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Crafting Circle


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The most notable thing inside this cozy cottage is the variety of chairs.

Plush chairs, stools, rocking chairs, swings suspended from the ceilings, camp chairs that look like they might fold up with a person inside them, benches, love seats, and firm cushions for the floor, wooden, metal, stone, cloth, you name it. A modest loom and spinners wheel are arranged in with the chairs to help conversation flow. 


The second most notable thing are the cabinets!

The glass fronts showcase yarn and thread of every thickness and color, and bolts of cloth of good stout Two Rivers wool and fine Sharan silks and everything in between. Even some 3rd age materials that came from no plant or animal you could think of.

Small drawers show beads and wires to make jewelry and a case of wire rings for chainmaile. 

There's a shelf of paper tidly arranged, and another with scraps of leather. 


Tidy drawers have tools and notions, pens and brushes, pliers and awls, and some of those fancy machines out of that new college.


It's a haven for people who want to weave *wink* and spin *double wink* without any bossy *cough* Towers *cough* saying who can belong.

And for everyone else who likes to create and talk about what we're up to!



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agreeing with @LilyElizabeth I learned the best from youtube videos.


I also recomend Ravelry.com They have a huge HUGE library of patterns, and many are free. 


I started a friend knitting by teaching washcloths. I like them cause they're fairly small, so you get a good idea of how all the parts of knitting work, and get a finished item much quicker than you'd get if you made a scarf.


afghan squares are also good for learning for the same reasons!



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Love the paintings! Great balance! 

Yours too, Ryrin! It feels light and a little whimsical and makes me happy. 

Mostly I paint (medieval illumination is what I've done most) and am moving into proper calligraphy, but I also really love to draw and doodle other things. I 'very' recently finally got my hands on some copic markers! I've been dying to play with them for years. I also work in buttercream (cakes decorating is just another artistic medium after all.) ? 


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yikes homework *fistbump of solidarity* Me too, sister. me toooo...  and only a month till finals for me. 


I finished my socks, so i'm inbetween projects at the moment. I might wait till the semester is over to really start a new thing. 

But i have this watermelon themed yarn that I really would love to work with. 


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On 11/17/2019 at 6:12 AM, LilyElizabeth said:

IC, I need to see what you do with that yarn!


I have two weeks until my final but it's open book. I'm taking statistics right now. Ugh! Ryrin, I guess I'm not like you. I don't get half of this stuff. 

I hoped it would be easier!!!

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