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3 hours ago, LadyWordsmith said:

Oh I love those, Ryrin!

I've mostly been doing illuminated pieces for our SCA Kingdom in my spare time. Filling in existing pre-prints for lower ranked awards mostly now that I got my bigger commissions completed. 

Do you have any pictures?

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Okay. Well, i've been playing with oils, something new for me. 


and 3x3-2.jpg


I still want to do another pass on them, but i like it! This is only on a little 3x3 canvas. 


And I started this one too:



i sketched them out over a month ago, if thats any indication on how 'creative' i've been feeling.

(also, shhh, i shared these here before my patreon, so no tellign. ;))

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2 hours ago, Liitha said:

i feel thats one of the good things about homeoffice (yeah i descided to peek my nose in again as its so quiet on DM)

Hi, Liitha! Please visit more often.

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Thank you! I think I’m getting better as I go along. I’m sort of doing a practice painting of fishing lures for my husband. I’m thinking I like the fly fishing lures better.


I think the important thing is enjoying yourself. Painting is relaxing for me and I generally paint with a close friend every Thursday. 

The process of art is important no matter the result.

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