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  1. You may want to explain that they must first join the White Tower to get to the board and participate...
  2. Haha... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. 8)
  3. Hehe... well, I'll be in Vancouver for the summer!! :D
  4. LAURIER!!!!! Currently lives a 2 minute walk away from Laurier... but actually goes to UW. lol 8) ~EDIT: Actually... I guess I do kinda go to Laurier too, I have business classes there!
  5. haha, awesome :lol: also, while your here make sure you check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG, it's by far the best! :D
  6. not a dumb question, don't worry. I didn't really know myself when I joined :) The only way I can think of to really describe them is simply that they are smaller sections of the DM community and the best way to really find out about them is to scroll down to their boards and browse them for yourself. Mostly all of them should have some sort of welcome thread that will describe themselves. Hopefully this helps you out! :D
  7. Hi Rian! welcome to DM from a fellow newbie, don't be afraid to post whatever you like! :D I look forward to seeing you around. One last thing, make sure you check out the Band of the Red Hand...they are byyy far the best ORG.
  8. woolhead


    haha, Hey Adam! I'm new as well and I can also say that you made an excellent choice in joining the Band. I'm currently going through their Raw Recruit scheme and it is a lot of fun! look forward to seeing you around.
  9. haha. I personally don't care how long the book has to be to get it finished, because really, once that book is done...the series is over and there won't be anything left to look forward to. So I will enjoy waiting and I will enjoy every minute of reading the, hopefully, massive final book to the series.
  10. ya, i definitely agree that you should get to know the dog a little bit before making your choice. my top 3 would have to be: Pips, Asmo, and Loial in no particular order. good luck making the choice!
  11. haha, definitely WoTist :D But between the two options given I would say it has to be WoTers. I don't know about you guys, but I personally have never read any of Jordan's other work...although his upcoming series(Infinity of Heaven?) does look interesting and I'll probably check it out.
  12. hehe, Thanks guys for all the welcomes, now it's time to start posting!
  13. Hey all, I've been browsing the forums now for about a month and decided to finally register now that DM is back up. I'm pretty excited to meet all of you and just have a fun time. I've even scouted out a couple of the ORGs and they look awesome, especially the Band. :lol: And for Egwene, don't worry, I already put in my vote for the Asmo poll..haha Alright, that's all from me...thnx guys
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