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New OR Returning Band Members - Join the Band Here!


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Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand Club!
If you are NEW to the Band and wish to join, read here:

Welcome to the Band!


You've probably joined the Band because you are a fan of our founder Matrim Cauthon, or maybe because you like Music, Travel (our main themes) or just being in good company. In either case, you'll love spending time here! 


When you post in this thread to join, please answer the following in your post:

Did any Band member recruit you into the Band?

Who is your favorite Wheel of Time character?

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself!

If you are RETURNING to the Band, read here:

If you have previously been in our ranks, we are happy to see you return! After you sign-in, you have three options:

  1. Rejoin your former Regiment at your former rank. 
  2. Go through the Recruit Program, and regain your former rank upon graduation.
  3. Go through the Recruit Program as a true Raw Recruit, starting over in every aspect.


Options 2 and 3 allow you to choose any Regiment, regardless of any former affiliations.

When you sign-in, please answer the following questions in your post:

Did any Band member recruit you back into the Band?

Which rejoining option would you like to pursue?


Raw Recruit Program Currently on Hold

***As a new recruit, you will go through the Band's very own Boot Camp! We like to call it the Recruit Program. During this Raw Recruit program, you will spend four days with each of our Regiments-- the Archers, Cavalry, and Infantry. During your training, you will learn about who we are and what each Regiment is all about! Whether riding horses, pulling pranks, or assigning fresh Recruits to latrine-digging duty, you will find a Regiment tuned to your specific tastes. ***

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Ah, I was contemplating either sticking with the Archers or giving the Infantry a go but wanted to go through the official lines to decide and give every group a shot.


Are there still private boards on the clubs though... If not is more just a name for the time being.

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I'm not quite certain what I'd be considered--I'm a returning member of the Band, but I joined last year and never finished being a Raw Recruit.  I was put within the archers and stayed there.  But I'm haycraftd, I did it myself, my favorite character has always been Mat, and an interesting thing about me--I'm a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh right now, but I'm actually an American from New Orleans, Louisiana.      

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Welcome back haycraftd! It’s good to see you. Currently the Raw recruit program is on hold. We are trying to get things situated. 

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Welcome back Illian Tear. Sure you can rejoin as an Archer. We are currently putting the points and rankings on hold. Due to activity and membership things will be on hold. Glad you’re back though.

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I guess I would be a new recruit.   I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, and 3D modeler...  however, I currently have two part time jobs and go to college to do all I just listed professionally one day.    I am also a stunt performer with a local jousting group, and a charity costumer.

Lets just say this character in the group would be like a little girl who heard about Matrim in the Wheel of Time universe, and some how started to idolize him, after he helped save her village.   She grew up secretly learning weapons, and steadied war tactics.   She became a guards men, lets say similarity to how Mulan secretly enrolled in an army.      My other idea is that she is alternate version of Mat like Gwen in Intro the Spider Verse, but I like the idea of her being someone different but grew up kind of like him.   I am sure Nynaeve would box Mat ears for being a such an influence on little girl, and he'd have some retort about not wanting to be a bloody hero, not his fault, etc.  

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Hi everyone! I was just following a Dragonfly, and ended up in here. I dont have a favourite (since I've only read two books eons ago.) *looking cautiously around, ready to run* And I was partly raised by descendants of the wolves, so my human social skills might be a tad lacking. 

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