya trust a fan of a film which puts rock music is a medival movie.... :P *twirls off humming we will rock you*
  4. 5 pages of spam.... *ties up corki* go ahead with the lynching :D *makes sure can;t move, speak or do anything except watch the lynching*
  5. *laughs lots* ahhhhh.......strange peeps :D
  6. yes, as every historian knows, history is an on going thing, so if anyone has anythignt o add, post it here, or pm it...however i do need ideas on how we are going to display / store / update this project as i think it should eb available to everyone to read and add bits to if they want to
  7. *grins* maybe you could wrtie it down and post it here soemtime then mat so we can record it? as that was the aim of the project... glad you like it mumsy! :D *huggles all her researchers* you all did so so well!!!! well done!!!!
  8. History of the Guild People interviewed : - Esteban as Sword Captain - Kynwric as Master of Arms - Kathana Sedai as Amyrlin seat Introduction The Dragonmount website as been created by Jason. It’s was thanks to him that the white tower was created and the guild. Kathana Sedai has been Amyrlin from the beginning, as Esteban has been the only Sword Captain. The Sword Captain tasks are the same as the ones of ajah’s heads. It involves to watch the guild boards and the members. The Master at arms tasks are the same as the ones of the MoN but centered not on novices and accepted but on algais and mashimas. The discovery of the DM site and the tasks linked to it Kathana Kathana discovered the DM boards in the fall of 1998 a few weeks after it opened. At the time, our Amyrlin has started her WT life as a young and distractable brown sister on another website. But after some weeks, she was contacted by Jason who told her about DM, which she checked. DM was two weeks old at that time. When Dragonmount opened, there were originally five Orgs. White Tower, Black Tower, Shayol Ghul, Wolfkin and Children of the Light. Jason had recruited people he knew from other forums or online groups to lead them. In a first time, he had asked someone called Julia to be the Amyrlin of the White Tower. However a few weeks before the site opened to the public, she changed her mind. The site opened on schedule without an Amyrlin. The first month or so the site was up, Jason's biggest priority was finding an Amyrlin. He really wanted the White Tower Org to play a major role at Dragonmount, so he was being very picky about who he selected. Kathana, having no idea what she was getting herself into, applied on a lark. She thought it would be a nice diversion for a few months. Indeend she thought the site wouldn't last longer than a year anyways thinking people get bored easily on the internet and she had already seen many good ideas abandoned after the founders got bored. Anyways, after a few rounds of interviews and the like, Jason finally appointed Kathana to be the Amyrlin Seat of Dragonmount.com, a position she has now held for a little over seven years. This makes her the longest serving Amyrlin Seat of any WoT community. Estaban E actually found the site when I attended Dragon-Con in 2001. Dragon-Con is a huge Science Fiction/Fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia. He met there a few people at the Wheel of Time room and saw immediately that everyone knew each other. He met Kathana there and asked her how everyone knew each other and she told me that most of them were members of an online community at Dragonmount.com. So Esteban joined the day after Dragon-Con. He’s been in it ever since. (Just for reference, Estaban ‘s said that Dragon-Con's are held the first weekend of September or Labor Day weekend each year.) When Estaban first joined, it was to the RP side and he joined the Black Tower. I found that wasn't a good fit for him so I joined the Warders on the RP side. He got all the way up to Tower Guard before the next Dragon-Con. Back at this time when you joined the site, you joined both the community and the RP side. So he did hold rank one the community side. During the next year he started college so couldn't do the elaborate RP posts he used to do. He even went inactive for most of the next year, this was 2003. During the next Dragon-Con, Kathana asked him if I would like to head the Warders on the community side. Esteban agreed : “Little did I know what I was getting into†did he tell me ! Kynwric Kynwric found Dragonmount sometime in 2002. He was looking for information on Jordan's release dates for the Wheel of Time and found it on the site. He kept coming back to it so he decided to actually explore it some and joined up in November of 2003 Events For the special events in the guild life, here are some choosen ones. Bad one A big contentious period, org wide at least, happened at the closing of the Off-Site Age