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  1. He left her for another woman but...all Lanfear wanted was power. Lew's didn't want that or her for that reason. She never cared for him as all she could see was the lust for more power. I wish we had more background on Lews and all of the Forsaken. He seemed to know them all on a personal level.
  2. I liked Ishy/Moridin too! I like how Rand uses his former name Elan as well. He does the same with Lanfear.
  3. I don't think a Trollic would survive e very long in a Stedding. Might not get a welcome reception if you know what I mean!
  4. I just read in aMoL where Demandrad thinks to himself that he came to Taim to recruit him to the Shadow.
  5. 1. Dumai's Wells 2. Veins of Gold 3. The Cleansing 4. Any chapter with Mat
  6. I would think always a DF. From the very beginning he had that "almost smirk".
  7. I wonder if Taim was already committed to the Shadow or if it had to do with Rand dumping everything on him and never being around?
  8. I wouldn't have turned to the Shadow but I like Lanfear and can't stand Egwene.
  9. I agree with you 100% They don't listen to fans though. Just look at Stephen King's adaptations. We will always have the books though!
  10. No one recruited me, Mat obviously, and I am currently working on my own novel that will probably never get published but I enjoy it anyway.
  11. Spoiler alert for Stephen King's IT. Pennywise does die at the end but some of her children "may" have survived. Evidence being Peenywise Lives in the Dreamcatcher and aclown waving from the sewer drain in Tommyknockers. I believe the deadlights were still alive so her children would still have access to it.
  12. I doubt it would have either. This is just a "what if" question.
  13. Okay, I do this when I am bored or can't go to sleep. What if you had the power to enter any book you wanted to and control the events in that book? I used to do with Stephen King's IT but have recently been going into Randland. What would you change? Who would you talk to? Remember, you can control everything just as if you were the Creator. So weaves won't touch you, you know the outcomes, ect...
  14. Logain for sure. He is more interesting to me. He gets gentled, then gets promised revenge, he is healed and they still hold on to him and even consider whether they should gentle him again or kill him. He went through a lot more than Taim IMO.
  15. I see a few subtle comparisons but nothing compared to Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series in comparison to WoT.
  16. I think him being linked it Ish would if happened eventually. Through whatever happenstance. Call it "destiny". It would definitely be interesting to see his encounters with the rest of the Forsaken!
  17. I agree with the OP. The WT could of done "something" more than they did. They all knew the condition of the Borderlands and the ever increasing Blight. Just having channelers as a presence could of made a difference. If even 1 out of a 1000 girls showed the ability to channel, the WT could of swelled their ranks over the years and those women would be aware of the condition of their homelands.
  18. How do you think the series would of changed had Rand had his Veins of Gold moment prior to when he actually did? At any given point in the series?
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