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  1. *Strides in looking calm, but Myst knows he's about as happy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs* Five warders and two AS kept me detained in a room for the past few hours saying it was for my own good!! At one point they had me bound in air and at sword point! Not like I was going to kill any of them, but when that worry hit, I bloodied a couple. Of course, now that I know why, I'm still not happy. You, Kara, could have given me a hint that nobody was actually killing Mystica, but NOOO!! Much more fun to have somebody pin me to a wall for nothing more then breaking a few arms and cracking a skull or two!! All things considered... I must say Congrats you two!! All ya'all make the perfect pair. Now, where're those drinks at?! I figure if I get drunk enough to make Mysty suffer, you'll feel it all through your shared bond!! WOW!! That's four people suffering for the price on one drunk fool!! MWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;D *Gives Myst a big hug* Congrats, bonded mine!
  2. Each Org specializes in some aspect or another that may quirk you interest. Seanchan concern themselves with TV shows and movies, while the illuminators are the artistic folk, and The Band of the Red Hand deals with travel and music. Of course those are some examples off the top of my head, as there are more orgs and more topics. The most important thing is that all the orgs are fun because of the people in them. Find a place (or places) to settle into, meet folks, make friends, and have a good time!! Who is you favorite book character, BTW? Oh, yeah! I'm Deathdealer AKA Footman. A member of the Band of the Red Hand, Infantry Regiment. Stop by and I'll buy you a brew or two!!
  3. Hey, Runner! I saw your question about more books past memory of light. The only thing I've heard of is a possible re-do of the Big White Book, that would include possible information that is only in RJ's notes. Lots of behind the scenes info from the info I've read about, but that is only a possibility. Welcome to DM! This is a great place. Wonderful folks 'round these parts. If you like movies, you should check out the Seanchan Org. I've personally never been, but their main focus is TV and Movies! If you like Mat and Band of the Red Hand, you could stop by that Org as well. It is a fun group of people. I hope you enjoy DM, and hope you find all that you seek, need, desire, want, have, crave, or discover... or something like that.
  4. I'm rather pleased with the way JKR did the deaths and the way the characters were forced to react. Weather she knows from personal experience, or not, she hit the nail on the head. Just like the bit in TSR with Perrin, having to care for the living. The only person that could be mourned was Dobby, the rest were dying in the midst of something bigger than any one person. Some people break down (Percy), and others kept their heads, and moved on. When I first read the story, I was upset that there wasn't more closing after the battle, but now realize it would have been funerals and grieving. Jumping ahead 19 years was a brilliant move. Not knowing what Harry does for a living (not until the interview I watched) wasn't a big thing for me. Harry was happy. He was married to the woman he loved and had three kids! That I can relate to. My job isn't what is important, it isn't my life, my wife and kids are. Harry did alright at the end there. He did just fine.
  5. Well, you know me... Pink is always good!! *Strips down to TPLC* Ok! Who's first?!
  6. *Puts his back down, or at least tries* Seems to have gotten stuck on the hook that I had put it up on in the first place. *Pulls really hard, and yanks it down with a cry of pain* Seems I've pulled my back out, folks.