of Legends boards. Those boards were where the members were before returning all the Ajahs and such to Dragonmount. It seems that some guid members still miss those boards. Esteban told me this : “ Some warders were a little upset at Kathana for not allowing any RP on the community side of DM. So some of them started a another site in addition to our duties here. After a few months though that site exploded into alot of drama and choosing sides which some people couldn't keep from coming to this site. That caused alot of bad blood that still exists todayâ€. Nices one Kynwric recalls : “Let's see, for St. Patty's Day week of 2004 there was a week where called swap week, several of the Ajah's each hosted a themed party, as I recall the Yellow, Red, White, Green and Warders where in on it. For the week the various 'Head' positions were filled by Aspirants and the Heads were returned back to Aspiranthood. That was a fun week.†Last ones After the break of DM board, the community was sent to another website, with the colours of indiana jones. At that time, the last MoN, Taya gave her title up. Indeed it had become impossible for her to achieve every MoN tasks. So, Kynwric took some part of her job while the researches for another MoN. As Lor is now choosen, eveything has come back to normal. ****** Researcher: Chaelca ******
  9. History of the White Ajah The original Head of the White Ajah was Chissa Sedai. Leaders since Chissa resigned include Dazzle, Lylana, Eilonwy, Luthien, and the current Head, Jeran Sedai. The current Sitters in the White Ajah are Dwynwen Sedai and Tiren Sedai. Other current white sisters include Lylana, Deira, Talhonjik, and Azelle. The mascot of the white ajah is the unicorn currently, but has been the sheep in the past. The weapon of choice for the ajah is an ice pick. The sisters reside in the Crystal Castle, in the midst of the Forbidden Forest. In the summer, when the castle of ice melts, the sisters move into their Lego Summer House. Logic puzzles; discussions of philisophical topics, poems, and quotations; and snow fort battles are just a few things that white sisters enjoy. They have hosted logic puzzle and snowflake making contests. The White Ajah Journal is currently making its way around the world, with sisters contributing at each stop by writing a little about themselves, and including pictures. During their White Ajah Winter Festival Week, they held a Snow Ball, where they crowned a Snow King (F Horn of Valere) and Snow Queen (Madjordanfan). Community Service months found the white sisters typically helping animals. I would like to thank Mother Kathana Sedai, Jeran Sedai, Dwynwen Sedai, and Lylana Sedai, for their prompt and thorough answers to my inquiries. ******* Researcher: Angyl *******
  10. History of the Yellow Ajah Demi: Hello, As you may or might not have noticed I am thedemigod, and today im here to bring you the finest within interwiews. Today I have with me the one and only yellow ajah head, Nynaeve! Now, Nyn, how do you feel? Nyn: I feel pretty relaxed, actually. It's Saturday which means no work. I just took a long bath and i'm drinking chocolate milk. Life can't get any better *smiles* Demi: Sounds great Makes me want some milk myself.. Ah well, plenty o'time for that later, now. Why dont you tell me about some major yellow projects? Nyn: Well, the project that really made the yellow ajah shine was the Herb Encyclopedia project. Yes, it took a long time. Longer then it should have. But the results outweighed the proccess of getting there. The most important thing about it is that it was team work. We seperated each book into two parts and gave each part to a person. Of course now we need to update the encyclopedia since we only summed up the herbs from book 1-9. Any other details we could find like descriptions of herbs and affects we added. So it's not just a list of herb names. It can be very useful for Rping, especially for yellows and of course it's just information that is nice to have. Demi: That must've been some task *is quite amazed actually* Youre going to have to show me this work once. Well, i'd like to know something about previous yellow ajah heads? And pherhaps how you came to have this highly honourable position? Nyn: *L* ah yes. Well, I don't really know about the line of Yellow Ajah heads. All I know is that when I joined Dragonmount on 2001 the ajah head was Soraya. I honestly have no idea how long she was ajah head. I bet Kath aka mumsy will know better then me. Anyway, there were more yellows around. Just a few. The memorable ones for me were my mentor Zanthia... which I found out was actually a guy about 6 months after he started to mentor me *rofl* and the second memroble was Carrain who was also the mentor of my Aiel Character on the RP side, which is why I got to