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  1. Congrats Bela!!! *huggles* You'll become an amazing yellow Aes sedai one day!!! *eyes Tharen* And you sure have your work cut out for you! *pats Tharen*
  2. Ok I've been pondering about this for a little while now...lately I havent got much time to spend everywhere and my time here in the WT is suffering! So for now I'm on a LOA, ill be back once I have some more time! :-*
  3. *comes in way too late* Oh my congrats so much Tay!! The whites should be very proud to hav you as a sedai!!!
  4. Amavia


    Welcome Tenacious! Ow and don't mind 12th he's just being silly :lol: *twaps silly 12th*
  5. *nods* I hate snow It did create some beautifull pics although Like this one from our backyard
  6. *huggles Myst* Indeed you are right! as soon as I have my license it will be impossible for anyone to safely walk in Holland! :twisted:
  7. Ok so I passed al my exams at school... But my Drivers license test was resceduled! I was supposed to get my drivers license last thursday... But al of the sudden mother nature decided that it would be a perfect day to have a snow storm in the Netherlands!!!! Wich resulted in my exam being cancelled due to bad weather :( Now I have to wait even longer!!! *sighs* To think I was so nervous! and just when I thought everything would go wrong ( I had the worst morning ever) my tutor called and said that due to a heavy snow storm heading our way the test was cancelled.... So it turned out to be the worst day of this new year *shakes head* And to top it all of I now have the flu..... The only good thing that happend this week is that I finnaly got my new laptop! :D well that's it.... :(
  8. I'll be on LOA for about two or three weeks due to school exams and drivers license test coming up. Don't worry after those weeks I'll be back and even more active!!! :D
  9. Congrats everyone! *huggles odds & Daruya & Gentled Ben & Harmony!*
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