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On 11/29/2021 at 4:05 AM, Cairos said:

Lets see if we can get some other oldies to come back. 

Well, I guess this is your lucky day. I'm reasonably confident I'm older than anyone here.


I was one of the founding members of the Band back in the day under Corki. I was 2nd-in-command actually.


*puts on lecturing voice like a greatfather*


Back then we didn't quite have a full grasp of golden age military style organization, so I was called the Under-Commander. It makes me cringe now. It should've been Captain-General or something similar. We were flying by the seat of our breeches a lot back then, making it up as we went.


*notices people staring*


Well, anyway. I'd like to rejoin the Archers, of course. I don't want my old job back, but I don't remember exactly how many points I had either. I know it was pretty high, but that's about it. Hopefully you have a record of me in the archives. No one recruited me back. The show and the DM emails I've been getting for 20 years got me to check the site again for the first time in years a few months ago. Also got me to start a reread for the first time since RJ died, probably. It's going well. Like visiting home after having moved away years ago.


My favorite character is Mat of course, but honorable mentions go to Elayne, Moiraine, Birgitte, Rhuarc, Talmanes, Vanin, Olver, Riselle's bosom, Davram Bashere and Tuon. I mean Fortuona, may she live forever.


Something interesting about me... During my time away from the Band and WoT I spent quite a few years as an accomplished space pirate in the MMO Eve Online. Once even making some slight video gaming news by waiting 19 months for a player to login so my friends and I could destroy his VERY BIG SHIP that was worth a couple thousand dollars at the time. Depending how you measure such things.


Some things more on topic: Years ago I started an attempt to continue the Abridged WOT that old timers may recall was circulating around 20 years ago by abridging The Great Hunt. You know, the one that started with Lews Therin receiving a candygram. I got about halfway through (my version was more detailed than the original) before I moved on, and I still hope to at least finish The Great Hunt one day. If not the entire series.


I've also written my own original Ballad of Jak O' The Shadows. It's the cringey work of a teenager, but I'm still somewhat proud of it even if I can't stand reading it except every 5 years.


Oh and lastly.. you know that Game that no one plays anymore in the Arena section? I made that. In fact, I'm sure I still have the original Game Guide I wrote here somewhere, which was long-winded and meandering and full of jokes most people won't get now. Just like me.


I only recognize one or two names that I've seen just browsing around, but whether I knew you before or not, it's good to be back and see the Band is still going.


I think that's enough for now. I can't promise I'll be around super often, but I'll try to remember to stop by when I can. At least every couple weeks at the least if I can remember, and hopefully more often.

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