know her better. Now, when Soraya decided to retire as ajah head I was just before getting raised to an Aes Sedai (if memory serves me right). All the other yellows kind of disappeared at that moment and honestly...I was the only one around to take the position *LOL* So my talent and presence, persay, wasn't the reason I got the ajah head position. But i'd like to think that it's why I kept the position for so long. Demi: Well, all i'm saying is that they probably kept you around for something. *wonders about how it would be to be the only one in the ajah* Anyhow, please share with me some information about the yellow sitters, who, how, when, and pherhaps why! Nyn: Well, in the beginning it was only I, myself and me in the ajah *L* So as I started to gain some members, the ones who reached Aes Sedai first were the ones I chose as Sitters. Later on when I actually had people to choose from i've reached the decision that the title of Sitter shouldn't be given to three specific people permanantly. Sitter is a title that is given to the worthy members that can give me ideas, contribue in projects and generally just give me a hand. And if I look closely at my members, they all match the description and they help me out with or without a title. So, when it's time to name my sitters, I choose three different people each time. I give each an oppurtunity. At least no one can claim i'm not fair *smiles* Demi: Sounds like a pretty fair system, at least it makes sure no one gets left out *nods* Now to make it to Aes Sedai... Ah well, now, I'm sure our most honoured audience would like to know something about this ajah's history, any important events or something much like it, might you share your wisdom? Nyn: The yellow ajah wasn't always the snuggliest warmest fuzziest ajah, even if it might come as a shock. I mean, in the end, what shapes the ajah are the members. And in the beginning half my members were from SG as well. Trollocs. And we had from time to time a week where the Yellows, or rather the Trollocs had a Trolloc week on the yellow board. So it was the yellows more evil phase, so to speak. Then as new members started to join, we entered a new phase that I kind of created. The yellow ajah was the royal ajah. I was the Yellow Queenie. My warder at the time, Aric, was the king and each aspie that joined our ajah was granted a title. There were the princessess, princes, counts, countessess, lords.... And my aspies seemed to really love those titles. Gives one a sense of property *L* those were good times. But then, Will came along *lol* And with him and all the aspies he attracted, most of them being his own mintees, started the era of the huggling. The Yellow ajah became the love ajah. The fluffy feathery sickingly cute Ajah and it remaind in the same fashion till now. Although we had some recent addition of SG blood so it's a little more mixed now, which I approve of. It's best to have different people with different tastes. It spices things up. Demi: Myes, i can feel the trollock blood flowing through my veins as we speak. Wuite tickly acutally now that i think of it. *long moment of silence* Now what the entire audience has been waiting for, tell us about yourself! What goes on inside the head of Nynaeve, what makes an ajah head tick? Nyn: Bring me some brownies and i'll probably do you bidding, my friend *LOL* But seriously, I'm sure I haven't been the greatest ajah head in the world. Especially since I was caught up in the army for the last two years. Making me tick is complicated *g* Now that i'm released, though, I hope to get things going again. I promise i'll try, at least. But my members have managed quite well without my constant supervision which really makes me feel good. The most important thing to me is that yes, we might be a smaller gourp, compared to other ajahs but we are so close knit. I know each and every member I have and they know exactly what i'm about. And like some of my members have said, in a way, we are a family and we can count on each other for support. We share bad things and good things alike. So mainly, you'll always have someone there that will listen to you and give you his or her honest opinion. That's what friends are for and that is what the Yellow Ajah is all about. And really DM as whole. Demi: Excellent, how about some applause for the yellow ajah head? *audience is heard applauding* Demi: There we go, well thank you very much for taking the time to do this, and may the force be with you! *Demi and nyn are seen teleporting back to Klingon 5* ****** Researcher: Demigod, with help from Nyneave ******