  7. Not to beat a dead horse, 'cause that gets messy for the horse and the beater, but... Arie, where did the above quote come from? It says Rand through speculation. I was wondering about the speculation part, as Rand beat a Seanchan Blademaster in single combat at the end of book 2, making him a Blademaster w/o speculation. On this whole debate: I helped develop the BotRH Blademaster program with other key Infantry Members: Ash, Myst, Tay, Kris and several others that I appologize for not going to look it up right now, but it is early. If the RP side of DM has a Blademaster idea in place, I'm sorry if any there think that we stole the idea. Never been there, didn't know. When I joined the Warders and saw the rank system post here, my first thought was, 'well, I've earned Blademaster already.' Then I found out it was just get points and you are a master. That was kind of a let down. I'm all for freedom of thought and ideas. If the Warders wish to develop a Blademaster system, I can't see anybody stopping them. I'll be disappointed, unless they develop a testing system that is other than earning points. Anybody can post in the WT for ten months and earn the required 20 for promotion and do the other required things for the rank. The system the Band's Infantry developed allows for somebody to reach the highest rank and have more points than anybody, but never be a Blademaster. It is something extra that litterally takes months (a long time in a community) to achieve. We wanted to do the title taken from the books proud and not cheapen it in anyway. We tried to base the test we give to something as close as possible from the books descriptions of testing as we could. Standardizing testing across DM. I'm sorry, but the above people worked really hard on the system the Band has, and we won't be changing that. I won't anyways. That's where I put my foot down. If every Org here develops their own system and implements it, well I can't stop that, and don't know if I'd want to (creative freedom and all), but I'm going to be selfish and say that the Band won't be sharing their test methods, and we won't change what we have. HOWEVER!! If the descission comes down that the warders want to institute a system for testing, I'll help formulate ideas for a test other than earning points. I'm partial to the Band, having been a member for almost 2 years, but I'm a member here, too, and will help out if I can. This may sound like a betrayal to the Band, but I don't see it that way. In the books, not every Warder trained with the Warders, and not every person that trains with the Warders becomes a Warder. Nor is every Warder a Blademaster. Therefore, I don't think every Warder that attains the highest rank should be a Blademaster. There should be a seperate test, and it should be hard. It should show dedication to DM, to the WT Org, and to the Warders. That is the basis of the Infantry's testing (a part of it). If the Warders decide to do it, I'd like a say in the way it is done.
  8. Quite the dress uniform, Horn!! Well, if you don't know what I look like, you're lucky. If you want to, don't say I didn't warn you! In Baghdad... Guess what I'm burning! Just take a wild guess! http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j274/dealing_death13/MyPictures0004.jpg One of my four happiest moments! Me with my third child (2nd daughter), Alexandra Noel! She's such a cute little eyeball under all those blankies!! http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j274/dealing_death13/DSCN0146.jpg
  9. *thumps his chest* That's my Aes Sedai!! *Grins broadly* Way to go, Bonded!! Very proud to serve!!
  10. Well, I posted at the Warder's activity posting thread, do I post here, too? Well, too late if I shouldn't. :D
  11. You two go together like oil and water.... no... night and day? Umm... ducks and fire? Wait! I got it! Platypi and water!!! That's what you two are like! Platypi and water! Now which is the platypus? Love you guys! Hope you are most happy watching each other's backs. *thinks staring at 12th's back could become boring, but hey! To each their own!*
  12. If the Black Tower is as large as the WT, then the M'Heal would be likened to the Amyrlin Seat. That would be some glory as the Amyrlin is considered the most powerful person in Randland, or was until Rand came around...
  13. Oh, I'm not dismissive of anybody. I took the money. That money would buy a nice house and secure my childrens future. Money hands down. as for the penalty, auditors from the IRS coupled with mob affiliated loan sharks would come in and take away everything you made from the Million dollars!
  14. The fact that a dark prophecy in book two allows you to figure out the identity of Lord Luc in book four is amazing! Two sentences and, BOOM! entirely new plot line is unfloded 2 books later. Gotta love stuff like that.
  15. Thank you. It doesn't matter what I asked. The question was to see who placed physical wealth over: knowledge, satisfying curiosity, or both.
  16. You could read your $30 hardcover edition of book 12 and learn all there is to learn of the WOT, perhaps even put to rest the entire "who killed Asmo"!! or.... you could accept one million tax free dollars and never, NEVER EVER learn a darn thing about the WOT that you don't already know. I'm not talking, take the money and read the book ten years from now, or take the money and get online to get the plot spoilers. NO!! Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, NOTHING!! One million dollars and never able to satisfy your curiosity. Which would you choose?
  17. Hey, Someshta. Welcome to here, and not to there. If you are ever in the mood, come check out The Band of the Red Hand. OUr leader is a huge slacker, as are we all! I mean any guy who would rather run his org instead of learning about dead and gone civilizations and languages is a huge, giant slacker! But we love him for it! That love that two hetero men share. I beleive it is called bromance. *walks over to try and free the Emporer* *something implodes* Ooops. My bad! Just a slacker Band member not knowing what is going on. Sorry.
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