  11. History of the Red Ajah When Dragonmount started up, the Red Ajah was one of the last Ajahs to form. Francesca was the first person to join and became the first Head of the Reds. Narell joined next and they were the only members for a few months. The Red Ajah has remained small with never more than 10 full active members at one time. Because Red Ajah members do not traditionally bond warders, members of the Red Ajah decided to take on love slaves instead. Only the best of the best were chosen as love slaves. Their uniform was a leopard print thong and a feather fan. Their duties included peeling grapes, fanning the Red Aes Sedai, and looking sexy. Ender is King of the Reds and holds the bond to the entire Red Ajah. Duties of the Red Ajah to Ender include feeding him peeled grapes which are peeled by their love slaves and basking in his radiance. Ender first became involved with the Red Ajah when someone used compulsion on him to make him bond Narell against her will and attack Francesca. When the compulsion wore off he was imprisoned for a long time. During one of Kathana’s posts someone discovered the Red Ajah wearing filmy dresses and feeding Ender grapes, which eventually ended in his role as King of the Reds. Kathana’s post also led to the traditional Red Ajah uniform, which was a filmy red robe and stiletto heels. Reds traditionally enjoy sporks and over time fangs, cherry pies, and red rum have been added to the list along with other items. When Dragonmount split into RP and community boards a split formed in the Red Ajah over disagreements and some of the members chose to leave. The remaining members stayed and moved on. In June 2004, the Red Ajah decided to do something special to celebrate the friendship and similarities between the Red Ajah and the Green Ajah. They invited the Green Ajah to be their Souvra'dars, or soul sisters. The bond still exists between those Ajahs on Dragonmount. The Red Ajah has changed over time. Red Sisters are now allowed to bond people if they choose to. In addition, red leather pants are now preferred over the filmy robes and stiletto heels. Laurana is currently working on a project on history of Red Ajah in WoT Heads of the Red Ajah First: Francesca Second: Daelin* Third: Dallah Fourth: ? Fifth: Kathrina Sixth: Cerianth* Seventh: Briakale Eigth: Tessandra *same person Current Members: Head: Tessandra Sitters: Laurana Briakale Nirene Active Sisters: Muirenn Alianin Sheliara a'Dahlin Malene Accepted Aspie: Mara Jayde I would like to thank Ender, Muirenn, Cerianth/Daelin, Kathana, and Laur for all their help ****** Researcher: Nailea ******
  12. The history of the Green Ajah To write about the green ajah history, I interviewed two really important characters of the greenies world. Jaydena who is the green ajah head and Cleopatra who’s the green ajah heart. When and how have they discovered the DM board? Jaydena Sedai discovered WOT through a friend, he kept bugging her to read the books. But she didn't like fantasy at all so in a first time she declined. Finally she tried to read them and couldn't make it through the first 80 pages. Months later he tried to convince her to read them again. She read them and loved them. After she read the books, she, her brother and her friends found DM, this was back in 99! She joined DM and started RPing! Back then the site was not split into community and rp side. I left DM for personal reasons when she came back the boards were totally different. Cleopatra Sedai discovered the Dragonmount website through her husband, Bill who came to read the discussion boards. He never posted but would always talk about the site as being one of the best sources of insight and information about the books. After reading the discussion for a while Cleopatra began to explore the boards a bit more and was drawn into DM world. A bit of history There were two green ajah heads on the RP side before it split, Lanfir and Mandi Sedai. When the site split into rp and community Eladari Sedai became the Head of the Community Greens. When she stepped down in October 2003, Jaydena was promoted to Ajah Head within a week. The offsite board was created in April 04 and after some revamping and hard work the board was in working order. It was created it because at the time the greenies had moved from the Age of Legends board and had public boards on DM and no private boards. Tasks performed in the Green ajah board Cleopatra Sedai did one of the most important task on the green ajah board : she did all the artwork and helped Jaydena with site preps for the ezboards (which is technically the 3rd board for the Greens and the actual one). She also created an offsite board for the Mirror storage to hold our greenie history so that it’ll not be lost again; this included DM history as well. Cleopatra Sedai created and ran the Recipes board that allows for all Novices/Accepted/Warders to gain points by submitting real, working recipes or recipes that were wholly unique or super funny! She retired from that site, appointing Serenity Sedai as the caretaker. Other important characters are the Sitters who change every six months. An election is hold and the entire ajah votes on the three people that will hold the position (more than three people run so there are always people who have to wait till later terms to get their chance). In the start of being ajah head Jaydena did like most of the other ajah heads and picked the Sitters herself but I changed it to a voting system as she wanted the ajah to be as fair as possible. Green ajah and warders The green aes sedai are well-knowned for their links with the male inhabitants of the white tower : the warders. Lot’s of them are bonded with one or more full warders, mashima or algai. Those come to the green board where they aren’t the only male members ! Green ajah is composed of some male brothers, too. â€According to the books, the Green Ajah has a special interest in having more than one Warder. Our Ajah does as well, but we also encourage them to socialize with us even more by attending their boards as well. The gals in our Ajah have a special place in our hearts for the Warders, that for sure LOL!†Says Cleopatra Sedai. Jaydena adds :†For as long as I remember we have been the ajah that I would say is the closest and the most involved. Of course the other ajahs have gaidin and they often visit but you will always find greenies hanging out on the Warder board and you will always find warders hanging out on the Green board. “ Greenies events The best greenie event Greenies seems to recall lots of good events : the MON one on the Age of Legends board was great, the creation of the moat and the first warder to get tossed in was something, it seems, as the sonnets done by the Gaidin as punishment. Among those best events there is the Warder/Sedai swap week. Cleopatra Sedai told that she was happy to see other Ajah's come to participate just on the excitement and fun that the greens have. “We really do, enjoy inter Ajah fun and it's always a pleasure to have visitorsâ€, she said. The worse greenie event It looks that worst event was getting hacked and losing all of the green ajah history that had been saved on both the offsite board and the archive board the green had created. Last greenie event The task of Heart has been opened. The heart is picked by the Head of the Ajah and is supposed to embody the spirit of the Ajah. She is the HoA's back up and shoulder to lean on. It is supposed to replace the task of “Assistant ajah†head. She holds a position equal to (but separate from) the Sitters, except when the Head of Ajah is away, she steps in to run things . Since the green sitters terms are only 6 months, it seems very difficult to train each sitter to do all the things Jaydena does and it is impossible for the Head to take the time for training or re-training each new set of sitters. Cleopatra Sedai said : “In essence, I am just waiting in the wings helping with site admin stuff, artwork, and whatever needs done that the sitters may not get to or have knowlege of. If Jade ever takes leave, I will step up to run the Ajah until her return. I do less than the sitters, since they have the majority of work. Which I am so grateful for!! “ ******* Researcher: Chaelca ******
  13. The history of the Gray Ajah The Gray Ajah was one of the five original Ajahs. The original five Ajahs were the Blue, Brown, Gray, Green and White. The Red and Yellow Ajah were founded later. The first Head of the Gray was Mabriam Sedai, and the original members were Mabriam Sedai, Serinia Sedai and Alosha Sedai. Mabriam Sedai was succeded as Head by Serinia Sedai, and after Serinia Sedai the Heads have been, in order, Phrygiana Sedai, Reile Sedai, Marce/Pookie Sedai and Serinia Sedai (again). Of the original members, both Serinia Sedai and Alosha Sedai spent time as Mistress of Novices. Phrygiana Sedai was also Mistress of Novices. The position as Keeper of Chronicles has been held by two Gray sisters, Reile Sedai and Muirenn Sedai (when she was Gray). The Gray Ajah is one of the smaller Ajahs, that used to be known for not being very active at Dragonmount but rather being active by mail, however, according to Mendorah Sedai, that is changing some. The current members of the Gray Ajah Ajah Head: Mendorah Al Landri Sitter: Pookie Sedai Sisters: Serinia Latar Empy Sedai/Sammantha Aellinsar Myriam Asynja Seryanne Sedai Cairos Sedai Retired Sisters: Almindhra Dhasara Danera Rohayne Deanne al’Moiran Eidheann Merida / Emeritus Tania Ramsey Souvra‘Dar: Charis Al’Aslan Interview with Mendorah Sedai, Head of the Gray Ajah For how long have you been a member of the Gray Ajah? I have been a member of the Gray Ajah since March of 2005. I made my declarations in February and was accepted into the Ajah as an Accepted Aspirant in March. What made you choose the Gray as your Ajah? I chose the Grays as they were quiet and seemed to be more my age and according to the website that was up at the time, they were serious about being a close group. And I felt a strong connection with the Grays in the books. I really identified with the leadership and advisor roles they took on. During your time as a member, has the Ajah changed in any way? For example, has there at any point been a larger number of Grays active (at Dragonmount) than there are now? Yes, when I first joined, the Ajah wasn't very active on the messageboards. They were active via a private e-mail system. I came on board as even the e-mail system was not very active, so I became active on the messageboards. Our activity on the messageboards has grown from there. Also, since I became Ajah head, I have tried to give us an eternal discussion topic - Volunteering. You have said that you try to keep a volunteer thread going all the time, and that this is something relatively new to the Ajah. What kind of projects did the Ajah use to have before? This is something that I can't answer very well as it was before my time. At one point, I had various discussion threads going as my "debate topic of the day". They weren't really debates as they were silly thoughts with polls. And I think one of the older sisters had Quizzes that she posted often. How come the main activity didn't take place on the Dragonmount boards (if this is true)? This is another question I can't answer very well. From what I know, the Gray Ajah just made a decision that they wanted to be more personal about their connection with one another. Finally, how would you describe the Ajah as it is today? Today I'd describe the Ajah as growing and ecclectic. As you can see, we have a range of types of people in our ajah now. We have some older members who still hang out here and there. We have a newer member who is active in the Hand and is Very inquisitive. And we have a new member who is relitavely young (compared to other members) and is filled with energy. I think right now we're trying to find a good balance between the new and the old. We want to be visible and active in the Tower without alienating the old ways of the Ajah. For instance, I still have the old e-mailing list handy to keep the inactives involved with what's going on in the Ajah and I also keep up with the active sisters via my own new e-mailing list when things are important and deserve to have personal attention. Sources: Mendorah Sedai and Mother ******* Researcher: Raena *********
  14. History of the Brown Ajah In the Wheel of Time books the Brown Ajah is known for seeking out knowledge and appears to be unaware of what is going on around them. The Brown Ajah at Dragonmount also seeks out knowledge if not exactly in the same way. According to the member profiles the whole Ajah seems to enjoy reading and many of the members teach not only school, but also music, foreign languages, and many other activities. Most of the members of the Brown Ajah chose to join because they felt at home with others that enjoyed books, knowledge, learning from each other, and chocolate. In the past the Brown Ajah was known for many things. They were at one time the largest and most active Ajah at Dragonmount. Almost every staff member from Keeper to Librarian was a Brown. There trademark was handing out brownies, so much so that other Ajahs were not allowed to give out brownies at all. Browns like all things chocoalate and at one time had a whole online cookbook of chocolate recipes that had been posted by members of the Ajah. At this time Jeannaisais Sedai is in charge of all Chocolate Rooms at Dragonmount. Another old tradition is the Browns being known as the sexXxy Ajah, because as we all known knowledge is sexy. The Brown Ajah members were known as the “S&M dominatrix type Sisters.†It also seems that people would make jokes about whip cracks and screams keeping the Tower up at night. This reputation attracted The Children of the Light. Soon the Brown Ajah had a special friendship with them included trips to the Brown Quarters™ for good behavior. There is also a running joke about Brown Ajah slumber parties and brown sequined small clothes, but that is all that is known about that. What would a history be without a listing of the leadership throughout history. With that in mind I have compiled a list of the Heads of the Brown Ajah starting at the beginning of known records first was April, then Serafelle, followed by Yveva, Swani , and currently Karana Majin. The most current list of members can be found at http://www.farstrider.org/BrownAjah/members.htm. Biographies for many members can also be found here. *********** Researcher: Tabby Jae ************
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